Saturday, January 20, 2007

Well Now!

It seems that Inklings ridiculous problems involving medical care are not exclusively hers or Canadas. We, Bruno & I prepared for his Doctors visit. Bruno taking a whopping two days off and prepared to feel like he was justified with such. Well we get the house settled and are prepared for a few other stops after or before the test...We arrive a full hour and settle in, he is called and seen in less then 28 minutes and is told "you can leave now" hubby is furious as he could have done this in Eastern Washington and taken a half day off....What about seeing the doc? having the test read? We are a bit confused as the "TEST" was so critical according to the doc & nurse and then they leave us without a clue or info or consultation!!! Never mind I had fired my doc several weeks before....Hubby calls his old doc in Wenatchee and transfers all the info.... at least in a small town you do not fall into the wide cracks of medical hell as fast as in the big city. So he will be in better hands in the future...We still have no clue what is going on, we still are waiting for what the doc's will do /plan for pops and here we all sit without a single clue what is going on. Anyway that is enough snivelling and here is what happened the rest of the day...

I do not know how time goes so very fast, we leave the medical clinic and head for food as Bruno has not even had coffee... So we drive South (away from home) and go to a little joint that has great pancakes and sausage...we eat and plan the rest of the day...1) bank 2) welding box 3) gas 4) hardware store 5) costco and then to the chiropractor's office then home we stop at each along I-5 we manage to find each thing but the box for his stuff and finally arrive home just past in the world did it get that late we had left our house at 9:10 am!!! Bruno ask if he could take me out and I said no I'm missing cooking for you...We fed the animals and settled in while Bruno and Bondo talked I started to cut veggies....white wine , veggies and prawns tossed in capillini.....Poor Bruno had three servings and informed me again that I was not allowed to cook this good anymore...I package up the left overs so he can take them when he stops at Bondos place on his way back to the job. We then finish the " in house date" with a plate of cream puffs....I should really ban the evil Costco buyer from even selling them....they are too much to resist..Thank heavens Bruno is home they will be half gone and then I will not spend the remainder of the week just eating t a handful at a time.....chocolate and cream puffs just who the heck has that much will power?

Hope you are all well, that life is slow and you are enjoying your friends and family...Hubby is in bed finally asleep and I am enjoying the quiet of the morning with my coffee and nicotine....Hope you all have a great day and the world it peaceful.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Bruno Sleeps

Well sometime after 9 last night hubby came in...we played with bunnies and ferrets as well as torturing the cats...ate a little watched tv and talked...Then I begged to go to sleep...Ah I was out while Bruno read and now he is sound to sleep. We have an appointment and we will be back by 2pm I hope. It is finally raining and is warm enough for me to have the door wide open, the snow is all gone. And it will be good for the wind to put some fresh are into the house upstairs...

Well I'm getting into the shower and then I'll wake hubby when I'm done. Hope you are all well and that the day is perfect.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Well today Bruno comes home. He had his job interview and spent the night before up at Bondo's. Lotsa food and all the guy stuff...Bruno is planning on leaving here early to stop and have lunch with him on Sunday. I will send the Christmas box off with hubby instead of trying to ship it. Things have been so crazy here that I have yet to get to the post.

Well I finally ask Bruno how he came to that name. It is a long story and I shall tell you all later, but it seems that it is a character from a book that Bondo lent him to read.

The cleaning is coming along and all seems to be back on some track. I am hoping to get the inventory to the insurance this week.

My friend called last night and it seems that they have snow in California near her house. Rather shocking to have snow on the beach and LA is selling sweat shirts again.

I had left the house finally, in desperation as I have been without the wash machine since Christmas and headed to mom and dad's place after the workers left. I was treated to dinner and moms mack-daddy jet washer and dryer....These babies are cool.... Two loads got washed in less then two hours including drying and folding...a fraction of soap and less water...When we ever get new ones I'd like these ones...maybe when we sell the house we can just sell these making it necessary to get new ones.....Who wants to move that far hauling extra stuff anyway? Dinner was so hubby and I both got to be spoiled with good food this week already.

