Saturday, January 27, 2007

Thats right! George Straight in concert tonight!!!

okay so I hate the city, I NEVER go into Seattle , let alone Tacoma...But Ang and I have been invited to go out to see him cool is that..Thanks to Ang's folks...


what Ang & I are doing

with her mom and dad....

What does this stand for?


Pop's at home

mI really do hate shopping, but I went anyway and spent a whopping 23.14 and that my friends was the end of it..I stopped at the Wal-mart for some paper goods and a package of mascara as there was no way I wanted to fight my way into Macy's for my regular mascara....I was pretty fed up and was starving, which led my to test drive the new place
Johnny Carino's
...I ordered what is usually one of my faves chicken Marsala...Frankly it was pretty bad...The waiter asked how it was and I said it was mediocre at best. The next thing I know I am sitting with a charming gal named Laura... We spoke about the lunch and I said it was not necessary to make me something else, in the end She had another dish made for me...It was WONDERFUL!!! I was so pleased by the second dish. I can be like the food critic from the New York Times...I am spoiled with great food ALL the time and hubby and I have found only one place within 20 miles of our place that is worthy of going out for any meal. Laura came back we sat and chatted about things, food and life...I may have made a new friend, she is happy go lucky and has the nicest way about her. She gave me coupons for dessert and more food. I said I would be back. Im thinking I need to get a girls lunch together and go descend on my Laura at Carinos soon! We exchanged info and I hope to hear from her soon.

Now I had got a call from mum about dad in recovery. He may have to stay the night, so mum came home and I went out there with my laundry in tow and waited for the call from the hospital. So at 5pm last night I drove mum to the hospital to go pick him up. He was dressed and ready to escape the joint in record time. So I left with dad in good hands and happy to get warm in front of the fire and my laundry folded .. I dropped of the script and was hope just before 9pm, fed a little more feed to the horses and was so tired I was in bed in less then 30 minutes.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Dad is in recovery

Mom is in the waiting area and dad will be resting off the drugs for a little while and then will get a room....They told mom all is repaired and looks good. He will have to hang out with the cutie nurses for the rest of the day at least and might come home this evening. Will up date you all again later.


Well I have this huge busy day ahead. Dad is at the hospital and will start fixing the vein that causes this heart thing in the next few hours....I'm asking for a little prayer today that all goes well. Mom is stressed and is worried. Tough guy or not he seems not to be worried. Anyway I'll post the minute I know anything. Thanks for all the prayers. Love you all...You all have to get better and not be sick..your all in my prayers.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

farm fairy got to go dinner

I never get to out very often and rarely at night...But my friend Marie come out with her daughter (22 months old) they were going to come early this morning but she forgot and called and came out after I finished the farm chores. We took photos and then went to dinner at the Thai place..Dinner was amazing as always and Paula the cook came out to say hi and got a kiss from Emily.

I managed to get half the tax info at least printed and tried my best to highlight numbers while in the laundry mat...I had to go get cleaning wipes at Rite Aid as the washers were so gross I had to wash them before I put my dirty cloths in them...I have not been to a laundry in a long time and frankly it was just filthy and gross. And the cost was sky high, the good news as the only folks in there were senior citizens and the young riff raff was not to be seen.

So now I am home, warm , full and safe with semi clean clothes...I will not go back even if I have to beg my mum again to use hers... It was just to gross for words...

Anyway here are a couple of photos of the baby....

Go Figure that!

Your Brain is 33% Female, 67% Male

You have a total boy brain

Logical and detailed, you tend to look at the facts

And while your emotions do sway you sometimes...

You never like to get feelings too involved

Things leave for repair

Well a large box truck left here with things from the basement for repair...They are coming back this morning for the rest of it. I had unplug the coffee pot yesterday morning spent a few minutes getting it ready to return, thinking I had time to run up to Costco for the exchange....of course the plan was altered and other things got done , people showed up. I then spent the better part of four hours inventorying and packing up things from the storage container. Found time slipping away. I had planned on dinner at a friends last night and was running late but managed to make lemon curd cake to take with me. I was home by 8:30pm. I had spent the remainder of the night cleaning the kitchen and fell asleep on the sofa waking up at 4am...The day ahead is busy too...I did try to set the coffee pot for 3am, which the kind pot decided to really work, I am grateful for the really good coffee.

The income tax return paperwork will be started in the next few days.I think it will go okay although part of the paperwork is packed away in the container. I too have managed to keep track of the inventory and the paperwork involving the loss for the insurance adjuster. She is taking baby leave around the third week of February...Hoping Bruno will send the receipt for the things he replaced while over there.

