Sunday, December 31, 2006

My Favorite Christmas Card

My mum made the best card I have ever seen!!!!

Friday, December 29, 2006

The all mighty cleaning

As you can imagine the results of the downstairs apartment filled with sewage has kept your farm fairy very busy. The trash bags are being filled I looked like a bandit with my cloth filled clove, vanilla and cinnamon wrapped over my nose and mouth, The smell was still there and the gagging too. Hubby has been a charm bleaching everything in sight that he could. And taking out walls that were filled with the water. Hubby is reconsidering what he stayed home to do for his wife. The phones ring outta control between the plumbing guys septic guys and contractors as well as the poor preggers insurance adjuster. She was swell about the staying to take photos despite the wreching smell that frankly she should not have made it threw. Very nice gal...Always available to listen, advise and all. I find it pretty funny that hubby is doing better than her or I with the stench. So we are now in the place where we had not planned. Hubby and I had been planning a remodel for downstairs for some time now. We had planned on swappin laundryroom with the tiny bathroom and putting the kitchen downstairs in a upgraded way....Well I have to go back to it and try to get the piles of stuff out of the way of the feed delivery...Yes 2 tons coming in. Hope you are all well and that you are recovering from the chaos and looking forward to the New year kids be well stay safe and dry..I have just enough time to read your blogs...Sorry for the delay...Miss you all...Will update date you all soon.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


The little guy is settling in...Hubby explained to me that the bunny was an act a mercy...A three year old spent the majority of the day in bunny torture...So hubby KNEW that would never happen here. Altogether Thomas is certain I am torturing him....Anyway my hero hubby saved Jonas and now we have him all settling in...Clean cage ( not sure when the last time that happened ) treats and play toys...Bored bunnies get into trouble you know! Oh and by the way I nearly fainted when hubby said we "HAVE TO GET HIM A LITTLE FRIEND" Who are you? What have you done to my husband? You can see why I am a little floored right? So here is a cute close up...He is full grown and is so small...So cute with his smashed nose and all..

It's a good thing we do not have

smellaphone or computer generated smells as the stench broke into the air....A violent way to awake I assure you all...The guys are to be back in the morning if I survive this night. Oh God the ugly smell straight from hell. Poor hubby! He is taking the time off to stay here and deal with it. Thankfully!! I'm not sure I could take this on my own right now. What a shitty way to get him here !!!He-he.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

This the season!

You would think that the world was all right and that the perfect season was upon us.

So the real Christmas morning excitement started at 4 am or so the coffee was poured with the greatest of care. My true love was a flutter and excited about the bunny hidden away from the sweet wife it is said. And so there was I awaiting the call to open the door when ordered...There was such a sight hubby with a huge cage and a bunny surprised by light. Here my true love was the first thing said the second was "oh honey we have a problem" I cold already smell the retching smell... Oh dear Lord no !!! Sewage was waifting throughout out the air...Cursing away , we flew down in a fright , holy moly what a sight. I am gagging he as well, welcome to the Christmas morning Halleyville! Cursed was the plan to lolligage and all the shop vac was my new pal! There I was my true love and I trying to clean the mess about all with out throwing up. I might add that we both did...The coffee no longer on the list.. We vaced and mopped to no avail it was coming through the walls and floor...Oh my and out the door. The frazzled morning the smell of a not so yummy Christmas...Oh and did you know that there is no one about at that hour to help you out. So we thought that we had no plans on this mostly cold Christmas Day...The insurance said to do what we could but you'll not see us this day, we area sorry to say. And so I made breakfast on the fly...For my true love and I...I then too tried my best to keep the stench out our nest....No water to us, no shower as well...Oh dear it is now Christmas hell. We calmly laughed at it all. Merry Christmas one and all.

Resistance is Futile

Monday, December 25, 2006


Even when we agreed about no gifts...Hubby brought this...I have named him Jonus!!!

Marry Christmas ya all.....

Sunday, December 24, 2006

What happened?

Five seconds after cooling on the rack....Loads of butter and wham!! Half of one loaf is gone....Sorry Bondo!!:( Yes this is hand made from beginning to end. No electric stuff here folks!

Christmas Eve

Ang and family made and brought this out to our house...Two people (hubby & I ) will be the size a texas!!!!Evil chocolate fairy!!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Mail box full

And in our mail box from Bondo and his kids!!!!

Walnuts and snow from California!!!

Guess who is home

By the way my hubby NEVER wears ad-wear and I cracked up when I saw this on him this morning!

Friday, December 22, 2006

My wish for you....

I'm hoping that all you are well and that the day ahead is calm and perfect for you all. I know that everyone is crazy busy and that life can get away from us pretty fast these days. But remember that there out here in the universe someone less lucky then us is struggling, someone is hurting and that this week is not for all the delightful season it should be. I pray that you are all well. That no harm nor sorrow will find it's way to your door.

My Christmas wish of the day:

For Ang and her family: That the days and years ahead will be a soft place to fall each and everyday. That while the kids grow and learn to be, your heart will know that the world will be kind to them all. That you will not have to search for peace but that it lives within you always. That time will stop long enough every now and again at just the right moment for you to enjoy it just a little longer then enough. I too wish that there is rest for you at the end of the day. I am grateful for your sisterhood and the balance and joy you have shared....That the years will bring what money can not...Your life is always treasured by those you touch...

