Tuesday, July 18, 2006


As you might guess hubby is working less (8 hours a day) and we (he ) has a huge list which involves working his tired wife under the table....sleep? what sleep...? okay I have coffee and ALL the ANIMALS are alive and everyone is fed....infact hubby worked a 17 year old under the table( poor kid was dragging his hinny) I'm hoping to slip a seditive into his dinner this evening. I tried yesterday but he WAS WATCHING ME! okay the shed has shelves, windows and all the trim just waiting on the doors untill the last of the selving goes in...We too have put over 700 feet of irrigation up in one of the pastures.....as well as kill blackberry bushes and some other weeds ( the devils!) sold some jewlery and have had to make new stuff to add to the web as stock will not be up to the place I would like.....My mom has been a great help with ideas and input....hubby is thrilled that I might be able to pay for a great holiday ( we need it) with the sales of bracelets and necklaces......okay the web store and page will be up and going over the next two weeks.....my friend Angie has been my GOD SEND, as I can not think of a better person to put it altogether. She has handled ALL the details of this and I am at a loss at how to EVER REPAY her for all the sleepless nights and hours she has put into this. She is talented and this WILL BE HER FIRST WEB PAGE!!!!! And I am proud that SHE chose me to be her ginnypig! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH HONEY!