Tuesday, November 28, 2006

part 5

Well now what would take all of three minutes took me the better part of 25 minutes…It took me at least two minutes to get the cart down to the barn… I pulled down a few bales of feed and loaded just one onto the cart…and then drug the darn thing up the small incline that felt like Everest at this rate. I had it well back away from the blowing snow. It’ll last the day and a small bit for the morning. The snow is now deeper than my boots tall…it spilled into the tops by 3 inches…Dragging the cart was like pulling a piece of plywood. I had managed to get up the ladder enough to pull down what I’ll need for the next 4 days. I left all but the one in the barn on a pallet. Returning on my own tracks seemed like a pretty good idea and I was able to keep some snow from filling my boots any further. I knew not to try and push the cart as it would only tip over…Funny the things you think about when it would just never occur to you at other times…like in the Spring..

The alpacas stayed in the barn despite the racket I was causing… I noticed the power lines were quivering and it just seem to get worse the further up the road I looked. I made a mental note not to go near them. If they came down I’d have no way out of the property and was trying to make a back up plan if they did come down. By the looks of them it looked as if they might snap at any moment. Two large trees are down on the place across the way and you could hear yet others in the distance coming down. There is still no power, phone, water or toilet. Several Verizon trucks struggle to keep on the road and two others are trying in vane to keep the generators going.

I finally got Liz on the phone and she and the babies are all fine. No power put phone and water are intact. And she has plenty of food for her and all the animals. She too has plenty of wood although she does not have a gas stove. She is snowed in and will hanker down.

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