That Bondo and his family are having a joyous time together....That the world is always right with you. That your artistic hands dance with joy and whimsy as you spread your true gifts as wide as the world. That your kids are safe and fearless always. That their being will as it has bring you more than one man could ever hope for. You are treasured and missed here and loved more than you know. That you continue to have a big life...You deserve it...That the blessings will linger forever if only in your heart.

Inkling and her beloved are having a wonderful time creating a lifelong traditions together on this very special first Christmas as newlyweds. That Inkling never ever losses her joys and excitement about the small but priceless treasures she finds in her sweetheart. That they are forever thrilled that just being is enough. That our Inkling will be blessed with good health. That H.D. stays warm if from no place but his heart. What a treasure to have each other and those that surround them. But most of all I wish them that they always stay as one with the world even when family and friends seem to be too far away.

To Grace: That you are forever easier on yourself. That you find silence even when it seems impossible. That you as a mom and wife find joy each and every day in your family and friends. That you know that a prayer each night far to the west is said for you and yours. That you find time heals as well as returns all things. That no matter the hour or the day that you are right there to know the love that is bestowed on you. That the blessings you have will always be just right. That when you are old and a grandma that the delight of youth makes you forever young at heart. But most of all my wish for you this Christmas is that you be as you are....Loved, treasured, kind, funny and that your heart bursts with joy by being Graced...

Lauren: That your faith and strength in family and friends as are forever yours. That being a mommy, a wife, a daughter and a friend leaves you filled with more than you could even know. That the blessings in your life continue and are passed to the those you love. That the smallest moments in life tend to be the ones you treasure most. That the Lord watches over you as He has for so long. That you will find time to be surrounded by those friends that you never get to see enough of...Most of all I wish for you that joyful days out number the sorrowful ones.

Farmwife: That the boots multiply on your porch as you and yours welcome yet another baby. That the spirit of love lives forever within your world. That time slows long enough for you to be in awe of so many blessings. That being a mommy gives you all the joy that there is...That being a wife fills you with strength and courage that only you can know. That love always over flows in your home with the daily things of life. That each and every night you fall peacefully asleep in all the blessings that the good Lord has given to you.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dear Santa,

I hope you have had a good year writing in regards to the list... Yes the naughty or nice list you have been keeping. I know it is just a few days before the big day, but I think you might need some help at this time. And I'm here to give you a hand and yes ask for a few things too.

First there are several people that you should flag on your list. These folks should be put on the naughty list forever. The bone head who stole Don Ely's flag. The guy up north in Victoria for his less then stellar Santa display of poor Saint Nick on a cross was just wrong, very wrong. The next person is the creeps who stole the Salvation Army bucket in Everett full of money for the needy. You know who they are. I will have my friends help you with this list too okay?

Now for the good list....The lady I saw today slip two one hundred dollar bills into another Salvation army bucket. All the men who married my friends like Ang, Inkling ,Grace and our sweet lovely preggers farm girl. Believe me if those men are like my hubby they deserve far more than we can hope to give them. We are a challenged lot. We would like to add Ang's friend up north, and her son Mighty Max.

Now if I may my personal list:

I would like more folks to have grace and kindness, less hate, less anger and less revenge. I too would like to see more kind smiles. A twinkle in the eye is as kind as a card you know. I'd like to be able to see good win over evil. I'd like you to mend the hearts that are heavy because they have lost a loved one. For those who do not trust to find trust and faith. To give light to those who find only darkness. Forgive those who have not found the true spirit of this holiday. And most of all I'd like to give the world a hug...And a kind and gentle word...May peace find you everyday......

Love Always,
Your little Farm fairy

This is a Treasure

By John Sharify Watch the video PORT TOWNSEND - Don Ely is a man of few words.

"He's a quiet man," says Ely who just turned 69.

Ely is talking about his best friend who gave him a flag he's treasured for nearly 40 years.

But it's not the flag he's currently flying on his porch. That one he picked up at the hardware store for $35. It's a flag to replace the stolen flag.

Don was still in his late 20s when his captain, his best buddy, died in Vietnam during the Tet Offensive on January 31st, 1968. It's among the saddest days in Don's long life.

Three months ago, we shared with you Don's loss of the flag. Lori Morisette watched from her home and cried.

"I cried when I saw your story (that night) regarding the special flag that was stolen from Don Ely of Port Townsend," Morisette wrote me in her e-mail.

She cried for a man she didn't know; a man whose faith in others was beginning to waver.

"It's just pure meanness," says Ely.

More than anything, Don and his wife Jeannie want that flag back. Lori Morisette wishes she had a magic wand to make that happen, to ease Don's pain.

"He was an extraordinary man," says Ely.

You might say that about Lori and her friends. Extraordinary. When a local soldier is killed, the group Lori is with called Patriot Guard Riders get on their motorcycles and go to the memorial service.

Today, they're on their way to Don's house in Port Townsend. It's a surprise.

"Are you Mr. Don Ely? It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Lori Morisette."

Lori then handed Don a flag, carefully folded.

"This cased flag is presented to you from the men and women---" serving in Iraq. After hearing about Don and his precious flag, the Air Force flew a flag in Don's honor.

Lori made it happen. That flag is now in Don's hands.

"This is a treasure. I am speechless. I don't know what to say to everyone. Thank you," says Ely holding back tears.

Just when Don Ely was beginning to lose faith, complete strangers came into his life and gave him something no one can ever take from him. Honor. And respect.

He can now put away that flag he bought at the hardware store.

