Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Who knew that one of the jobs of a dog was to hand over eggs? Yes you read right. Daisy goes out at night and comes back and drops from her mouth a perfect chicken egg....slobbered but unbroken. This happened three times last night to farm pixie!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Clean Room


well what I thought.....

would be a romantic breakfast date with Bruno turned into Fruit Loops alone....

My best friend Bruno is a walking zombie and asked when I called for 30 more minutes of sleep....When I called he did not hear the phone ( too exhausted for words) and I just let him sleep.

So maybe when his birthday comes around ( mid September) he will be able to sneak away.

In the mean time I have cleaned the bedroom and was able to get the kitchen out of the filth stage. And pick up after the electrician who does not pick up after himself...or show up for the third day in a row....OK yesterday I understand ( he became a grandfather) but assured me he would be here today.....I have decided I will pay him when he is finished instead of every week.....that SHOULD make him get it done...I was told last weekend it would be done by today......NOT EVEN close to reality....I am now pulling up the whip ass!!!

Sorry America......

It is cold here and the rest of America is according to the news under heat warnings. Mean while here at Halleyville ( N.W. Washington ) I am able to transplant as well as let the dog or any other animal for that matter out all day long. I am typing while wrapped up in a lined flannel shirt that I wear in the winter. The high here may reach 68 degrees.

In other news I ended up being pushed off the bed several times by two kittens and a dog who insisted that the kittens needed a full bath. Daisy is still under restriction and we (I) do not trust her for life nor money enough to let her roam unsupervised.Daisy has decided that the cheap cat food is more her style than the Iams that I purchased for her. We will see if Conway feed has a dog food that she will enjoy more.

I will tell you all what I am doing this morning a little later on in the day. Lets just put it this way it does not involve a lick of work....It does involve food and a little visit by someone very special. As well as one of the places that I will never forget. It will be something special that I am looking forward to.

I have heard yet more news of the cougar sightings in the area. One on Village road a mere 1/4 mile from here another on 300th...a mile or so away. I am still hoping to see him again maybe just not in the driveway at 1:30am.

Okay it is time for me to get going. I hope you all have a great Sunday. Keep cool and stay watered up, ok?