Saturday, December 02, 2006

My husband Hung the Moon


Just past 6am

Rocky woke me at 5am and I was able to sleep for a few moments more...Right up till he was just outside the window in the bedroom at which time he let the full grown serenade start. I opened the window and said goodmorning and begged him for 15 minutes more of sleep. His response said "I think not" and finished his 2nd course...I made it past the cats who refused to move of the electric blanket. I had wondered if I had set the coffee pot to the right time finally, I did and the coffee is good had planned on cleaning up the mud and muck that the now melting snow is creating as well as some other chores.

Reality is that I am just thinking about Inkling seeing her family, the breathless moment when she gets to fall into her families arms ..Them seeing her glow and how happy she is. The beauty that she gets to show them around her. If you have ever been to the west coast of Canada you know what I'm talking about. All of Canada is wonderful..My uncles and Aunts all live up there and as a kid our family vacations were spent with them or visiting my great grandmother. I met all my mums uncles and aunties. We would go way up north, then to Jasper or Calgary. I saw my first caribou, moose and mountain sheep. Their curled horns to which I would beg my mom to go hug..( I was fearless even at 3!) So my dear Inkling have a wonderful time. I am watching the news and traffic reports...All is fine a little fog and a bit of rain but nothing to worry about. If they run into trouble have them call Ang or myself and we will go help them..Check your e-mail for our phone numbers okay? Have a wonderful time and we will see you after the 9th! Hugs to you,

Friday, December 01, 2006

I rearranged the furniture

Do you ever feel

like someone is watching you?

Traffic report for Inkling

This traffic report brought to you for Inkling to check on the traffic...

You can check on the web cams from Seatac to Peace Park...They even have a web cam on the boarder crossing!!!

Yahoo your family is on the way!!!!!

Thursday, November 30, 2006


Rainspout Rooster

Search,Sleep & Awake

I had put my gloves in the microwave to dry and warm them up..Ok, you can stop laughing now. You had to figure that if it works I would at least try it. And so several times yesterday that is exactly what I did. I was out feeding at 10:30 pm last night...The horses being grateful for the extra rations. A friend stopped by with eggs and milk. The gate was frozen shut and I was unable to open it even after smacking it with a hammer. I searched for Rocky and Aida for 15 minutes and was worried when I could not find them...I even went to the barn and looked around were I had tried to convince them to stay. I looked in each place that I thought they might be. I then returned to the news for a minute before going to bed. The news said another 6 inches. I was glad when I finally woke this morning to what was on the ground from lastnight.

I heard the phone ringing and just could not wake at 6am..Ah, I had finally slept for more than 5 hours in the last week. I had to knock myself out with tea and a sleep aid. The phone then rang again at 6:20 and hubby asked if I was still sleeping...I think he was saying the roads were really slick and he had to go...I tried to return to sleep but Rocky had not intention of letting me do so. The coffee had not turned on by itself and I was forced to wait the whopping 4 minutes for the cup of coffee I wanted so bad. I was barely awake during the brewing cycle and heard Rocky once again..I thinking it seemed rather close. I opened the kitchen door looked on the hand rail and ...Nothing no Rocky. It never occurred to me to look above my head...So there I stood, the door wide open and was startled when I heard him again, I looked up and the on the rainspout drain pipe was Aida and Rocky...I, still asleep was at least aware enough to go get the camera....I then enjoyed my coffee now that I did not have to worry about finding frozen chickens...Daylight has just broken and I was able to see that all the trees had shed all the snow off of them...Although there is still snow on the ground.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Window shopping

How cats stay warm

PUD hard at work

Alpacas snow day

Updated Info

I had just settled down from feeding and check the alpacas..It has started to snow again and SKAGIT farmers had just called and asked if I'd go check the tank...So out I went again checked it and came back in to phone him...I'd be fine until next week...The flurries started out rather light and have built up in size and is coming down faster...Not near as fast as earlier in the week..But adding to what is already here I can only hope that we do not get the 6 inches that is possible. It is a criss cross pattern as I write and I think it will be another day that visibility drops on our little farm...