Prime rib and a flag

Well what do you know? Prime rib on sale for under $5.00 per pound? And I am known to make the best Prime rib hubby has ever had. So I had told hubby about this and we (I) decided that we should just fill up the freezer downstairs with as much as I could put in there. Why? Well because watching my hubby work so hard and only getting a hot hand made fresh meal by me happens only when he comes home for a visit...Our priceless 15 hours...So I offered that everytime he comes home until it runs out I would feed him one of his favorite foods. I'll fix the other stuff and freeze it up and send it off with him but when he is home we will have a prime rib date. I am so happy that I am bursting at the seems about this. I know I am just a little off.

And I did get all the floors scrubbed and a nice finish put on it. I started early yesterday and informed my mum surgeons could do surgery on our floor. She asked me some questions and I finally figured out she was trying to figure out "who are you and what have you done with my daughter?" I had explained it ( the clean thing) had started right after Buluga died. Poor mum had no clue what to say and I felt bad as she knew that there was nothing to fix tht hurt. Poor mum...All mummies want to take that away and they can't. It is much torture I am sure. Anyway it is very clean and things are being addressed each day...

It is wet and was to have rained some 2 1/2 inches in one hour on the coast!! And to see Denver and the Western Plains on the news was just crazy...The call off of the search on Mt. Hood and more wind storms ... It is almost more then one can wrap their head around.

I have to do so much today..It took far longer to do the floors then I figured which made all the rest of the chores roll over to today. I was on my knees with a small scrubbies 3M eraser which brought the long black scuff marks of the floor in a flash (relatively) but in order to keep the floor uniform in color you have to do each 2inch board... Which is why this task alone took all day.

By the way I was watching the news ( rare for me) and cried as I watched as an old man was interviewed about his very special flag being stolen from his house... First who in the world would do such a thing...That is like stealing an urn full of ashes.
Second, Does this rotten thief have any idea THIS FLAG was a gift from his best friend who died in Vietnam?
Third does this snot have any idea what so ever what THIS MAN did? What he has suffered? A note to this crap head. ( yes, I am mad!) You are not worthy to touch that flag! It was a gift, an honor bestowed to one man from another...You have not earned even the remotest repect or honor ... How dare you take what was and is the sole right of one man and one man only. The value of this flag is priceless to him ( as well as all others who ache over this) You obviously have absolutely no respect for others things making you even less then a small coward. How dare you even touch it! If you have ever thought for a minute that someone you care for would loss something so special maybe you would not have taken it! You are bad, hateful and cruel. My heart does feel sorry for you...You have no idea how incredibly lucky you are to live in this country. How can you spit on the freedom bestowed on you in such a manner? Has it not occurred to you that you alone are the smallest form of the ugly American? Do you not see the message you have told the world about yourself as well? I pity you for not respecting your family enough ( they gave you a special gift of being an American ) or yourself. Were is your pride? If you want a flag of such magnitude you should be the one in uniform, holding a gun in a third world counrty watching your pals being killed while trying yourself to stay alive. Do you not know the flag you stole watched as Americans fell to their death? It is sad that you have such little value in yourself that you have to steal what you will never earn. Your actions are proof of this alone. You should return this flag, hang your head in shame and beg forgiveness. I regard your petty act as cowardness and cruel. Did this man do something to you? I doubt it... But you have done such a grievous crime against not just him but this country. A counrty this man proudly served. You on the other hand should be serving time. Good luck with that flag. It will not watch over you as it did this old man, it will not shine with pride ( considering you have no idea how to care for such a thing) nor will it say who you are. You alone could redeem yourself with one action alone. Have you considered that? I pray for you for your family, the shame they would feel if they knew it was you who stole this flag. You have broken sacred laws. Do, if for no other reason, muster up some pride and courage and return this flag. Bestow honor back to this flag, return it to the rightful care taker...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Visit me please Mr. Sandman

Inkling nor I had the very stingy Mr. Sandman visit last night. I was up past 2am. I had tea and was heading to bed just before 10 last night...tossed turned retreated back to the living room. Wanting, hoping and needing sleep. I beginning to think it, sleep is well not coming. I forced myself back to bed and flung the window wide open and refused to open my eyes. At last it came jarring me up at 5:10am. So now I have to get ready and plan for hubby coming home.

Liz came by and we hauled the huge ladder to the shelter and had it repaired in less than two hours. We came into the house and Liz looked around at the very clean house...Her notice was to the fact that there is no tree nor a Christmas present to be found ...Frankly you would think it was no place close to December let alone Christmas. She did not ask and I was surprised that she said nothing. I had thought of saying we had decided that there would be no exchange of gifts nor a tree, turkey with all the fixings yes... but nothing more.

And if anyone thinks it sad, well I'm sorry. But really I have thought it out and yes I would make the effort if asked by hubby but we are apart for so long and it would make me sadder to see a tree without my friend (hubby) to enjoy it with. And really our gifts to each other is time...something we do not get enough of together...You can not buy it and it is pretty priceless to us.

Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of Christmas...I love all your photos you have posted....And the excitement of the gifts you are all about to share with those you love. I suppose it too has to do with us needing nothing...We have more then we need or should even have, but time and hours of scrabble, dinners and daily breakfasts...Those are what we have little of at all.

So I am told that hubby will drive home right after work on Friday night...I am happy that we will have more then the normal 12-18 hours we have come to regard as "a visit" !!! I am looking forward to cooking and putting all his favorite foods in front of him, fresh and hot and him saying "you should not cook this well"...

