Tuesday, May 15, 2007

No I did not fall off the face of the earth

It is always this crazy this time of year here. I go from early morning until dark. Today is no different....I do however have guilt on not updating up all nor reading faithfully as I normally do. I beg forgiveness and will read all tonight when I am forced inside. I have not even had time to do a necklace!!!!Hugs...Tootles XOXOXOOX


Grace said...

Cool necklace! You're forgiven! Hugs to (one of) my Washington Sis!

NoMas said...

Have a good day - we await your return.

Farm Wife said...

That is beautiful! I need to go check out JM again & see all your goodies...I should also add a link on my blog to steer folks your way.

Try not to wear youself out. You've just recovered from your nasty flu/pnemonia thing this winter. Don't want you sick again.