Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Long Over Due

Well I have been very busy. And my posts are over due. I have worked on so much. I installed a dozen solar lights on the fence posts as well as one porch light and another light on the side of the carport.I put a new dead bolt and door knob on the back door too. The new living room windows were installed yesterday and since the living room was cleared out I primed and painted the living room a nice mocha breve color. I too have worked on the taxes as Bruno finally handed over his receipts from his stash. And I have worked on several art/jewelry things. I am going to replace the furniture in the living room as everything is shoved in the dining room and kitchen. And Bruno is coming home for 20 hours thus I have to scrub the house down and try to get to the laundry mat for some clean sheets and towels. Well kids it is getting late already as I slept neck was killing me from painting the ceiling and I over slept....Hope you are all well and that you all have a great day.