I read all the post this morning and cried...Thanks guys..I had managed to make it all the way to the end using only one Kleenex..

Be well and take care of all the little things, the important things....The fleeting things that you can not capture with a gift or a camera....Remember what we are able to give in time will never have value to anyone other than a few...Shared moments with friends who have shoulders as wide as the earth when our worlds fall apart...A blessing from a tragedy or the divine love that we share for each others. Try wrapping that up!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Would you believe I JUST WOKE UP!!! Yes boys and girls I finally got to sleep past 4:30am!!!I feel very bad I was not able to speak with hubby. And I am sure he will be thrilled that I slept longer then 5 hours. Yahoo!!!

Well the coffee is good the news is on and the sad fact is that a family of 4 died in their home and people seem to be dying at a terrible rate from trying to keep warm. The news also has said that it might be past New Years before the power is on again in some places despite power companies sending help from all over the U.s.
Crews from California, Idaho, Montana and Canada are all working like mad men. Still the power will not be on anytime soon.

The climber they found in Oregon is Kelly James and his partners are still missing. It is all sad and the Folks there continue to search as if it is still a rescue. Pray that they find those two men.

Anyway I have a busy day ahead and will try to get something done on top of smelling a strange smell in the house...I suspect it is related to the cats who will be outdoor cats again. If it is what I think it is. So now I have more work and more trouble ahead. But at least I feel rested and not like a walking zombie!

Have a good day, stay well and safe.

Monday, December 18, 2006

oh Monday

Oh that Rockey has a huge voice. And if I had not known better I would have said the beast was on my chest screaming his lungs out. I wonder if that is like Bee and her out burst noise at the hospital. He was loud and I finally figured out the colder the morning the earlier, longer and louder the rooster goes. I am grateful for him and I do love the wake up call unlike my reaction to a plug in alarm. (not something one wants to witness)

Anyway the poor people of Seattle are still without power and it makes the news none stop. Folks did not heed warnings prior to the wind storm, not bothering to fill gas tanks or have food and what not on hand. Do city folks not knew the basic rules like fill the tank PRIOR to these types of things..Plenty of warning was given. Do not burn the bbq inside, take your food out of the fridge and outside ( as it is colder out there you know) and do not eat any food that has been in a warm fridge. UGH!!GRR!
The state has had over a 100 people treated for carbon monoxide poisoning. I feel bad for the guy that died with the generator going in his house total over a million people were out of power at the height of the wind storm damage. And these folks are just not farm fairy tough. Maybe I should give classes on common sense during a power outages and how to survive in relative comfort. Okay my soap box is free for others.

They too found one of the three hikers on Mt. Hood Oregon...He died and the searchers are still calling the search for the other two a rescue the searchers and they families in your thoughts and prayers while you finish your shopping today.

On other news Hubby is cold the high being 26 today. The winds died down after freezing all the guys on the dam. Work is returning to normal for a bit anyway. He still does not know if they will get off work on Friday or Saturday. He did say he they are returning to overtime the day after Christmas, which means that hubby would have to leave at 2pm on Christmas day. I thought I heard him tell me he was taking the day after off and would not leave until Tuesday. We had talked about a whole week off...Wishful thinking maybe?

We did speak of finally taking a honeymoon...I said I would like to go to Yellowstone Park...Yes in the dead of winter...I will be looking into that today. Iam not sure if rates go up out there. Anyway hubby has never been there and I have been 4 times, never in the winter though. Wish me luck.

Alright now I have loads to do fix hotwire fencing, fix shelters get grain and a few other things in Mt. Vernon. Have a really good day, stay safe and warm out there. Hope Inkling did not get slammed with the rain storm that looked as if it was heading her way. Grace, sorry you are sick, feel better soon. Farmwife, I am so sorry about baby girl... I have had ear troubles all my life e en now I had ear infection. No fun and the pain is like no other. Poor thing!

I too heard that there is a very smelly dog out there in the Delta area...I am just glad hubby does not have smellaphone!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

It's so cold that.....

the fat guy with a fur coat settles down for a long winters nap....

oh so yummy breakfast

One of my treats I make when hubby is gone!!!

Easy to make and oh so yummy!!!!

Before you ask here it is:

French Orange and peach breakfast bake

1 Loaf of French bread/fresh cut into 1 inch cubes
10 eggs whipped
1/4 cup of milk
1/2 cup o.j.
1 tablespoon Vanilla sugar
2 teaspoons orange flavored dried jello powder
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon each of clove and nutmeg
1 package cream cheese cut in 1/2 inch cubes
1 jar of peaches drained and cut up into small chunk's

13 x 9 glass pan sprayed with none stick spray

make night before and put in fridge ( day of is ok but let it sit for a few minutes to coat and soak up liquids)

Bake 350 for 30 to 40 minutes

serve with butter and maple syrup

add sausage as a side..Kids LOVE this. Very easy fool-proof dish for brunch. Easy to transport and heats up in a few minutes.

I half this when it is just for me.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

It was...

Nine days before Christmas and cold as could be....And there out of the corner of my eye what did I see? Two naughty Alpacas certainly not where they should be..I in my slippers them in their fleece. I dashed out the door chasing them in the cold morning air. I tried all I could to get them to go back to the barn where they all know. I got my boots, hat and gloves just in time to watch it snow. There I was on the go , chasing two naughty boys racing as fast as they could. They going one way I the other....I left in a puff, having had enough.....

