Sunday, August 12, 2007

well what I thought.....

would be a romantic breakfast date with Bruno turned into Fruit Loops alone....

My best friend Bruno is a walking zombie and asked when I called for 30 more minutes of sleep....When I called he did not hear the phone ( too exhausted for words) and I just let him sleep.

So maybe when his birthday comes around ( mid September) he will be able to sneak away.

In the mean time I have cleaned the bedroom and was able to get the kitchen out of the filth stage. And pick up after the electrician who does not pick up after himself...or show up for the third day in a row....OK yesterday I understand ( he became a grandfather) but assured me he would be here today.....I have decided I will pay him when he is finished instead of every week.....that SHOULD make him get it done...I was told last weekend it would be done by today......NOT EVEN close to reality....I am now pulling up the whip ass!!!

1 comment:

Loving Annie said...

He desrves the whup ass ! Pay him only when he is finished --