It is finally raining and the temp is at about 35 making the snow go. It is still chilly but at least it is not bitter cold. I hope all is well with you and yours. Keep warm today.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sleeping past 7:30

It is almost 8am. Do you know where your farm fairy is? I woke to the cell phone ringing, thinking it some dream, finally i picked it up to hear Brunos voice raspy and low. He said go get coffee and I'll call you back. This is when I found out it was past 7:30 in the morning....somehow I had slept past Rocky and all the other ruckus that happens here. I asked hubby about their dinner and was it as wonderful as is the normal? It was perfect according to him.

The coyote I saw was even moving with cation on it, by the time I got the camera on he was over the road and under the old fence, content I'd not captured his being with the thing.

Anyway I will again wait for workers to show up. I felt it against the welfare of everyone to be driving on this mess after seeing the news of 9 semi trucks and 18 car pile up, all without serious injuries....too dangerous as far as I am thinking.

Hope you all are well keeping dry and warm.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cold and grey

Well if Inkling and Ang and I are not over the grey, wet, cold and snow we are kidding ourselves. I heard too that at the end of the month there is a chance of the 17 inch repeat of snow. I now am worried about Brunos drive to Cashmere as on I90 5 semis decided to roll, jack knife and plow into other autos. Road closures and all...Mom told me her vote...Go have guy time...

Anyway Ang & I video called and the kids got to see Jonas, Socks and Hobbs...The kids are driving her bonkers and she has requested that they leave w/hubby as soon as possible. Thank God her hubby is so great and understands the needs that a mommy needs while sick..She sounded like pooh and looked pretty wiped out.

I offered to take them but she said no....she just needs a weekend her to recover... Pray that hubby gets the job near the Canadian border...Inkling would be closer but Ang and the family would not.

We will know what is going to happen with dad tomorrow (i think) He will have either some sort of surgery and with any luck will get the one that lets him move with in a day or too...He is a tough guy and usually walks each day about three miles.....but now is not to walk or pick up anything over 10 pounds or if he FEELS anything strange to call 911!!!! Nice way to make mom crazy with worry...So keep them in your thoughts....

Also do you know that you can faint if you FORGET to eat????Yes I'm the idiot that did I'm eating two huge chicken breasts...I know I just forgot already...Does chocolate work???? Okay I got the floos mopped too....some paperwork. Hope your all having a good day so far....

Snowing And Bondo

I awoke to snow and snowing. I had opened my eyes and looked towards the barn, it is then that I realized the shadow was snow. I stubble to the coffee pot and the light was out. I had set it for 3:30Am but failed to set the time to 4hours, thus the coffee was made but now cold. I heated it up and called hubby while he drove to work. I heard him say he say it was snowing here. I said it was and just resigned myself to the mess that would ensue. My only hope is that we would not have any more power outages to deal with. I was glad to wake up having power even if my failure to set the coffee pot involved my own stupidity. Hubby has a job interview tomorrow, so he packed his overnight bag and will head to Bondos for the night after work and drive to interview tomorrow morning from Bondo's place. At least they will get some guy time in. Which makes this farm fairy VERY happy. The snow is slowing and my coffee cup needs to be refilled. So I'm running late as it is ...I over slept by an hour (thankfully) and have to get ready as people are to be here by 8am. Hope you all are well and that the day is full of wonderful things. By the way the traffic news is frightful, who would go out in this I am not sure.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Bondo calls Bruno!

Bondo knows how to Feast!!! And Bruno can eat!
Great friends, great food, good times ! Food, cigars, wine what could recharge a man more! Bondo cooks better than any man I know other then hubby...And the 20 years plus leaves alotta room for good conversation!
Well I had a call this morning from hubby..He said Bondo is on his way to his old ( other ) homestead in Cashmere, Washington. Now Bruno and Bondo are very good friends...I told hubby he should leave here on Saturday and spend the night up there and then return to the shack on Sunday...I figured that hubby is coming home Thursday night as he has a CAT scan on Friday morning...I would still have a visit and hubby could also get a bonus visit outta the deal with Bondo. I just would hope there would be no repeat of the photo series of their last visit. ( I would be hung should I share them with you) Anyway he said "no" he would have dinner with him Sunday and stay home Saturday with me...Now he has NEVER not taken my offers about Bondo time. So I sat here and thought for some time...mainly " who is he and what has he done with my husband?"