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The trouble with....

I had been able to post comments to some you and not to others..Go figure! And I assure you all that I have read everyone and would/did try to post, but alas I was kicked around like a soccer ball.

I had been up at 3 am and got a half cup of coffee thinking I'd take it to back to bed, take a few sips and return to sleep. Yah, right. Whom am I kidding...I have work to do like wait a few minutes and wake Rocky so he can wake the rest of the world...And then there is the issue of other chores that since cleaning like a lunatic went to the wayside.

It is GREY, every shade of it, the winds will start again and the fact that I may again be out of power looms like a repeat week a few weeks ago why is it that the Pacific Northwest has such ranges of grey? It does not complement any other color out there, trust me. I have tried to find the beauty in it, and I struggle to find even one at this point. The 9 months of grey is starting to make me a little bonkers. I am thinking that is why so many people here enjoy the black and white photography....Why prove that it is grey, when you can make grey lemonade?

I am feeling bad for Inkling getting her first dose of this and the tiredness that comes with it every year. It really is very wonderful here when the blue skies and sun reappear for the few months that they do. But this farm fairy can take no more and we look forward to returning to the East side of the state next spring.

Maybe I should change the saying....
It is something to think about but nothing to worry about....

to: it is something to think about but not something to snivel about.

Inkling please get your flashlight ready...The news is NOT GOOD...The storm coming is HUGE and it is starting at your place. You two take care okay? We worry about you always!

Be well and do not worry if you do not here from us...Ang & I will be fine...But we know that the power will not be consistent for the moment. Ang will have power before I do and as always she /we will keep you all updated the best we can.

I have to admit I would love to be in Ocean Shores watching the waves that are to be 38 feet!!! This storm is to be one of the worst in years!

The mountain passes are to have up to 2 feet of snow..And then Friday the snow level will be 500 feet. My oh my it sounds wild.

Keep warm, be safe and take it easy.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Holy Cow Boots!!!

This is the cute kids box they come in....

Kitchen Finished

Instead of watching news or other chores I went ahead and finished putting all the furniture back. I did it while listening to the video Grace has on her blog...P.s. I too tried to you!

Washer & washing

Well the report from the other Sears guy is no better then the last 4 visits....More parts to be shipped here again. For yet a 6th appointment. The total after appointment number 6 will sky rocket to over $1000.00 in labor and parts. I assure you this dishwasher is not worth half that. Can anyone explain why it just has not been replaced instead?

The washing of the wood floors took three hours after the Sears guy left. I had been determined to scrub them on my hands and knees until they had all evidence of dirt gone. I then put three coats of Maids Choice on the spotless floors. The cats being miffed why I would not let them in. I was done just past 8pm....I will put the little table back in sometime today. The kitchen has 89 year old floors that have taken lots of wear over the years, I too am not convinced the last owner had taken care of them.

I had ordered a product that I had heard about called " I hate mold"....Hubbies allergies are pretty bad here on the coast and this stuff is suppose to keep it at bay and fight it for up to a year. It is pretty hard for me to find things I can use as I am so allergic to most chemicals/perfume/sense/cleaners... Anyway I cleaned all the tile in the kitchen and will put the IHM on them as well as the windows and fridge. Then today after the chiro I will finish my in town things, get my boots and then come home to finish the livingroom and those huge windows....You would think it was spring around here with all the cleaning.

Hubby is doing well after our chiro came in to his office to see hubby on a Sunday!!! What a guy so today I am taking him scones and two jars of my homemade jam as a thank you.....And of course to have him adjust me.

Anyway the day will be very busy around here and the winds have started...News crews are on Camano Island to film the chaos this morning.

The question of the tree has been replaced with scrubbing the house then when that is done ,down to the art studio to address that before it makes me as crazy as it makes hubby...

The baby kitty came in about three feet when I had the kitchen door opened...Hope he makes it past his wild kitty stage and will come in every now and again. Rocky has being going none stop for over an hour and will be horse if it goes on much longer...Yes he and Aida are still on the down spout each night. It still cracks me up when I am at the kitchen window and feel him staring at me. Hubby too thought it was so funny but did not make an effort to remove him at all...

Well my friends have a great day and keep safe and warm...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Techno troubles

Rather my inability to learn to do things that I should already know how...Or something like that.

I am waiting once again for Sears to show up between 8 and noon....Yes for the dishwasher, yes for the 5th time and did I mention it is covered by a home warranty? You'd think after the 700.00 plus in various repairs, motors,ect that they would just replace the darn thing..Which is what the warranty says, that if repairs are not done you get a replacement...Period... Okay we'll see what happens next...Ugh!

It is cold, windy and yes a power surge every now and again. Hence why last night you had nothing to read...Sorry.

I spent the early morning (4am) cleaning the water that was under the sink ( washer issue?) And prayed that the water had not ruined the original wood floors in our little kitchen. We will know in the next few days if they start to buckle...And well Sears will have a much bigger issue than they a gambling on.

Hubby called at 5:30 and asked what I was doing????Ugh.......Certainly not enjoying my cup of coffee that was for sure.

I'm hoping to be the first on the list and will not have to wait till noon.

MY BOOTS ARE IN!!!!! I will take photos of the new dalmation rubber boots as soon as I can...YAHOO!!!!No more wet tootsies!

