Saturday, April 21, 2007

Moments ahead.....

In a few hours I will drive to Leavenworth, Washington to meet Bruno for a one night romantic getaway. A quaint luxury room with spa, fireplace sparkling cider and chocolates....We both need the break and one night is better than nothing in reality we need 10 days one the beach minus all the chaos. And lets face it finding one who would and can stay here for that amount of time is pretty unlikely.

I have a SUV full of things like good sheets, clean dress shirts fresh from the dry cleaners, a foam mattress pad, a microwave poached egg cooker, 3 dozen farm fresh eggs, a computer desk and another blanket. And myself with camera, cell phone and one tired tushy...

The John Deere broke down after I thought I had fixed it with a little tweak and a new battery...So I have called for a pick up and repair. I have let the horses loose to "mow" down the front yard.

Flip woke me at 2am to his mournful cries and I have learned to not hear it. I have put a radio down there on and low. He still shivers while I try to pet him with my heavy leather gloves on.

The fireplace that Miss Savannah chewed has been repaired and is working better than ever. We too have installed a new fan in the bathroom, and I have yet to figure out how to operate it.Just too many buttons...Who knew?

And Mr. Baldwin shame on you. You have scared your daughter for ever. She is a child. I know of no person who would say this to their child. I can not see how what has been said would ever be OK in any context nor for any reason. Bullies say rubbish like that.Clearly statement of this magnitude made to a child makes it worst. I do not know if you have the wisdom to understand that words have power. To heal, to harm as well as to encourage every person. This clearly is not one of your most personal stellar moments. A new caliber, even for you.

Well my friends enjoy the day and all that it holds for you. Please keep your prayers going for Grace.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Dear Mr. Bondo,

Dearest Bondo,

As you know I adore you. And these are all very valid questions that may take a millennium to address. I do not pretend to know the future regarding this. I do know however our future will always be predicted by our past. It is sad to know that our planet has yet to achieve true peace, collective or otherwise. I myself can only attempt to be a better guardian of my little world. My very reach is small and limited. What more can I alone do? I am not one of the greats whom can or will change the fabric of our land, the safety of our innocent nor will I make a great speech as Martin Luther King did.I alone am a small and humble servant that with the help of my fellow man , might in time be able to accomplish what so many hope for.A kindness towards man, a prayer for peace, patience that the future will be a bigger blessing than our past , an understanding that we are capable of such hope and a grace to know that we can not and will not change alone but that together that we may find a way to change for the better.

If one looks hard enough into any life one will find sin, dishonor, lack of judgement as well as a million other horrible choice, mine included. We have history that says what the REAL warning signs are...I do not claim to be wise enough to make judgements like this. There are others who as a collective group could be evaluating such things. I do believe that some had spoken ( in this case), rational people with valid concerns and spoke about them. I think in hindsight one would ( at least myself) would consider that removing one to save so many others would be considered heroic.I do not mean to incarcerate one as much as keep a vigilant eye on one. We do this to child molesters
( whom may or may not murder do we not?) Did several people make a choice to ensure that a plain would crash in a field to save so many others on 911? Did we not eventually decide that the fate of our army ( knowing all along blood would spill) still go into a country to save the masses from Hitler? It is a delicate question as to what and how as well as where the lines are drawn. They are grey at the very best. And should we do nothing do you not think that any further fate will fall upon yet more innocent lives? At what risk? Who do we save the one or the many others? And yes I realize that it is a dramatic thought and one that in each of us we ponder. Do we save our children over ourselves? Who would you choose? If your sweet daughter was at this place what would you have hoped had happened verses what did happen? Would you have wanted to save her? I would think each father who at this very moment is choosing on what his child will be buried in is wondering what he would have said or done or insisted upon happen to protect his little girl. I would hope that those of us had the desire to watch over each other knowing that one watched is far better than even one dead. Yes indeed it does sound as if we are our brothers keepers I know but what if we could keep more lives saved then endangered.

I wish for peace when there is little evidence of it and yet with Evey fiber of my soul I believe it is possible.

Mr Bondo's Comment

Thank you for your post Bondo! I do see why one would think we have created a monster.While I do agree that we as a whole are responsible for some of these flaws we are as a whole not to blamed. When this persons own family has had concerns one must ask if it not possible that he started out with just the right ingredients for this to happen. I too know that others have the same thing happen and they do not find themselves in a murderous rage that is carried out in such a final manner. I would agree almost wholly with Bondo on this matter if there was not so many warning flags , statements, mental hospitals, school instructors and students who refused to deal with this person. I think in the whole there was plenty to take concern about. I do not think that a few of these alone would be cause for a knee jerk reaction, but given the entire amount of info coming to light yes, indeed it was enough for the common person to have reason to believe that this person could snap. This is no different then a drunk driver who continues to be destructive with his illness, he will at some point if not stopped end up driving and killing someone. We can not just take info in and file it away in of must add each to the next. One foot squares of fabric do not make a blanket, yet once each piece is added to the other we have a quilt.
I too agree that the more we have in the zombie, video murders, and the masses thinking, it does not concern me attitude, the acceptance of this behavior exceeds the balance of kindness in general.
One last thought, I feel in general some tried to reach out to this person, I believe that there are certain types that are destine to make an impact that may blacken the world in some way or another. A society as a whole does not make this kind of person, one must have the flaws already in place in order to execute such behavior. History is full of such least a hundred years worth, hence that it is easier in our new generation but it is not solely this one. I refer again to Hitler, Dommer, Green river killer, Oklahoma bomber and so forth. The basics are already ingrained, one is at a loss as to what will create the possibilities further.If one continues to do or say nothing anything is possible.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Why? Is it just me?