Pink Morning Sky

Rooster War

I had barely been asleep for 5 hours when HRH Rocky began...More then I could handle...I was tired but stumbled out of bed at the 4:30 am hour opened kitchen door said my good morning to him..I knew that there was no coffee made and I went straight back to the bed with the electric blanket set at 22 ( it's warmest setting) Rocky somehow knew where I had snuck off too and waited 3 minutes before louder then before started once again.... I resisted to duct tape his beak shut! And vowed that if the coffee was bad I'd take it out on him first. It is still not finished but I will update you on his demise if he or I take measures to silence him...He this 15 minutes after he was effective in removing me out of my much needed slumber is still at it and I am just getting my first sip of java..To my credit HE IS ALIVE!!! I usually love the serenade, really...But it is 14 degrees I am cold just thinking of getting another bale out of the barn a task that should take a few minutes at best. And if I am going to have to bundle up and look adorable in my funny winter get up I would have least like to have been seen by hubby who would laugh at me and make it all better...I am missing him more than normal...If you can not tell. Well coffee has saved Rocky's life for the moment! He, once he wakes me will wonder off to the far corners of the place, waking anyone else....The snow is so deep it would cover him if he tries. More news about more snow..Everything is already frozen...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What is it?

Rocky & Aidas new roost

Well Hubby did say not to put them in the garden shed and ROCKY TOOK AIDA and their they are at this moment

News update

We are looking towards yet more snow another ten inches possible! And -3 to -20 tonight woth ind chill factor...If I have to choose power vs phone , I'll choose power..So if I'm not on it is the phones don again...In the mean time I rote plenty to keep you going....small doses maybe best...stay arm and snuggled in...Inkling snuggle up and Ang YOU DID A WONDERFUL JOB on my ya!

sunny skies bitter cold





Power, Phone & internet

We have lift least for the moment!!! I can only hope ..My adventures to the 1890's was fun for like a minute...But all is well and the horses gave me a rodeo as I tried to get the fresh & dried blankets on them. I had to be sturn with Jezzy about it going to be well below zero...He finally saw that he was being loved on with a warm blanket, fresh out of the drier....The muddy frozen one is in the carport still frozen still...Thank heavens we had a back up one in the barn.....I think that I nay just take another shower as it took me an hour to get the chores done and the water troughs filled and all...I checked in with the folks and now am waiting for honeys call.

final pen and ink post

The sky is blue and pink…A breathtaking sight. The snow geese are glowing as they fly overhead on their way…I took coffee out to the Verizon phone guys. they struggling still to get the phones back on and working. The horses are waiting for food and I assure them that I will be back with a bit of grain in no time at all…I have tons to do ..get the dishes washed and ready for the next power outage. And to get those blankets on the horses after they dry off in the sun. It isstill bitter cold. It was only a matter of time before I saw a snow mobile or a all wheeler and sure enough I did loaded with a backpack of food perhaps. All in all I have power and heat….I can wait for the phone as long as needed. I will post to the blog ASAP!

part 8

had spent the better part of the early evening searching for enough power cords to make it to the water troughs…I managed to find both the new heaters we had in the barn and all before it was dark. The moon looked wonderful as the sky turned blue about the same shade my lips were turning… I was ready whenever the power came on…In the mean time I boiled a crab pot full of water and poured it all over the frozen water in the 110 gallon tank. At least it was not frozen for a few moments. And I prayed that the power would return soon as I was sure that I would have a huge ice cube to deal with. The creek had not frozen so the alpacas would be fine for the time being.

It is to be very cold below 25 degrees and it is only to get colder according to Ang’s update. I hooked up both heaters zip stripping the one for the horses as Playboy enjoys tossing it out when he can. Hence the holes that we drilled on the side of the plastic 110 gallon tank. I have no phone so no internet so I will check on Inkling through Ang…. I am hoping she is settled in and feeling better. It is 15 degrees according to the thermometer on the cold side of the house.

I will take a long shower the minute the power is on and will stand in there like my hubby does, a nice long 25 minute shower…I love the propane on demand hot water. You never run out of hot water. Yahoo! I will feed everyone then jump in the hot water …I am cold to the bone.. Something we just never have here.

part 10

I woke up and boiled the coffee and tada POWER! Yahoo …I get a shower…I get a shower….I dashed out and feed everyone and pulled another bale out of the barn…got in and peeled off my wet cloths and jumped into the shower for a whopping 26 minutes…My hubby would be proud that I was able to stay in that long. I realized that the hairdryer had pooped out and I would have wet hair…I then remembered a hair dryer in the art studio that I was able to use….No phone or internet but a shower was more then I could hope for.