I have gone back and forth with the issue of a Christmas tree....All the work and for whom? Hubby may only be here for the day and leave the day after. And do I really want to search the barn? Try to put a perfect tree up and then have a few days later to return to the barn for replacement lights?????Oh the torture! Okay I will see, maybe it is time we use the antique cast iron tree holder...And have a tree...We have not had one since being married..For moving reasons, we have moved within a month or two of Christmas. Altogether I did put stockings up last year as far as I got....We'll see...

Well I hope you all have a good day..I did try to post comments without success..

Inkling: cute place, love the washer in the kitchen, and your blog spot looks perfect.

Grace: love the music and you are so blessed.

Ang: you mean PARTNER, right?

be well have a perfect day.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Momma Kitty


I had wanted to sleep...Dream a little dream. I under my blankets, the window wide open and the wind coming lightly in.

I dreamed of a big farm, of buffalo and a farm filled with quarters for them all. I am going into town to work today and am looking forward to seeing a friend.

We got the wild momma kitty in the house and she stayed for several hours. I have never touched her and she was asleep and curled up on my lap for over an hour. I too was able to worm her. She then went to the chair and fell asleep for another hour.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

25 hour visit

Well it was nice to see hubby! He arrived in the daylight and told me it was one of the top 10 harriest drive he had ever had going over ANY pass...He has at a few hundred trips under his belt...So I was worried about the return trip. He called me several times and arrived back to the dam just fine I was up early and have to get some laundry done and will be off to bed after I get that and the dishes done..Sweet dreams my friends......Sleep well.

Hubby sleeps

I had falling asleep on the sofa...Hubby had arrived home after several errands we had dinner at out favorite Thai place. We came home in the dark fed and settled down for some time together. We watched all the saved stuff on TIVO...And I at some point fell asleep. Then off to bed, I opened the window and was asleep within 20 minutes. At 2 minutes of three I was up and waiting for the coffee to finish. Hubby was on the sofa asleep and woke up long enough to ask me to go back to bed. I could not tell him it would be almost impossible now.

Anyway it has been a very nice visit. He was not due to come home till Christmas Eve. And to have arrive during the daylight was fabulous. We decided that we would go have breakfast at the Elger Bay Cafe as it has the best chicken fried steak in the world...Usually our "bye date" would be an early lunch or a mocha if he was running late...Then he would be off...But a Sunday breakfast suits me just fine. My favorite meals are breakfast.

The Rooster entertained hubby as we had snacks in the kitchen late last night. Funny what makes one crack up. I'm not sure if anyone would think it funny to have a downspout Rooster...

I hope Inkling had a wonderful time and that she is all better...Have a good day.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Flip sighting

I saw Flip-Flop the baby wild kitten..He froze in mid run like I would not see him...Funny I also discovered he was a barn cat in every way. Which is fine. Hubby said we have to catch him (right!) and tame him up, good luck with that. Momma cat is still hanging around and looks fine. A bit thin, but fine. Flip on the other hand is huge. Well if the house is going to get cleaned before hubby arrives I have to bid you all a very good day.

Husband News

Well I had planned on just sleeping or at least trying. So last night I have this call from hubby...He said that the crane still was not ready and he was told he could work on another crew and give his men the weekend off...My husband is a very smart guy,seeing his moment he said "what if I don't want to work? What if I wanta go see my wife?" And tada he is coming home. He will be here this afternoon and will leave after our Sunday lunch/mocha date...I know it is only 24 hours and we will spent it lolligagging, I hope. But lets face it even if I have to race around making everything just so....Just to see him is a treat that I am looking forward too. He was home for Thanksgiving and well it just was not a whole lot of fun as Buluga had died a few hours before he was able to get home...Anyway I'll spend the morning doing some farm chores and then pick up the house...He has photos and I will post them as soon as I can...Sometime on Sunday.

Hope you are all well. And keep your prayers for Inkling as her family is leaving today. I know she will be sad about it.

Friday, December 08, 2006

and more

Rocky the rooster when we brought him home ( not so little now)

The cats

For the kids...


I woke the rooster at a few minutes after 3 am and now he is proceeding to wake the world...I was waiting for coffee at the kitchen window , he opened one eye shut it again a few moments later he let it rip , louder than ever. He is just getting to the large big boy stage and holy moly is he ever getting louder has decided that if I am up, regardless of the hour, so shall he ....

Anyway this is week two of little or no sleep. And I for one am just about as tired as could be. I am to the end of any reserves I ever had. I am about to even give up any caffeine at this point. This from the coffee freak herself!

Anyway on another note, hubby is rooming with a young man who has a three year old.....Now, hubby & I do not have kids (although I am a goof & a pretty good Auntie and he a very good Uncle) but day to day we have animals...Some might say they are all the same...Anyhow hubby babysat last night while M had a date....His son B is three years old and entertains my hubby...Well now there was some conversation about our ranch and B wanted to see ALL the ANIMALS! I told hubby the blog address that he could show B all....Hubby said he did not want to do that but so I sent a pic on the phone of one of the horses. I'm not sure but wouldn't little B now insist on looking at the blog photos, huranging my poor hubby until he showed the blog full of pics?

Well plenty to do today and I for one have to get something more done then I got done yesterday....blah blah blah....same story for just about everyone I know...

Have a wonderful day...Be safe and stay warm.

I hope Bee got all her info....if there is anything else just ask!!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

3 Am again!

Well here it is three AM and I am up again. I am making coffee and will try to figure out what to do next to stay asleep for longer than 5 hours of the priceless stuff. At this point I know all the tricks and now I just need some sleep. Oh well at least I can get some laundry done and not wake anyone up.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bee's ?

