Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Daisy Mae Question...

I had a dream a few nights ago about Buluga. My first one since she died and she refused to call me mommy she called me Daisy Mae.... hence me being a Gemini I took that name too. Hope you all don't mind. should I change the order Daisy Mae your farm fairy...."DMYFF"

About the job. Well Bruno works for a company right now that has several years on state bridges on the Big Island. He has been told that he could go there and would make a good direction towards staying with this company for the next 10 years when he goes to retire.

I lived in Hawaii for over 5 years and not the reality of paradise...What folks see when they go there for vacation is far from daily reality that one that lives there has. trust me. And I have told Bruno that he should either go work for a month or two and stay with one of the guys already there to see if this is something he could live with . I too have offered to take him there for a week during July to look at houses, etc. I found several places to buy that would be just fine. Houses in Hawaii are like NOTHING in the mainland. We could take the horses,cats and the bunnies, Maybe the Alpacas too but not the chickens. I'm sure Liz would take them or another friend (Lisa).

As I told Bruno the day we married my zip code is his heart not a location. I am a veteran at moving across the world ( Seattle, Hawaii, Japan, Connecticut, San Fran, Hawaii (again), and then Seattle again....)So I know the logistics and all. What I did not have the heart to tell him was that we could afford to take only half of what we own if that. He can still hunt and we could ship the guns to Honolulu and they would test, register and some other things then he could have them returned. It would take several weeks for the household goods and 5 days to ship the horses.

Anyway all is better here as far as health and it was frozen this morning, thankfully I did not plant anything yet. Savannah and Jonas are fighting now and I let them out separately who knows what has caused this all of the sudden. You should have seen the Jonas fur flying...Poor boy.

Have a great day you all...Happy Birthday girly girl!!!


Loving Annie said...

Good Wednesday morning DMYFF !! Thanks for answering the questions -- that was so sweet of you to tell Bruno that your zip code is his heart...
I can almost hear that line in a movie, it is so romantic, maybe Brad Julia Roberts saying it to Brad Pitt or something...
I'll have to remember it !

What is Hawaii really like when you live there ? Obviously there are issues that you don't see as a tourist -- fresh vegetables ? Cost of living ? Different work ethic ? Issues between native and hoale ?

I hope whatever happens, it works for both of you, and that you are happy with the decision when you make it --

We'll be here to cyber-support you !

Loving Annie

Inkling said...

Okay, if you do move to Hawaii, we HAVE to get together before then. While I'd love to convince Henry David to take me back there, I know it will be a long time before we get to go back for another visit. Soooo......keep us posted. After what the immigration officer told me the other day in answer to my questions, I could basically cross now, as there will never be a guarantee that I have a "right" to come back into Canada until I'm a citizen. And that will be another 5 or 6 years. So, I want to cross now, and just hope I get a good border guy who lets me back in. The issue now is convincing Henry David to let me risk it. We'll see....