Friday, April 13, 2007

Lest just say...I should read before I snival...

So I went ahead and wrote....then read....New before you speak....

I am very proud and rarely ask for help....BUT tonight is a different story...Please give me your ideas how we can help out this family.....

When you read what has happened it will sicken you...they live north of Ang & I.....

Take two minutes if nothing else to give her your prayers and love...


Okay I am going to go hang my head in shame for feeling like a schmuck....I complained and had no right to.....most of you will know what I will do next...

no not eat chocolate, well okay that too...

And somehow I Beleive.....

No matter how old I grow I am still surprised that I am not surprised...There is simply no way to explain how the world survives in such a big way.You would think with all the advances one would expect better service, better food and really better behavior. Yet here we are 2007 and people some more then others can not or do not do the right thing. I really do not care if one thinks to themselves or even out loud and then proceeds to act poorly ( their best?) I have seen it all and upon some reflection am not real sure that I want to see much more...The reason you are reading this is that I received a call they asked for so-n-so I informed the caller they had the wrong number...caller then informed me that I would be able to help him...I listened to the sales pitch to help out the local fire fighters ( which is not the fire department, local or otherwise)...Your farm fairies response...." huh? Are you kidding me? In all the years that I was at the fire department as a volunteer at no point did we call people and ask for a donation , furthermore most departments have pancake breakfast, Christmas drives and such" and the words I heard to my response was "you selfish Bit*h" I asked them to not call again...Now if anyone knew me or what I have raising over $7000.00 for a fire Department for the best Christmas for needy kids one could hope for or donating art to raise money for a family who's husband was paralyzed etc, knows without question I do and give in places (when we can or we see fit) No I do not see myself as the deserve police, but my passions, my pennies , my choice.....And so there it snivel for the moment.....I know that I should feel pity for this person but really how can I when all I can see is flame red? ( my attempt at humor, sorry )love to you all and I mean all.....yes snot nose you too...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Amazing Grace

Grace Im told you'll love it.

check it out!

this chick is very funny....

How vain are you?

You Are 12% Vain

You don't have a vain bone in your body - almost as a matter of principal.
You demand to be judged on who you are, not what you look like.

This is pretty true...grey hair- don't care
old clothes (no names)- don't care
make up & hair - don't care
scaring and a pork chop...don't care
doing the right thing-priceless

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Daisy Mae Question...

I had a dream a few nights ago about Buluga. My first one since she died and she refused to call me mommy she called me Daisy Mae.... hence me being a Gemini I took that name too. Hope you all don't mind. should I change the order Daisy Mae your farm fairy...."DMYFF"

About the job. Well Bruno works for a company right now that has several years on state bridges on the Big Island. He has been told that he could go there and would make a good direction towards staying with this company for the next 10 years when he goes to retire.

I lived in Hawaii for over 5 years and not the reality of paradise...What folks see when they go there for vacation is far from daily reality that one that lives there has. trust me. And I have told Bruno that he should either go work for a month or two and stay with one of the guys already there to see if this is something he could live with . I too have offered to take him there for a week during July to look at houses, etc. I found several places to buy that would be just fine. Houses in Hawaii are like NOTHING in the mainland. We could take the horses,cats and the bunnies, Maybe the Alpacas too but not the chickens. I'm sure Liz would take them or another friend (Lisa).

As I told Bruno the day we married my zip code is his heart not a location. I am a veteran at moving across the world ( Seattle, Hawaii, Japan, Connecticut, San Fran, Hawaii (again), and then Seattle again....)So I know the logistics and all. What I did not have the heart to tell him was that we could afford to take only half of what we own if that. He can still hunt and we could ship the guns to Honolulu and they would test, register and some other things then he could have them returned. It would take several weeks for the household goods and 5 days to ship the horses.

Anyway all is better here as far as health and it was frozen this morning, thankfully I did not plant anything yet. Savannah and Jonas are fighting now and I let them out separately who knows what has caused this all of the sudden. You should have seen the Jonas fur flying...Poor boy.

Have a great day you all...Happy Birthday girly girl!!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

from April fools day to today

Cute pics of the babies...And can anyone explain to me why one of my hens is laying goose sized eggs?

Hello Monday!

Well I am recovering from Bruno's worlwhind visit and the mad dash to mow lawn while the weather held. It is now pissing down rain here and the wind and chill are not spring like at all.

The fireplace guy was not able to fix the fireplace upstairs and I will have to get on the techs here to do the job. On the other hand the wood burning (dangerous) fireplace may or may not be converted to propane. All depends on the rules of a below grade basement.

Bruno came home late Saturday night and I had found Prime Rib on sale earlier and tossed it in the oven. And ten minutes after hubby walking in we ate the rare treat and watched the bunnies.

We have gotten little done to repair the down stairs. Some of the estimates for things that we would like to see happen (upgrades) that are not covered by insurance have topped over $28,000.00! And no none of these will be done. Now with us moving sometime in the future we will get it done right but not the over the top that we spoke of early on in the plan.

Well it is a very busy day for me and I have plenty to try to get done prior to dark...I love you all and will be back to my daily reports in no time at all. Blessing and love all.