Friday, May 18, 2007

watch gear and spring necklace

I am needing to create more but the ranch is taking up most of my spare time...But I have been saving treasures to do something wonderful like the one above....will share it with you when I start it! Tootles.

Farm Fairy : TIRED

I have been going none stop and today Ernesto and his men start at 7am, Jason 8am estimate, devin floor estimate, Adam- electrician all before noon...and me transplanting the entire sections of the patio area which will have a new cedar deck to match the one we built last year. Bruno worked until 9:30 pm last night and I began to panic when I did not hear from him, all the while thinking I know he can't get killed building a deck....Anyway I am running late already and have to shower and get work clothes on as well as eat breakfast and brush my teeth all in the next 45 minutes. I did do laundry last night and managed to get home by 10pm and to bed by 11 after getting clothes put up and dinner down. The phone was ringing off the hook at 5:15 this morning...who it was I am not sure I called Bruno instead as he was in bed a full three hours past his normal time. I have not even turned on the puter or watched television. Spoke to Ang and the run and she was hooking up her folks new puter when I called her last night to tell her that Aida the hen and one of the stray cats got locked in the house by accident all the while I was gone for some seven hours upon returning I thought we had been robbed as the kitchen had paper, broken plates, vases and several other items all mixed up with the entire pile of papers on the desk....spread out was crazy.So I picked up the broken shards and then decided that I would deep clean during the daylight hours. Well kids I have to grab a shower and Cheerios....Love you all ...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

No I did not fall off the face of the earth

It is always this crazy this time of year here. I go from early morning until dark. Today is no different....I do however have guilt on not updating up all nor reading faithfully as I normally do. I beg forgiveness and will read all tonight when I am forced inside. I have not even had time to do a necklace!!!!Hugs...Tootles XOXOXOOX

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Girls visit!!!

It seemed like forever since Ang & I just got to be....just vegging, no work a little shopping and then.....

We went to Bruno's fav Jasmine Thai, now Ang has NEVER had Thai food before this moment....She loved it!!! we then came back to the ranch and she helped finish the hot wire and the evening feeding chores.

Then we sat on the front porch and giggled over Thomas stoned out of his mind as he had found the cat nit plant that I planted less then three days ago and leveled the darn thing right to the ground! He was splayed over the porch rails paws on either side nearly falling off as Angs scratched his tail till he twisted and began to roll off the rails. When he finally decided to see if by magic more nip had grown he swayed as if drunk down the path. We did no work just sat and snivelled about things, laughed at others and just was...

Well I hope you are all well...
Happy Mothers Day !!!!