Friday, January 27, 2006


HALLEYVILLE: January 2006 5am

Well after my day of sleeping in and then complaining about it, I woke up BEFORE the coffee had started.Mind you it is set to start at 4am. Alright so I fumble and stare at said pot ( glare is a better word for it) I have cup in hand my mind screams " hurry up already" to my amusement I count backwards by 5 from 100.....Beeping goes off at number 40 and I am relieved that I have made it to the fridge for half and half without hurting myself or dropping anything. Thomas , our cat has chosen to leave slinky alone this morning for I seem to be the object of his affections.....I push him away and he returns this goes on too long and I can not help but to growl at him. This he takes as an invitation for yet more aggressive behavior.Thomas clearly does not understand to not aganoy the mommy that feeds him. I'm clearly fed up, out with the evil kitty....Go kill something....Coffee and peace at last.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

What John gets for his 50th Birthday.....2 babies that we will pick out in the spring.

What time is it?

Now I am usually up by 5am never later than that. Today to my horror I awake and look at the clock, my mind thinks that the power has surely gone off during the night. I am certain that the clock has to be wrong. It can not be 7:05am. I find myself in front of the coffee pot pouring the coffee, the pot's clock tells me that it is 7:06 am....I then go and check cell phone. It too says 7:06am the same holds true for battery clock in bathroom. I have no idea how this has happened although I am grateful for the sleep as I rarely get more than 6 hours at a time. Okay the real fear is that it will become a habit, it can not as I have way too much work to do and these hours are already booked. A change of this magnitude will throw my world into tizzy and endanger the very things that I still do not have control of. Horses and elapses HAVE to be fed at a prearranged time...Then the cleaning aspect. I know that I needed the sleep but I pray that this is something that will be a luxury that will not happen too often. I think that school takes more out of me than work. By the way would you believe that it is raining once again? Today's weather is altered by the fact that wind and thunder have been added....This is NOT good, horses do not like thunder and to add the rain is just wrong, I would if John would let me put all in the house and let them watch T.V. and snuggle up, okay so you know that will never happen.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

January 24
fog vs rain
okay, so I complained to the point that the people I love just hang up or roll their eyes....So I try not to say the four letter word "rain" but reality hits.....It has been raining all week and everyone is fed up with it...Well maybe not everyone..........It is early in the morning the sliver of moon cast a beam of light over the clean suv in the driveway and what is that? Frost? Will I feed again in the frozen terra firma? Light arrives, fog, as if that is a change is all over..I can not see the other houses around us...Great now I will walk throughout the cold and wet it feels as if the rain has suspended in mid air...I know with every fiber of my being that God is laughing at me..So I would think that I will try and most likely fail to stop my whining mantra " I hate this I'm cold, make it stop".....yadda yadda yadda....... Fog vs. Rain and I cant help but too complain...At least it is not the driving rain that usually sends me into a crazy tissue fit....And the day begins

January 19
am chores
well the morning chores went as well as it could with the rain returning to our little farm...My list included the small task of alpaca poo clean up....The fact that it is all community style and usually located in one or two areas is a blessing.....The not so fun part is that when rained on for any time it turns into a slip and slide dance that seems impossible to keep your balance on one wrong move and you are in it ass down...Yes today was my butt meeting the slick and slimy mess that I had started to clean in the pouring rain....Into the laundry went the evidence that I did not complete this chore.okay the good news it there is no scent or smell to alpaca poo...Thank God! One wonders if anyone has video taped this as I know that it is only a matter of time when these swell creatures do something that will win Americas funniest video contest.... The amazing Dr mike is coming out to treat the horses and dog with boosters and chiro treatment.....I fail to remind myself of the nerves that I need to witness this...I have been known to faint at the sight of a needle...And it is my fear that I will faint while holding a 1200 pound horse as Dr mike does his job and that he will have to pick me up and try to control three horses at the same time..............Finally I have for days on end heard a peep that I am just far away from that I have yet to figure out what it is and from where is comes from until this morning when unloading the dishes....It seems that our new coffee pot has a warning peep to inform the household coffee freak that if you wish to have one last cup of hot coffee this is your last and final chance before I turn myself off....At last.....
4:40 PM

