Saturday, March 10, 2007

You know it's a Bad Day When....

You warn people that you are in " No mood to deal with _________ Today" ( INSERT ANY WORD HERE)

You plot where you might hide the next body.

You are afraid that you mouth might get out of FURTHER CONTROL.

You are certain that each and every person that you come in contact with has taken a "Stupid Pill"

That you REALLY should go home turn off the phones and lock the doors...

And no one is safe from your wrath other than the animals.

That you should also consider fighting off the urge to explode for the 9Th time in the same day.

Not even CHOCOLATE, COFFEE OR CIGARETTES are helping to tolerate THIS!

And that GOD really likes the dumb ones.

I am hoping for forgiveness by the end of the week, as I am certain that it will take me that long to recover from yesterday....Who knew that I could start the day bad and it was despite my efforts to go down hill far beyond my control I might add.



Friday, March 09, 2007

Truck and Store

Well I managed to rent a huge truck and get the three boys out here and moved the entire contents of the storage container out within a three hour period. All was easy to pack once the plan was laid out. The thing is that I have turned into my husband. He would be proud that I had all the boxes together in one load and organized like I imagine the Amazon warehouse might look like. I snickered at myself when I looked at the inside of the 10x30 foot storage unit as I was closing it up again. I know once we have to move it all back in that it will be easy too as it is all put together in away that the major stuff like washer, fridge etc will all be put in first which is the first thing you see when you open the unit.

Well poor Bruno is as sick as a dog...the flu has hit him hard. So I may or may not see him. I just hope he does not push himself to hard. ( He does this ) I am getting better no place close to full speed.

Anyway I pray you are all well.Have a perfect day.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Ranch

Was able to get some photos....

10 things to do in one moon world

Okay it is said for everyday that you are sick on a farm or ranch will put you back 5 days. I'm pretty sure that is true. I made room and cleaned the feed area for the two tons of feed. I never did get a phone call back about feed by the semi load. That is just fine as we had just enough room for the 100 pound bales along the outside carport wall. I should have gotten a rental truck for the feed here locally when Danialson was harvesting. Live and learn and love that you learned!

Anyway Bruno had said he was not feeling up to speed and was telling how he was feeling and all I could think was "NO!!!" He is a workaholic and never is sick...Bruno is now in the throws of the first stage of the flu and I never even got to see him and give it to him, we joked that he could have been home taking care of me and everything and gotten it.. So I can only warn him about how bad it really is.He was panning on coming home but may or may not....I know that my world came to a holt with this yuckkie bug and would have never made the drive that far or long...I could hardly make the barn to feed...

Ang has been in and out with son at doctors and E.R. rooms. And yet there seems to be no real idea what is going on. I am sure they are all ready to start pulling out hair with frustration. Please pray for them. This family has had plenty of medical scares over the last few years.

I have not heard from or about Bondo in sometime and I am fixing on checking on him if I don't hear that he is perfectly well.I do know the weather has been well from the latest photo of his place...

I brushed Jezzy as he squirmed around and did not want any part of the grooming he then bolted to the muddy/wet area and rolled as if showing me that he indeed did not care for the shedding brush and preferred his method of removal.....Mud dried on him then a good long roll that would pull the dried cakes of mud and loose hair out. Okay Jez have it your way!!!Playboy on the other hand just stood there as I picked at his feet and then he feel asleep as I scrubbed his belly of all the mud.

Well I will be getting the huge container unloaded and out of my way and putting it all into storage. Yes, I have help...and will let you know all the details of the world at large later on today. Hope you all are well and thanks to the new lurker for your comment.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Well I am not up to speed but feeling much better. Hope you all are fine...And Anne you can call me whatever you like. Both are perfect to me...I did manage to get sun on my face a whopping 68degrees yesterday...a far cry from the 9 inches of snow a week ago,huh?

Okay I am going to try and get more done today, like checking on you all...Be well and have a great day....And Inkling I can not think of one thing I'd rather do than to have you out here, we'll have a wonderful lunch and visit...Ang & I can not wait!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

From Farm Wife

Sunday, March 4
Getting to Know You...
1) Is your blog identity a pseudonym or part of your real name?
Temera is my real name, Farm Fairy is my real job and Goonbalina is Bruno's pet name for me as I am a goof.

2) How many states have you lived in? Countries?
Oh my this will be long...Washington, born here and returned and is the latest location, Hawaii, Connecticut, California and my beloved Japan.

3) How long have you been blogging?
At least a year...Will have to go back and look...

4) If the Internet completely disappeared, would you have to go through a blogger recovery program such as blogoholics anonymous (BA)?
Oh No!!! This is my only public place that I like...And that I feel at home at...and how in the world would I order towels from Macy's? And to think I have only had and just learned the puter basics in the last three years. Withdrawal? Yes.

5) When you aren't blogging, what are some of your hobbies?
Cooking, creating jewelry and other stuff, history shows and of course the ranch...More animals would be good as soon as we get more land...

6) How many languages do you speak?
Two, English and some Japanese. I am older and a second language was not required a million years ago.

7) Favorite vacation spot?
Oh dear this is hard...Yellowstone, Nepali coast, Redwood Forest, Colorado and anyplace in Montana.

8) What is your life verse, quote, or theme?
Grow up and put on your big girl panties ! It is not happening to you it is just happening. And "it is something to think about but nothing to worry about"

9) What is the hardest job you have ever had?
Haven't had it yet, everything so far has been okay to wonderful...except slaughter house, gross? yes hard ? not really. Building a house with Bruno was pretty stressful too.

10) What is the most rewarding role you have had in life?
Being Bruno's mate.I am learning compromise, trust and balance as well as a dozen other things.

Thanks Farm wife that was fun ...Anyone want to share by all means do so...Can't wait to meet the other part of you all....Hugs and kisses.....