I have heard for days the sad news about VT...What I do not get is how we are so afraid to be just what we should be. How many times do we have to see that we being politically correct allows so many to fall through the cracks? And lets face it we are by nature not politically correct, it is forced upon us. I must admit that us does not include me, I am no place near PC ....Whack jobs are called, churches that turn their backs on folks are called out by name..ask anyone about me and you'll know that I have signs taped to the windows of my suv stating my dislike. Call it what you want, it is not PC for sure.

Now back to VT...what is wrong with saying this creeps me out and I don't want this in my class? We all know what our safety factors are for ourselves. We hear of girls being killed by boyfriends (here in the PNW) and it just goes on. I am sad that we have taken PC to the point that we allow in short order to be helpless against this sort of thing. How many warnings do we file away for the sake of PC? How many lives are effected because of such ideas? Are we so stupid that we will continue to follow the sheep into the slaughter house? SPEAK UP!!! Because what you do not say continues to ripple and the damage is set in motion, with a life of it's own. Several people spoke up during the years before this tragic event, against the PC rules and their guts said something is amiss....Should we not have seen this? Yet these small voices were dismissed all in the name of what? For what? These voices did not care about PC they cared about the POSSIBILITIES! Arm yourself with your brain America....How long before something yet more tragic happens? I know each parent out there is thinking how in the world am I to protect my child? How do I let them go out in this world to make a life bigger and better? All knowing that America will take care of my child on my behalf when I can not? Please do not let my child die because so many stayed so silent or words or warnings fell on ears that would not do the RIGHT thing. I fear for each child who has been honed into the whole idea that they should keep their fears to themselves or think one is being dramatic. When so many are in danger of such things is it really the right thing to worry about PC? Or should we care about a life fully lived? I am not Politically correct, I never will be...Freedom of speech...nor will I stand in silence ( red heads and Geminis just can't ) when all is wrong say something, anything just do not stand silent. It is not working, it will never work. Hitler proves this over and over again...Say nothing, keep to yourself and on and on....How many died because of such silence, because the warnings were not heeded? How many times did Poland ask for help or for that matter other countries. Was this alone not a warning at what not to do?

My ranting may never be read...BUT it is said and I shall never stay silent...May your life be safe, full and ideal...May each child you have never be in danger. May you know if nothing else your farm fairy will step in and protect you and those you love always, fearlessly and without regard to PC...Just know that I will always do the right thing regardless. Not because I want to stand out from the crowd but because I really have no choice. Because despite what may or may not happen I will not go to my grave silently like those in the 40's did. Because one voice is all it takes to give others the courage to speak out and up....

One last thought:

Weak obedient people ( voices ) have never made history....or a difference...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Farm Fairy Reality

And so it is.....These are things I friend, Ang
bunnies and I am dreaming that hubby is safe on the dam each day

News that seems wrong.....

It is aways sad when tragic things happen. There seems like no limit to the expanse of possibilities that this world is capable of. Prayers seem like the only way. We can only hope that the families that face such things have greater love, strength and forgiveness for all the whys that they must face over the coming days. Be well today and know that you are loved.....

" Not because you have to, but because you can "

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Twisted Tuesday

Okay twisted? Yes! Why? Well I manage in inadvertently capture Flip down in the empty basement. Where I have put food,water, blanket and a litter box. I held him for five minutes while he squirmed and tries to escape. He finally purred, reluctantly. I then returned him down stairs. At just after midnight the heart aching cries began. It was all I could do to resist on letting him back out. He is wild, not use to the luxury of the inside world. Bruno and I will make him tame in time. Poor little boy. He is now upstairs, trying to find away out...and I am calling him and he cries, a sorrowful one that makes you hurt and cringe at how truly pitiful he sounds. In the mean time I put the bunnies inside the cages so Flip would not make a meal of them. He has lived on the feed and in the barn for just over a year now. The thunder and lightning are to start and frankly I want everyone inside safe and sound. Well wish me luck making him part of the snuggle family...why not add just one more to the bed, maybe I can turn off the electric blanket by June with enough cats pinning me down.Flip is going from one window and door to the next with that pitiful cry..Pray I can resist his begging to be released. Uh, and that I can find a vet who will neuter him, despite him being a wild barn cat. Hope you all have a wonderful day. And really it should be tragic Tuesday...Sad how our world is so far advanced yet things like the Virgina Tech Holocaust yesterday can happen.Pray that none of us know a family whos lost one of their own. May life be good and safe for you all today. Love you all.

Monday, April 16, 2007