This is where the alpacas eat. They have fresh water outside and then they will go and play and eat the blaclberry bushes....

Alpacas Eat....

Grain & Graze on grass, blackberries and they love apples and carrots!

soul's of....


Foggy morning moon

Moose kisses

This photo is my proof to show hubby why it would be ok for me to have a pet moose...I think that when we move in the spring , we should get one of these to go with the buffalo I'm giving him for his birthday. Please vote for if we should get a moose!!!


My love affair started ont night when a group had their huge telescopes out in a field in the middle of the night...Hence why my hubby & folks gave me a telescope that would allow me to squeal again while seeing the rings of Saturn.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Halleyville's Moon Tonight

Frozen Fish

I had reserved posting yet more tragic death...Okay so as some of you know we had snow, lotsa snow...We too had below freezing weather as low as -5 below...And no power for some four days and then off and on for another two.

Well we have been here just over a year. And our big plan was to install the koi pond last spring ( we never got to that ). So Anyway when we sold our house in Camano Island we took a dozen and half koi with us.Some of them 17 inches and the best of the colors. I had spent 8 hours in the pouring rain in chest waders with a net and two buckets..Having the famous Koi Rodeo. The new owners had been kind enough to let me get them over the course of several days...We had the thousand gallon stock tank delivered and spent half a grand on new pumps and filter system that we located in the barn so the heron , possums,raccoons and eagles from eating them as the tank was not deep enough to keep most of the predators out.

Okay fast forward to the Sunday after Thanksgiving it started snowing, we lost power and the blue stock tank turned into a giant frozen hockey puck. I did not think much of it, as they, the koi, hibernate during the winter. Nor did I think of the possibility that the bottom of the tank would freeze as well as the sides. Never mind the five inch thick frozen disk. I had tried to smack it with a hammer and was not able to put even a crack in it by the second day of below freezing. The open end of the barn has wind going through it like one of the canyons in Eastern Washington. Adding to the wind chill factor. The power being out, no moving water just added to the flash freezing of the whole thing including the entire school of koi. When I was able to see thru the water realized all had been lost...The pump could not pump since the 125 gallon filter tank was frozen solid with nothing to do but wait for warmer weather. As of yesterday we still had frozen crusty snow of the pastures. So when I had gone down to the barn and I was able to plug in the pump and finally able to pump water through the filter and back into the tank all I notice was every last fish on their sides...So this morning I will go find the 3 inch tube to drain the tank...But what do I do with the frozen fish???? I have thought maybe I will put then in the yard and wait for the red tail hawks and the eagle to dive down and get them...Giving me an opportunity to take some photos of them in action...

I am up at four being awakened by the snow geese as they flew over in the early morning. I have appointments all day and tons of things to do since I was unable to leave before Sunday...And yesterday I spent the better part of the day searching for a car. We have decided to trade in the 4runner and Miata for a Forester..An easy task if one lived in the Midwest..But here it is another story altogether. What would be $10,000. In the Midwest goes for $15,000. Here...Same goes for 4x4 diesels. I found ten in the Midwest to every one here. Hubby and I thought it might be a good idea to find one out there have me fly out and drive back..It being winter was an idea that went right out the window.

Okay so with that all reported I am doing better as far as Buluga being gone...My sister decided to ask if we would like to take care of her dog while she is gone...Just where are you going? What? Iraq!It seems she has decided to give up her Costco truck driving job for a truck driving job there. No one in the family is surprised at this..Don't ask! My hubby had looked into working out there, why he did not go I never asked him. I figured that there just wasn't any dam's that he could get his risk rush in...But I did think there might be other risks that would get his blood pressure up!!!

She leaves the first week of January and will be gone a year. It seems my folks have a rotation of kids who must leave the United States at one point or another. Since 1981 my folks have had kids traipsing and living around the world. I think that the most time they have had all kids here was a few years ago. Ronnie has not been home a year and now Randi is leaving. The folks are use to this as I lived near Oakland during the big quake, Ronnie lived in jersey on 911 and was at the train station in Spain during the bombings there. Curtis lived in Thailand as well as South America after leaving Canada. And the oldest has lived in Alaska for the better part of 25 years. My folks never run out of vacation locations...They met my brother and myself while I lived in Japan and then they went to Thailand with him and then to China before returning home again....My dad never made it to Hawaii while I was there but my mum did, she missing him the whole time.

Well that is it for now..Hope you are all well...And to those of you in the Midwest please stay warm..The news tells me you have our gift of winter in your midst. You guys have it far worse then we did...Be well, be safe and have a wonderful day.

Monday, December 04, 2006

A Prayer

Now I know most of you at least the ones that leave me a hint you are there will understand my request...

As some of you know I do some art work.....

I look at a few artist sites that I respect and admire...

One site is ....

If you would be so kind, Joannas story these days have changed a bit and I for one am humbled by her attitude....

How you can help?

Peek at her blog and just say a little prayer...

Be well my friends......

Sunday, December 03, 2006

This mornings photos

the moon @ 3am


By George it is three am... Yes I am making coffee and no it did not start at three I had to manually push buttons that said I had been crowed by one Slinky and held down by that moose Thomas. I was doing my best trying to force myself back to sleep. Clearly I had no such luck so my friends the coffee and computer won over my logic and here I sit the house so very quiet and the fog and clouds covering the moon I? Well lets put it this way..I'm wondering about Inkling and her families flight to Seattle and the drive over the boarder. If one and all is feeling fine and relieved to finally see their beloved redhead after 6 months thinking that the girls i.e. Farm Wife and Grace will get to see her, maybe in the summer? And then their is Ang..How many coats of paint? Will she really have time to do it all by mid week?