So after putting myself ( at least attempted to) in his shoes I have come to realize it is I who has caused my hubby to forfeit such an offer. You see last night I had a little meltdown of sorts....As each call we have had since hubby has left back to work has started with me saying " do you want the bad news or the really bad news?" Hence he feels that he must come home and try to repair what has gone haywire. Most of which I can handle on my own. I know he (hubby) feels like he has left me here to deal with it on my own....BUT the real fact is I can do it all and love the fact he wants to help out. I knew the minute he started working out of the area I would be on my own for awhile and would not have him here daily... Anyway I wanted to let him know that I think his friendship with Bondo is important not just for him but for me too....That hubby does not get to see Bondo like he use to when everyone lived in the same state.

Alright so now I think we should all vote about what should happen....Should hubby have Saturday dinner and smoke cigars, drink and have great conversation with his BEST BUDDY who is visiting for only a week....or does he stay 15 extra hours with wife? Who will feel guilty for the next six months that the boys do not have GUYS NIGHT! They have not seen each other in over 6 months....Prior to marring me they spent holidays and weekends doing guy things... The both need GUYS TIME....



Good morning! How is everyone? Well it is really cold here this morning and will be staying that way for the duration of the next several days. Yesterday the power stayed off for 9 to 15 hours depending on the location...I was out of stuff and had to go to Mt. Vernon for some supplies involving the babies, the local store was closed due to power being out. I braved the roads and for the most part was uneventful.

My folks are on the way to the hospital up there and the testing my dad is facing is pretty serious stuff. My mum IS really worried and frankly she usally does not stress like this. So keep them in your prayers...By the way my poor mum is not a morning person and is getting ready at this hour!

We are to get another dose of snow tomorrow and then it will drop into the teens like it did last night. So folks are not even close to dealing with this. Pipes are bursting and the the trees snapping...there is a burn ban on top of it all.

I'm hoping Nomas is well and staying dry with all the crazy weather near her. Poor Inkling is getting a real how do you do as the first year here in the PNW as Mrs H.D.....

Ang is dealing with the sorrow of Copper, it must be hard as a mommy to grieve with your children.

Well have a good and safe day....

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Ang and her family lost their dog Copper late last night. It is sad and the pain that runs in that family today is deep. My heart is all too familiar with this pain. And all I want to do is reach in their hearts and lessen the pain, aw if only that was possible. I know the kids are overwhelmed with hurt and sorrow. If you would say a prayer for them ...

On another note I had time to catch up with :

I have read for some time about the world at large by foot...If you have time take a read.
He is in Dalhart, Texas right now ....At least the law is not watching him like a hawk..The kind arms of Texas are a far safer place for him then the less then open arms of some places he has arrived at over his adventure.

Litter box training

Well Farm Wife said she would have a rabbit if she could litter train here it is easy as pie! Put bunny in his cage, put a snugly soft shirt in one corner, food in another a small shoe box with wood bunny bedding and hay and a few treats , in the last corner put triangle litter box with paper fiber litter...put a few of his droppings in there and in two two days he will only go in the litter bot. But the box in a corner outside the cage in a controlled play area and he will learn to use it there too. So there it is...BTW you have a lot of kids and dogs so I would get a bigger bunny, one who is tougher than little dwarf type like Jonas. as you can see Jonas now has free rein to play as long as the ferrets are in, he has a little bunny ramp that lets him go straight to the sofa arm and his little bunny raceway ( the sofa)....

Not so peaceful sleep

Well I woke up to poor Thomas wheezing and sneezing pretty hard. I will have to take him to the vet again. I am enjoying my coffee along with caughing myself over the ferrets. I thought it was getting better, but each morning has been the same. The real problem is I like Socks and Hobbs so much, they are cute and well behaved. The tend to be quieter at night then other ferrets. They are of the weasel/mink family and usually are very active at night.

Anyway it is still cold with plenty of ice, it snowed for about three hours yesterday but for the most part was just downright cold. The trash can lids was frozen shut. And I put the horses out in one of the pastures to get warmed up and off the solid drain rock.

Well it is time to jump in the shower and get some laundry done ...The problem is I will have to stay down in the icy laundry room while the first load runs so I can see if it is still leaking all over. Okay hope you all have a wonderful day. Hubby (Bruno) will not be home this weekend but has a doctors appointment next Friday so will be here for a day or two. Maybe will go back after his appointment maybe will leave on Sunday, I am hoping for the latter but it will depend on the pressure of his job at this point. Have a god and peaceful day.