January 18
rain reprieve I think not
okay it is raining yet again.the pastures are for the most part covered with so much rain that you take your life into your hands just trying to get across them..I am now house bound to the point I refuse to leave the cozy house other than feeding the cats are at battle once again and it is like two war lords trying to do each other in slinky comes to sit near me and Thomas goes to bed with buluga and all it well until they rest for awhile to continue there war......I myself find laundry growing out of nowhere and the wet jackets seem to never dry out. I wait for the day that I see even the remotest evidence of sun......I could only dream of the day
2:35 PM

Well it seems that I, temera will be returning to school.....Yes, today. Oh the nerves the worry the stress and did I say that I have to leave the little farm house to do it? What could I be thinking? Well it all started with a brunch in which I met Liz this amazing gal...She shared with me a class that she was looking into and lo and behold I've inquired and now committed to the reality that I will be going to school every wendsday all day.....Liz by the way is not going and I alone will face it all on my own....Am I nuts leaving the world that I so love, could I not get all the info on my own, would I if I could. Okay so the reality is the only way I would is to pay a fee and commit to some time to inform the world of my new skills...Well wish me luck, off to feed the babies then off to school........This as you might guess puts fear into me like no other..I always hated school when someone was leading me...I suppose this proves that I am a bit of control freak when it comes right down to it go in peace go learn be open pay attention and for God sakes breath....Slow and steady...
2:34 PM

January 16
Ford F250 anyone?
I rant and rave and resolve myself to the fact that I will not be getting anything done outside today.....Other than the mandatory feeding of the hungry elapses and horses, even Buluga and Thomas are settled in snoozing and all seems at peace. I then scan the classifieds in search of the replacement truck, now mind you I have since the 1st of December a cashiers check for what we are willing to pay..I put on my big girl tough wheeler dealer panties and the hunt is on....I have for some time been known to deal to the penny causing certain hate towards me from any and at least most sales people...I do not set out to make some poor person begrudge me it is more than that..Rather it is not that at all...I simply refuse in most cases to pay full price/ asking price...Then the thrill of saving my sweet husband the agony of doing this as well as boasting to him the amity of money I've saved us.seeing his grateful grin always makes me proud that I did it despite the fact that yet another poor salesperson hates me...I do pray for forgiveness and I do toss and turn a bit the first two nights that maybe this said person needed the sales to make sales person of the year and now I, temera Halley has caused this reward not to happen....But I then ponder the fact if they are the best I would have walked out empty handed......This leads me to the reason on this entry....I today walked away from a pretty dark blue Ford F250 4x4 powerstroke extended cab xlt long bed.....I had the check in my pocket waiting to sign it over to the dealer......I ask "Dave the sales person if I could sit in his seat, yes that is fine he leaves me to go " see what I can do for you" that always makes me steel will knows to the very penny what the check says what we have deterrent to be the very most we will pay...Mind you I am there without john we are on the phone I sent camera phone photos give him the low down and wait while they do there game I think that it is futile to go back and forth and I just look out the window Dave returns with the paper folded and smiles at me and I reach out to retieve it from his hand and I give the look that says " are you out of your mind" this number is the asking price plus taxes and a pizza.......Okay please do not think me stupid but is it not the asking price????Plus tax???? Why yes it is. Do we have a deal??? I have no intention of paying that we are way off....At least I am able to go outside watch the helicopter show outside..Dave retreats to the office as I watch him go up the stairs to the "big guys office" I go out side smoke a cigarette and return to daves chair. He comes down smiling bigger than before I look at the number and say no I can't do this is, I state in a firm way what we have and not a penny not more . He said he was sorry but that they could not do it.the difference we are at is $600.00 yes I leave without the keys, the deal, or the truck....I call John and give him the news that I have failed him and that I did not get the deal. I call Dave backabout 15 minutes after leaving and tell him how I think that we can get to a deal and that he could have our Oldsmobile along with the check. So pray that tomorrow I'm going to the dealership to pick up the truck ...
4:27 PM