I was able to speak to hubby and he told me that it was 8 degrees there and I was grateful that he had taken the lined Carthart ‘s as a storm was heading his way. He had offered to leave them for me and I refused the offer…I had planned on letting the horses loose but the interior hotwire was down and I could not keep them safely off of them.

I had told him about last night, me out in the cold and dark with my hat and a flash light tucked into it like a headlamp.

I too have television for a moment maybe, the news is wild and people are leaving their cars on the road…whether for frustrations or just out of gas…I am thinking walking on the freeway while cars are out of control seems like a really very bad idea…I know I’m a safety freak like that…Go figure. It will be problematic to clear the freeways and just who thought it a good idea to go to a Seahawks game in this weather…??? Ang said the news told people NOT TO DRIVE unless it is critical…How a ball game is that I have yet to get. I have no such idiot idea to even think about leaving. Anyway the gate is frozen shut!

Poor Inkling is getting her fair share up there just north of us…And I worry that she is not prepared for the cold…4 degrees is pretty cold……not including the wind chill!!!

I put the blankets in the dryer and will have them dried in the near future.

It is that early morning blue and I can see two stars…and clear skies seem to be here, although it is frigid cold.

part 9

It is now 1:30 Am …I have just come in from checking the horses and seeing if the water is frozen…It is and I fed them a bit to keep them warm. It is colder than anything we have here…It is well below -3 degrees with the wind chill factor.

I am so glad I got ready at the first evidence that this would even be a small reality. I have plenty of feed to hold us all over.

I have taken nearly 250 photos maybe as much as 300…I will be sharing them with you as soon as I have internet.. The fire department has been cruising the streets and checking on folk’s. The Verizon guys are out here working there little hearts out too.

Im off to get some sleep I hope.

part 6

The overtime checks that the power and phone guys will have at the end of this will be huge….but it just seems to me that when I lived in Japan in a small town 6 train stations from Yokahoma , that all the lines were in the ground and they rarely would be without power…Just a thought of an idea that we being the U.S. would do that as well…Think of it , logic! Ha!

It is late in the day and I tapped duct tape over the hole in my boot and around my pants , and took some food out to the horses. It is snowing harder then ever and the horses are refusing to stay under cover…I divided the grain and feed into small portions to keep them warmer.

Several people have slid off the road and have just left their cars wherever they landed. Hiking there way back, why they left one can only guess. I personally question their sanity to begin with…Why they have not gotten at least a kit together enough so as not to leave is beyond my thinking. The wind is picking up and we are hit hard here.

I have only the two rooms to heat and have shut the doors as to make sure we are warm enough and will not waste the heat for other rooms that I can not even use. Our old farm house is old enough that when built it had two fireplaces and two wood cook stoves (those are long gone) but the fireplaces remain. And so I now 60 plus years later do as they must have during cold times like this, shut up what is not in use and keep as warm as possible.

I wonder what the folks were like who built this house. Did the wife like I write a love note on a board that would be hidden for years so that maybe when we are long gone some new bride would be out here taking apart something and find the sweet note that I left for my hubby? Would they laugh and hope that she loved him like it was clear from my note how much I loved mine?

In 30 some days will be three years ago hubby and I had our reunion date…On New Years Eve, we stood in each others presence and we just KNEW….and then my true love married me several weeks later on Saint Valentines Day. Funny the first day I had met him I had said that I could not wait to spend the rest of my life as your wife, at which point my hubby did a 7 year marathon … I being me waited and decided his resistance was futile and I would be near by when he stopped running.. (Every man I know would have ran unless drunk or drugged) And he did and I was right there…okay still missing him…….

part 7

It is snowing adding to the now 13 inches on the ground. My socks are soaking wet again and I will have to retape them again once they dry, welcome to the Hallyville red and green show. The tape around the top did keep the snow out of the tops and I am grateful for that I will be digging out hubby’s Sorrels in a bit after I warm up. I figure with the extra pair of socks the will fit just fine.

There is a small patch of blue towards my folk’s house on Camano Island a short 8 miles away. They too are out of power and cut off for the most part. They are fine and I was able to have power for 27 minutes, long enough to call them, Liz and Ang. I got water and coffee…I’m golden NOW!