Okay time seems to be slipping away just in the last few minutes and I seem to be running late. Hope everyone is well and that life is slow and peaceful today.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

You Are a Black and White Cookie
You're often conflicted in life, and you feel pulled in two opposite directions.When you're good, you're sweet as sugar. And when you're bad, you're wicked!

Coffee Pot War II

Now as you all recall we had pot wars where the new coffee pot refused to do it's job. It was returned and replaced by a new one. It has worked for a short time and NOW has the nerve to not work yet again. This time it is the 3:30 am timer that tells it to brew...It has refused to be a good little rancher pot...And now it will pay the price and no longer have a good home...You have to work around here and that is the bottom line. Everyone and everything has a job.This in it self would not be a problem but I awoke with a migraine and caffeine is the number one ingredient in headache/migraine meds. Bruno had called and woke me at a little after 6 am and I had hoped for the hot cup of Joe which would be my friend this morning. This is the third day this new pot has not worked...It will have a ride in the car sometime today, to again be returned to Costco...It is rare we have problems with something we buy there. I had just been out that direction yesterday..I have to FORCE myself to leave and do things outside of our gate. Okay boiled water poured it in the coffee filter and have coffee that is barely passable not near the wonderful cup I am use to...well you know that means I'll have to get a mocha breve on my way to Costco!!HUH!

Well we still have not heard from the doctors or anyone else about Brunos test...We do have info on pops...on Friday he will be checking in at 5:30am for a short visit to the operating room. It seems pop is a 3%...the guy who has a little problem with a stint...So they ( the drs) will tweak the problem and pop will be able to take his three mile walks in no time at all...If you all don't mind keep him in your thoughts on Friday...

The workers return today, the dehumidifier and air movers have been going no stop since Thursday and the dehumidifier still is pumping water through it's lines without any evidence that it is close to slowing down. They had taken power washers and scrubbed the entire area. Anyway I am hoping that the work is quiet so my head does not have to battle the chaos that comes with the workers.

Bondo was to leave to return home today but the ice and a few other things have detoured him for a day....Micky will be flying to see him from Tennessee this coming week so he will have to leave soon.

Okay kids I want you all to have a good day. And hope all you girls that are sick w/kids that are under the weather are much better soon..I'm praying that you perfect in no time at all.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Lemon Curd pie

Grace has asked for the recipe so here it is...

Make & bake pie crust

Make lemon curd...but reduce liquid to make it thicker
Add half a box of cream cheese to curd while still warm ( mix until cheese melts)
put the whole thing in fridge

While waiting for it to cool take one pint of whipping cream and make until super thick add vanilla sugar and 4 tablespoons powdered sugar and 2 tablespoons butter...whip until thick ( not the soft fluffy whip cream that you put onto pies) toss in fridge....when lemon curd is cold fold in whip cream mixture....put in pie crust and then back to fridge....

I also make this and layer the mixture in lemon cake and then frost the whole thing with whipped cream...Bruno like the cake better than the pie....

It is time....

To change the name of Monday....maybe to Scudoodle....At least the name would make me laugh and not be waking up to the Oh to Monday...the people coming and going, cleaning, repairing, fatigue, frustration, appointments for various things, no shows and missing my mid week lunch with Liz or going out to Ang's place....Snivel, whine, whinny and nicker....Not letting the horses run loose all over the place and watching the gate like a hawk to make sure the GATE is ALWAYS closed...Funny some lady was interviewed about Katrina and she said that the worst part was the isolation, Bruno & I cracked up and he said " that wouldn't be a problem for us" I laughed as he knew how hard of a time I was having with so many people in and out. He distracted me with from it all for awhile...We also looked at 140 acres up in Northeastern Washington...big house...nice views and all that cool is that? My cousin and her hubby have 44,000 in Oregon now that would be so cool....

It took me the better part of 5 hours to clean up after hubby left...He headed out to Bondos and got some more guy time in...All had fun and I was able to send a jar of Chocolate truffle sauce as well as the cream cheese lemon curd pie....

We do not have the results of the testing but we will up date you all as soon as we can ...Anyway hope you all have a great day....I will be starting the tax returns here in the next few days and may not post as much as usual....Wish me luck...Please say prayers for my sister Randie...she is in Iraq and will be there a year....She is a driver ( big rig/semi) and I just worry as the problems there seem to be escalating there..she is the family baby....

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Funny how an extra day with hubby seems to go by so very fast...I have made a cream cheese lemon curd pie and the pasta dish to send with hubby who will then share it with Bondo later today. We did not get done with some things and we are running late already,I'm going to make huge country breakfast for my beloved and then send him on his way...I'll update you all later after I clean up the Bruno debris and the animals chores ...Hope you are all well and having a dandy morning so far...