Yes the clouds are amazing right now over the moon swirls of pale blue mixed with the deep grey clouds. Funny that it will get darker yet and I have the two windows ( east and west ) both open to watch while the east gets darker than the west and then it will reverse itself a short time later..That is why the blue hue of the snow was so amazing.

I had ordered some little snow boots and a cap from sierra Trading post yesterday..A sweet little pair on clearance that I would NEVER order at the full price of over a $100. Fully lined and waterproof with lambs wool....Sounds cozy and right now I still do not have the rubber dalmation boots...What in the world could be taking so long? And the hat? Well you know that I am a goof ball, right? So it is one of those that have the ear flappy things ...It will crack my hubby up for sure....But I will keep these very little farm fairy ears warm... And right now if the past two weeks is any indicator what so ever I will be needing it more than my funny cow hat...I tried to find those ear muffs from when I was a kid without any luck..If I have to go further then the farm and feed I just don't bother.

Anyway hope you all got sleep last night and that the day will be fun and wonderful for Inkling and her family...Funny I woke Rocky (rooster) up before he woke me...He just kinda looked at me through the kitchen window. I suspect that he has decided this to be his location..A great view and advantage for a rooster to have at least 8 feet up off the ground , were he can survey his kingdom and his brood of hens...Aida is always at his side, even up on the rainspout..No wonder all the kids think of our place as Halleyville (like Whoville) and your Goonbalina farm fairy host. We have yet to have a visitor under 18 who does not refer to this place as theirs and the friends they made and the animals they got to talk to..Hubby knows that given half the chance this farm fairy would have a full zoo...Poor hubby what will he do?

Saturday, December 02, 2006

My husband Hung the Moon


Just past 6am

Rocky woke me at 5am and I was able to sleep for a few moments more...Right up till he was just outside the window in the bedroom at which time he let the full grown serenade start. I opened the window and said goodmorning and begged him for 15 minutes more of sleep. His response said "I think not" and finished his 2nd course...I made it past the cats who refused to move of the electric blanket. I had wondered if I had set the coffee pot to the right time finally, I did and the coffee is good had planned on cleaning up the mud and muck that the now melting snow is creating as well as some other chores.

Reality is that I am just thinking about Inkling seeing her family, the breathless moment when she gets to fall into her families arms ..Them seeing her glow and how happy she is. The beauty that she gets to show them around her. If you have ever been to the west coast of Canada you know what I'm talking about. All of Canada is wonderful..My uncles and Aunts all live up there and as a kid our family vacations were spent with them or visiting my great grandmother. I met all my mums uncles and aunties. We would go way up north, then to Jasper or Calgary. I saw my first caribou, moose and mountain sheep. Their curled horns to which I would beg my mom to go hug..( I was fearless even at 3!) So my dear Inkling have a wonderful time. I am watching the news and traffic reports...All is fine a little fog and a bit of rain but nothing to worry about. If they run into trouble have them call Ang or myself and we will go help them..Check your e-mail for our phone numbers okay? Have a wonderful time and we will see you after the 9th! Hugs to you,

Friday, December 01, 2006

I rearranged the furniture

Do you ever feel

like someone is watching you?

Traffic report for Inkling

This traffic report brought to you for Inkling to check on the traffic...

You can check on the web cams from Seatac to Peace Park...They even have a web cam on the boarder crossing!!!

Yahoo your family is on the way!!!!!

Thursday, November 30, 2006


Rainspout Rooster

Search,Sleep & Awake

I had put my gloves in the microwave to dry and warm them up..Ok, you can stop laughing now. You had to figure that if it works I would at least try it. And so several times yesterday that is exactly what I did. I was out feeding at 10:30 pm last night...The horses being grateful for the extra rations. A friend stopped by with eggs and milk. The gate was frozen shut and I was unable to open it even after smacking it with a hammer. I searched for Rocky and Aida for 15 minutes and was worried when I could not find them...I even went to the barn and looked around were I had tried to convince them to stay. I looked in each place that I thought they might be. I then returned to the news for a minute before going to bed. The news said another 6 inches. I was glad when I finally woke this morning to what was on the ground from lastnight.

I heard the phone ringing and just could not wake at 6am..Ah, I had finally slept for more than 5 hours in the last week. I had to knock myself out with tea and a sleep aid. The phone then rang again at 6:20 and hubby asked if I was still sleeping...I think he was saying the roads were really slick and he had to go...I tried to return to sleep but Rocky had not intention of letting me do so. The coffee had not turned on by itself and I was forced to wait the whopping 4 minutes for the cup of coffee I wanted so bad. I was barely awake during the brewing cycle and heard Rocky once again..I thinking it seemed rather close. I opened the kitchen door looked on the hand rail and ...Nothing no Rocky. It never occurred to me to look above my head...So there I stood, the door wide open and was startled when I heard him again, I looked up and the on the rainspout drain pipe was Aida and Rocky...I, still asleep was at least aware enough to go get the camera....I then enjoyed my coffee now that I did not have to worry about finding frozen chickens...Daylight has just broken and I was able to see that all the trees had shed all the snow off of them...Although there is still snow on the ground.