The Christmas tree farm across the way is light by his generator other than that there is no light. A few PUD trucks and a tow truck and some guy selling wood from the back of his pick up truck. He stopped by the two houses up the road and then here…

You can already tell it will be a very cold night. That thing in the air that just tells you so. Ang too had called to let me know another cold air was coming in from Canada, Thanks Inkling!

Slinky is fast to sleep in front of the fire and Thomas the moose is out killing mice with Charlie. I have not seen the baby in over a week now. Rocky and Aida are on the John Deere which I am rather certain is a much bigger crime then on the handrail. Yes, darling I did get them off that right away and put them in the army tent. Okay? I know you MIGHT be checking on me… cyber land…..

I am having one of those moment remembering Buluga plowing her nose thru the snow her cute face covered and so happy….

Yes, that did make me cry. but I did go four hours without crying about her before hand.. It is so quiet right now and that allows my mind to go to places that I should try harder to protect…ok that is the memorial snivel for the moment…I am trying!

I made a pot of coffee with the 27 minutes of power we had to reheat it later, when needed….At least I have it better than most a gas stove, leaving me to have hot food, instead of PBJ! Last Christmas I was able to make dinner despite not having power for over 4 days.It will be dark in the barn before too long..Gotta go for now..Thank heavens for the cell phone updates from Ang..As she is my only news from the outside..Thanks Honey!

the pasture

A very cold day

part 5

Well now what would take all of three minutes took me the better part of 25 minutes…It took me at least two minutes to get the cart down to the barn… I pulled down a few bales of feed and loaded just one onto the cart…and then drug the darn thing up the small incline that felt like Everest at this rate. I had it well back away from the blowing snow. It’ll last the day and a small bit for the morning. The snow is now deeper than my boots tall…it spilled into the tops by 3 inches…Dragging the cart was like pulling a piece of plywood. I had managed to get up the ladder enough to pull down what I’ll need for the next 4 days. I left all but the one in the barn on a pallet. Returning on my own tracks seemed like a pretty good idea and I was able to keep some snow from filling my boots any further. I knew not to try and push the cart as it would only tip over…Funny the things you think about when it would just never occur to you at other times…like in the Spring..

The alpacas stayed in the barn despite the racket I was causing… I noticed the power lines were quivering and it just seem to get worse the further up the road I looked. I made a mental note not to go near them. If they came down I’d have no way out of the property and was trying to make a back up plan if they did come down. By the looks of them it looked as if they might snap at any moment. Two large trees are down on the place across the way and you could hear yet others in the distance coming down. There is still no power, phone, water or toilet. Several Verizon trucks struggle to keep on the road and two others are trying in vane to keep the generators going.

I finally got Liz on the phone and she and the babies are all fine. No power put phone and water are intact. And she has plenty of food for her and all the animals. She too has plenty of wood although she does not have a gas stove. She is snowed in and will hanker down.

part 4

I sat here on the sofa trying to focus my attention on the book… An impossible task as the silence was shattered by people who figured the road closed sign was a mistake or not meant for them and their well being… A fact that all had missed to one degree or another. Two simple little words, meaning NO! STOP! But hence people have lost their logic and I for one sit here wracking my head wondering why in the world anyone would ignore the sign. For the most part they all spent time sliding backwards towards out fence for the better part of 40 minutes. Authorities stop by to check on folks who could not understand the “road closed” signs and had to be pulled out or pushed … I’ll never know what they expect they are doing. I suspect one of these nincompoops will smash into our fence. I had already moved all the animals to the far pastures… Regardless it seems stupid to be out in this and it is only getting worse as the hours go by. And since no one has power I
Can not figure out for the life of me where they might be off too.

The only noise I hear is the few cars, snapping trees and the low whistle of a train off in the far distance.. My mind tries to pretend that it is the 1890’s and I have settled in for the moment. I figure I have about 20 days of food. More than most people do I am sure. I little water I have will be used sparingly…At least till I have power and can refill the water.