January 15
fenced in
it is with a heavy heart that I write I should be out putting up the fences for the alpaca pasture, yet I am not....Yes that rain that keeps coming is the evil enemy . I wait for the few fleeting moments that it might stop...All is soaked and the sad fact is that I feel that I have no choice in the matter..I the control freak when on one of those must do it now chores nag at the heels of one stubborn girl. I look out to see all three horses huddled up in one shelter..I am certain they are plotting my death..I know they have figured it out that when the rain begins they are not allowed out to free range on the property.....All the Alpacas are bedded down under the large tree, where they are to remain most of the day at least as long as it is raining crashing noise coming from the kitchen alarms me and I race to find both cats in full combat...These two are now indoor / outdoor cats they started life with a simple job....Killing the rodents that infest the animal feed...Prior to my arrival to marring John the cats did not get fed except in the winter..They had a job. Period......Well they are now just thrill hunters..The piles of death they leave to prove yes we are still working .......They feed on the tender parts and leave the rest for us to dispose of.......The currant battle is nothing new , Thomas will lay in wait to pounce upon the smaller slinks in which he will thump on him then retreat to go snuggle up with buluga on the warm dog bed..Go figure...Fenced in with wilds of chaos
5:28 PM

halleyville 5 AM


Yes, to my utter horror it is 5 am and I have had half of a cup of coffee....Usually this hour is fine 4am to 5am is the time my body comes to life. All without an alarm clock but I tossed and turned until well past 1am. What you might ask would keep me awake after being so tired. You will laugh if you knew....Okay are you sitting down? I missed the locomotive snoring my husband has after he has had a very hard long day. What is wrong with me? Is it that I miss so many things that make me laugh? Alright the worst part is that I am off to school all day long and need to pay attention....Im incredible tired and can only pray that I'll not fall asleep in class....I too have a snoring habit just as loud and I can see the entire class busting into laughfter.. should I fall asleep

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

why we love dogs

why we love tri-pawed dogs????????????
Because he grins............

why we have friends

Here you will see the blog comment from our friends bondo and schneipod
"So here's how the deal went down: I came home from work yesterday to find a large cardboard box on my front porch...In it was the above-pictured orthopedic dog bed, sans dog, which I already had. ( A three-footed one, to be precise, which is why the dog bed was sent here in the first place.) The spectacularly wonderful hound hammock is a gift to Schneider from the Halley Ranch in Western Washington where, I hear, it rains a lot. The rain, however, has not dampened their spirit of compassion for those less fortunate and I have to say that my faith in mankind has been replenished by this un-selfish act of love and care. I am indeed a lucky man to have such friends. John and Temera...What a class act!...Schneipod and I humbly thank you...
posted by Francis Albert Bondo "

HALLEYVILLE: January 2006

HALLEYVILLE: January 2006

i wake to remember that they coffee pot is yet to be programmed, death will follow if i do not have coffee upon the early waking hour of 4 am yes even i will take my sleeping body to the kitchen tomake certain that the pot is loaded and ready to beat the brew befor i wake. i am absolutly certain that no one should be near me prior to my first cup of java...Even i rarely care to be near me befor this moment of absolute bliss. you might say that coffee is great but fabulouse, and bliss come onwho are you kidding. i dare you to question this for you only need to ask my husband the altered person that will appear befor him if he wife he married does not receive her morning coffee..i so love this man that i alone will make sure that i have a cup in me befor he is even up.....why????????? well the truth is that i can't even hear myself think with out the stuff.....the uppie puppie drug....the beloved cup of java. well sweet dreams kids, coffee is ready to be and i will sleep with peace knowing that the quiet morning will be as it should....
two of the new babies, moses the black one and frankie blue eyes the while one..........

RULE # 1

farm life: what fills ten hours of the day!
There are plenty of folks out there that are not farm wise and yes some folks who are farm smart forget the rules....One being feed twice a day, clean once a day water everyday the reason I mention this as my husband the animal safety freak of Washington opened up the gate one day for me to exit...Horses are out and they roam freely about to graze and to get some of the squirrelly out of them...Alright back to the rules...John opens gate, I then exit and go off to the store. I know that he will shut the gate and then when I return I'll call and he will get the gate opened up for me..The small kind things we try to do for one another. Well you can guess where this is going yes folks, my perfect farm husband it the one who forgot rule #1 shut the gate for heaven sake so our animals do not escape. This is the second time that horses are loose and someone has forgot to close the gate. Have I mentioned that both of them men and both farm smart? Or that they each would flip if it was anyone else to commit such an infraction...Well there is now a large sign wired to the main gate with
Rule # 1
if gate is open leave it open
if gate is closed keep it closed
now that we have the sign , all have a better clue of the rules...
okay so here is the reality.....John joins the real world and now has to blog to find out what is going on at home....Reverse same for wife and ranch....Love my great husband and we will make this crazy thing called life spin at a slower rate, we hope to at the soonest moment possible....................