Friday, September 07, 2007

Is it ever gonna stop?

Or something like life is creeping in my way. Each turn,every act I am faced with a detour of one sort or another. And feel like I am climbing up a never ending ladder..Or one of those treadmills that you never gain real mileage. So am so beyond tired and just want it to all stop. I found that I have no patience for ANYTHING...small or large....It all seems huge. I can not finish the second coat of paint with the fog as I can not bear the blisters that follow.So the heat wave that should be arriving will assist me in returning to the job.I am glad we painted ourselves (mom & I) it looks far better than what it would have.

I need sleep...real deep sleep a thing that seems to be just out of reach for this farm fairy. I am easily angered and not liking people or even trying to be or act sympathetic. Any kindness that I have is someplace in me waiting for a worthy person. I know that this is all rather shocking but in general I do not care for people or like most of them on any regular basis.I choose with caution these days.

I am still mad about a person whom decided that I am a thief....very long crazy story. I am MANY things....a hard ass, bit*#, complacent, hot headed , independent, prideful, overbearing, cynical , and several more things but a thief I am not. Anyway Bruno & I had a long talk about this and the people involved....And I came to the realization I have no respect for either person. So it is no real great loss at this point. It is like losing K-Mart not losing my coffee.....

Anyway I am hoping you are all well and that life is slow and peaceful.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

And Fall comes

sneaking in while I slept. The world as small as I try to make it has crippled my idea of putting the second coat of paint on the two remaining sides of the house.
( chilled and foggy) We have stopped all construction down stairs at this point... And Bruno has informed me he may or may not be over there till Christmas. And this next week will mark the one year of being away from home. It too marks the one year that Bondo took off to the south landing at his homestead in California. I know that life is far better there for our friend....Bruno turns 50 here soon and I know the only one he really would like for dinner is Bondo.

Anyway all seems a little out of crazy Hollywood movie.... cats, dog, bunnies all a bit restless and the fact is that I am to pack up the kitchen upstairs and basically relocate every item out of it to who knows where and then remove old cabinets all for the new ones that will arrive sometime in the next two weeks. I have a plan and it all seems rational...well sorta....i just have failed to figure out how all the dishes will get cleaned...

The horses all have to have their teeth floated and I am not looking forward to that...anyway all is right in the world for the moment (IE) i have coffee what more does this farm fairy need? Hope the heat wave takes it easy on you all....I'm wearing a sweat shirt and wish I could send you all the cool day that I have ahead of me.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

really now

You Are Catwoman

"Life's a bitch. Now so am I."

Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Birthday RANDI!!!!

One of Curtis (our brother's art!)
My sister's Birthday!!!!!Yes the one who likes getting IED's lopped at her in Iraq!!!Her nick name is Wildfire and she has earned that for sure....LOVE YOU RANDI.....

beating the dog

( this has nothing to do with dog beating ,I just love the photo!)

with the dead chicken does not work nor would it...BUT the new shock collar took about a week and on low settings works fine....

Now befor all you bleeding hearts get your panties all twisted I tried the other things...with great failure and one baby chicken who is and will be crippled all of her life. When I called the shelters about re homing her I was given the statement that they will put her down asap...( not fair for her ) or the problem. So I called our vet and was given one more choice. Yes they cost alot....BUT if done right will work out for you the dog and the chickens.....True to his word and after talking with Bruno I ordered one. With in the week we are now pretty clear that if you go near one you will be zapped. End of story , and of the problem.

Now then Bruno came home with two tons of feed and was able to stay home and correct the problem of the Garage door ...which involved tearing down all the bad work that was done while he was gone.He is still furious about the whole thing and we are faced with a long winter we had hoped we would not have here.

The baby chickens and the baby kittens are well and growing fast. ( minus the one Daisy killed) I have yet to get the alpacas sheared and wonder if I should just wait till next spring...

Our new builder is back logged and we have to wait even more to finish up the basement. Well at least the bathroom will be ALL FINISHED this week and I will post a video (I hope) as soon as the final touches are done.

And I too am to have the new kitchen upstairs completed this month. With any luck at all we will not have the chaos of the last few months.

Bruno is so tired and there is little on my end I can do to help or solve that . Anyway he turns 50 in a few days and I will be going back to visit him for the weekend. I had hoped to plan for a large party but the truth is that he would not be here and will have to go back to work the following day. I am at a loss as what he wants when asked he said to put some money into the vacation fund.(uh, already done) I know for fact he NEEDS at least a month off and at least two weeks away on the beach or hunting or something..No place near home nor work....I say Yellowstone as he has not seen it and we could just take the drive tour thing as he would not be able to just stay at the beach and do nothing.

Now the list I made awhile back is no shorter and half the things on it never did get done.My high hopes and the lack of help up until last week has been mediocre at best. I found a young man named Dan who Bruno liked very much. Does not speak too much and just works...never slows down and just keeps going. We got two tons of feed put up and FOUR trips to the dump done in less then two days as well as had dinner at the Thai place with mom and dad last night. Hope all is well in your worlds.

Forgive me for not posing sooner but I too am dragging my sorry but like you can not believe.