Rocky clearly has no real sense of time as it is just past ten and he is going for round three…trees are snapping and the wind is blowing a bit and there he is out there carring on and on, causing a ruckus of sorts. His serenade is going on and on a rather sad and pathetic mourning sound. Do you think he is missing Buluga and her chasing him off the porch? It is time to go back out and do the rounds. Check the fences and water. I will get another bale of feed up here and recheck the water. The John Deere will not make it through the now 10 inches of snow. This means I will have to load one bale at a time into the muck cart and drag it up the hill to the car port. A struggle against the snow with the 65 pounds on the cart….

I’ll not be going further than the edges of the property. Inkling I hope you are snuggled up and keeping warm I heard from Ang that it is even colder there. For some stupid reason I turned the fireplace off, what was I thinking I’ll never know, but I did manage to flip it on while it was still hot enough to reignite it. Where my head was I’ll never know. Well I’m going to bundle up and update you later…

Blue Hue

Part 2

The horses had their blankets on them but one, Playboy whom it seems has no use for such nonsense. It was too late to switch the blankets after I realized I had put the wrong blanket on Jezzy and it looked as if a little kid had put on his daddy’s overcoat. They all looked at me, more a glare then a look… Them in their green horse blankets, now soaking wet. I removed the two off the horses and found the other, muddied and frozen solid to the earth. I had planned on putting them in the dryer and then put them back on before nightfall. But the power still has not appeared .I fed them some extra grain to stave off the cold and will begin to feed them every four hours until it is above 35 degrees. I task that although seems over board to anyone but me and the few horse freaks know that as they chew they warm… The sweet grain will too keep them from being to cold. I had to boil water to add to the troughs as they had frozen to at least three inches thick. It is now 29 degrees. The coffee was good but I can not make another cup a fear of running out of the stuff makes me wait, till I can grind more. For if the power stays off longer then 24 hours I’ll be a mess minus the coffee.

I took loads of photos and downloaded them onto the laptop when I ran out of room. It is amazing that we no longer have to use film and we get to see the photos in real time. Making it possible to retake any that do not look just so.

My socks are soaking as the new boots have not arrived at the feed store yet. So now they are drying by the fire along with my gloves and hat.

I am now in from feeding the babies and Slinky and I are now settled in fire going and my one little cup of coffee. The alpacas were in the barn and not a drop of snow on them proving to me they did not venture out very far other than for a little water and to go to the bathroom. The trees were beginning to crackle and snapping soon followed and I was able to snap my own photo of the branches as they met the earth. The heavy snow and the wind started and the limbs came down one by one. It is still snowing small endless flakes; even now they seem to not be ending anytime soon.

A copy of the pen & ink blog part 1

It is just before 6am and the power is out and I am paper blogging and will post as soon as I have power and phone….we ended up with over 7 inches of snow at this point ( most unusual) and I have checked on the horses every two hours and feed them every 4 hours at this point. We are just a fraction over sea level and we do not see this sort of thing often. It is still nice to know I know how to use pen and ink. Anyway I managed to talk to hubby for a few minutes and I told him the news and he just could not believe it. That I was okay and all settled in and had all that I need. There is no power which means no water….no heat and no toilet…I do have the propane fire place and the stove is propane and hence the light I write by. I had the fore sight to grind coffee and put up 10 gallons of water, knowing I’d not have power at some point…But all coffee freaks have a back up and I had mine. I boiled water and put it through the coffee filter…Hence I’m not a crazy person this morning as I have my beloved coffee fix. I put the milk outside and a few other things that the coyotes would not get.

I had started to read hubby’s book by firelight last night up till the power came on. I had to call Direct T.V. for the television problems a sweet girl in Los Vegas spent the better part of 20 minutes on the phone with me and resolved the problem….A few minutes later I realized that several local channels were not there so I called back and Chris in the Oklahoma office had that too fixed in short order, just in time for me to let my mind relax and watch my Desperate Housewives and maybe the news. It was a short while into the 10 o’clock news when I lost power again I had just enough time to grind at least 4 days of coffee and get more water put up…I was able to watch something and keep my mind off of Buluga and not break into tears for just awhile. The lights flickered on then off in a matter of 3 seconds. Grey Slinky kitty and I are in front of the fire place with no place to go nor a desire to do so. I am a bit worried about being without power for too long…I filled the horse trough and the one for the alpacas as soon as the power was on. Hey will turn into huge ice cubes if the power does not come on soon. Once day light breaks I’ll go out and feed everyone and break the ice. It is just that hue of blue on white that is magical. I had wanted hubby and have a romantic walk. But he had left back to the other side early as the forecast was a warning and with the heaviest traffic day and all he was gone by 10 am. By the time he mad it over Stevens pass we had loads of snow. He stopped at Nancy’s to check on her and she was sad to hear the news about Buluga. She is doing pretty well considering she lost both her hubby and mother in a months time.

Anyway the snow and problems are to continue until tomorrow, I’m fine here not having hot water and the worst part is not having a toilet. But I being me have an outhouse plan and will be forced to use it if the power stays off for too longed. I charged the cell phone while I had a moment and will use it sparingly. I will be able to use Microsoft. word on my laptop till I run out of battery. The phone lines did not make it past 10 last night. 60 miles North of Seattle just does not see this very often and the whole area for the most part comes to a grinding halt. I remember being in Colorado and the snow never stopped anyone. I guess it depends on the area to the reaction. I will take some photos of the ranch and will post them the minute I get phone and power.

part 3

I had shut the computers down as a precaution and the lap top Ang had given me was my priority. I am able to keep my blog on it while I have battery.

And when I run out of battery I will get back to the book hubby had just finished “Flags of out fathers” It is good so far considering that I rarely read books this new…my preference is the 1800’s to the early 1900’s… I care little if at all for fiction, no use no learning and frankly boring…Give me the history of how every Roman Emperor died and I will be lost for hours on end.

Both cats are in and seem to have no plans to go out…There is no litter box in the house and I will toss them out as soon as it is a bit warmer…for at least 15 minutes. I set dry crumble out for the chickens that are not pleased with this in any form what so ever. Rocky is so tweaked that he has started to crow and carry on as if I had dismembered him.

When I opened the kitchen door to call Slinky and Thomas in for the night there on the handrail was Rocky perched next to the house, Aida was on the stoop not being able to get up, so she let me pick her up and put her next to Rocky. There they perched snuggled into one another. Hubby told me he did not want them there and I needed to find another place for them, so I moved them and called it a night. This morning just before 5 am I could hear him carrying on. I could tell where he was he had returned to the handrail and I would soon be going to hell for this I was certain.

Anyway I will keep you up to date the best I can, via Ang and our calls of me checking in. She seems to be lucky enough to have power. In the mean time know I have all the critters taken care of and will be checking on them every few hours while we have the cold and snow. I too will try to finish the book in between cooking up some soup and biscuits. Slinky and I are settled down on Bulugas bed and under a snuggly blanket reading and watching the snow drift down from Heaven. It is all a rather wonderful sight.

Inkling had said she was watching a pbs series , one that I was able to watch here …The tragic fact that my hubby and I would thrive in that show/program should surprise no one who knows us…We are a tough pair he and I and we would be fine in the 1800’s.. I do know that if it all went nuts for some reason hubby and I would be one of those folks who would manage very well. I am married to a pretty amazing guy. Incredibly smart, the smartest guy I have ever met. He is tough and fearless and adaptable who could ask for anything more? I’m missing him can you tell? It is so quiet and rather lonely without Buluga here. I too miss her a great deal as she was by my side each day….

The PUD trucks have all checked on me and say that power may be several days away.
I will keep the fire going and settle down for a few hours with the book.

Update for Farm Fairy Followers

Ang, your roving reporter here is checking in for Farm Fairy via Halleyville Blog.

I have just gotten off the cell phone with Temera and she is doing fine.

Currently she has power but a Verizon truck has stopped by her home and told her she could be now without land line phone service/internet service for a few more days. Now this reporter says currently she has power, because she has lost power several times during the last 48-72 hours.

Ok Updates on Farm Fairy Animals:

Horses are wearing blankets, although Playboy seems to be finding ways to remove it like a typical kid, getting it dirty in the roundpin and tromping on it. While she has power Temera runs the blankets through the dryer to dry them and warm them up for them. Currently they are being fed every 4 hours but because the freeze is not letting them up she's going to start feeding them every 3 hours. She's currently going through a bale of hay a day. Ok she told me the terminology for this next thing but again I seemed to have forgotten the proper word. So forgive this next description. She has put the heaters into the water of the horse and alpaca troughs to keep the water from freezing. (It works when she has power)

Alpacas are now moved to the barn, and are not roaming the pasture. They are huddled up to keep warm.

Rocky and Ada are taking roost now in the Garden Shed. Rocky has made it a point now to peck at the glass or door during his morning Crowing to be Temera's alarm clock and will not stop until Temera opens the door and says good morning. The other hens have gone and taken roost around the horse shelters despite her trying to put them into the barn.

She has stated that Power, Phone and a couple of neighbors have stopped by her home to check on her. Her mom and dad are safe and Liz is safe too.

Charlie (the momma cat of the farm) caught a mouse while I was on the phone with her yesterday and apparently Charlie felt the need to roll and frolics in the snow while playing with her partial kill. In other words let me torture this small mouse before I completely kill it.

Flip(Charlie's baby)has not been seen or heard from in a couple of days. She did see her/him a few days ago and said it is extremely fat and she's concerned that it might be worms. However she can't get close enough to Flip Flop to make sure it would get the wormer and not the chickens from eating the catfood.

She found coyote tracks in pasture but she has her shotgun ready to make sure they (coyote's) don't touch her babies.

I just ordered online propane for her to keep her going.

I have updated her on Inkling, and
Farm Wife, and Grace and Bondo.

The trees across the street have fallen and are hanging over her mailboxes. She's trying to cut them back so the mailperson can get to her mailbox as well as other neighbors. But she can't get them back so she'll be calling the neighbor to have her brother take the branches down with his chainsaw.

She keeps checking the property and some of the trees branches have snapped off because of the cold, but nothing has damaged anything yet.

You can leave a message here and I'll relay it to her or on my blog and I'll relay it to her.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Technical Difficulties due to Power Outage

Hi It's Ang AGAIN!

Just got a call from Temera and she asked me to post to her blog for ya'll.

She is home with Thomas (orange cat) and Slinky (gray cat) surrounding her, with large heavy blanket, reading glasses, 556 page book, fireplace (light and warmth).

The phone call was short due to her calling me on her cellphone. She has no way to charge it if the battery should die. Her landline phones are all cordless and do not work without power.

Apparently the corner at the end of her property, the streets next to her property are now closed to public unless you live on the street due to wreckless driving and slippery conditions.

I have checked the news and have been calling PUD for her but unable to obtain any information for her.

I just called her again and she says to post here for her.

Oh and she shared this too, Rocky and Ada have decided to become Guard Rooster, Guard Hen. They have perched themselves on the back porch planter box tonight. She says she thinks she got a picture of the moment and will try and post later.

Please keep her in your prayers tonight, and she'll post when she can.

A moment ago


The snowy Start



My heart is still aching and the pain and what if's seem to be endless....I know that somehow time and life will go on and that one day I might make it through the day without breaking down into a puddle of tears...Even now they seem to well up without my permission and without control. I miss the little things and keep finding things you know the things that make you weep when you can not figure out where all the damn tears come from...Inkling said up to two quarts of snot!!!! I suspect that I have used that three times over...My hubby , bless his heart...Just lets me cry....Something that is usually not good in his eyes...I'll try to check in on you all and find away to blog as I usually do... It is snowing here, pretty hard and I have tried several times to post and then my tears stop me... I have just come home from picking up grain for the babies and saying good bye to my hubby who is driving across the pass...It is severe weather up there and he has called to check on me...My mum brought roses and my friend in LA sent chocolates....I baked a chocolate cake too..I hear chocolate is a good cure all..I hope to feel less sorrow very soon...Although spending 1/3 of my life with her depending on me daily and then for that to stop just like that is a challenge for me to be sure...I am truly grateful that we had her for 14 years, when all the vets but one said she would never make it to 5 let alone 14!...Boy that girl showed them all, loving me too the end as I still love her..... When I finally got inside and my boots on the boot dryer, there on the television was my favorite movie just about to begin...Hidalgo....So I'll curl up in the blanket that was wrapped around me and hubby just a few hours ago and watch...And try not to cry for just one hour...I do not want to grieve as I know she is at peace and running with Uzi her twenty-seven toed cat...But in the mean time I need to find some peace for awhile..I love the prayers and thoughts from you all...I do feel better knowing so many people KNOW how I feel lost here.....Pacing and not remembering what I'm doing...Be well. Blessings to you all....From your heart broken farm fairy...