Thursday, March 01, 2007

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February? SNOW!!!

Well here it is the final days of February and it is still snowing...Ang and I spoke in the am and she asked is it snowing...Nope,just grey and more than about an hour later...SNOW boat loads of it and now hours later it is still crazy...

I'm so happy right now hubby and I had found some extra money and we talked at length about what to do....Save? Pay off all bills and loans? Hawaii?

Well if you all know me in the real world you KNOW what we did!!!! We don't like to owe for anything...A pet peeve, maybe. But a few years ago we had read that more than 80% of Americans have a huge debt of over $9,000. per person...And that over half those that retire do not have enough to live..How scary is that? Well we have been stern about any loans...we use cash...or we don't get cards are for emergencies only and now we are one of the few very lucky folks who are away from all that...Thankfully....I do feel like a smuck that it took me 4 months to pay off the whopper dental bill..yes insurance covered a large amount..but not all.

YES !!!! Kids we are now out of any debt for anything as of now other than the house payment!!!! How cool is that? All the hard work we have done and all the things we went without ( not really, we have more than enough) and all the cars and puters and emergencies are all GONE!!!! I feel like that dog in the cartoon from the sixties that would hug himself and float off the ground...(usually when eating food)...but this is almost as good as eating a box of See's chocolates...

We still have not sold the old truck or Toyota but hopefully that too will be gone and we will regroup on what to do next about a car for of now I'm driving the little two seater convertible till we figure out the details...NO, not in the little snow flurry would send her flying sideways....

Oh the snow is really coming down and I have to go feed the babies...Hope you are all and kisses....

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

7 AM?

Well as you might guess my body took over and I did not drag my sorry hinny outta bed ...I slept right past phone calls and all...And a minute before 7am!!!! Well that my friends is well past my usual 3:30 - 5am wake up....Haha I did it and not many folks would believe it if they knew. I was on holiday in Hawaii 6 years ago with two others and it drove them mad that I was up at a ghastly hour and all I could think is that you two ding dongs have missed the screaming rainbows over the Nepali at sunrise. Ah the peace and quiet that one has when the rest of the planet is not awake and you are blissfully aware that you alone have the best seat for your personal opera of music, light and movement...How my mum must wonder who this grown up girl is... if you ask her she will tell you about dragging me by the heels outta bed just to get me to school...I would have and did sleep past noon at any opportunity. And noise never bothered me and never woke me...Any tone change now will bring me straight up out of a sleep...

I will try to get a little done but will not go over board...As all of you have requested of me...

Okay you all be good and it is to freeze and snow again here...I had wound up the extension cords for the heaters but left the heaters floating in the water just in my only job other than feeding will be to roll out the cords....

Be well and yes I did read every ones blog...xo

Monday, February 26, 2007

Just when I thought

I might be up to more than feeding I got walloped on my hinny....And so after 2 hours of errands that I had to do...Yes really starving animals would be bad ... I made it home off with the boots and back under the covers...And the bunny ate something his tummy just did not agree with and both the new and old water bottles are leaking....Any suggestions would be great... My throat was going down and did not hurt as bad as it did earlier and now it too is back to the hurting when swallowing... Bruno will be anode that I did not follow his directions to stay down....And did you know that hot chocolate does not do the same as tea and honey( At least I'm trying to be funny) I'd like to feel better and not go back to the doctors okay? Hope all is well in your world...xox

Sunday, February 25, 2007


I'm worn out and all the illness is just leaving I hope..Funny you can be more tired after taking it easy and recovering....ironic huh?

Anyway how are you all?

I'm trying to muster up energy to get more done today then I managed to do over the last several days. I'm hoping for at least enough to clean the sick kitchen and the bathroom.

I read the funnest stories this morning on a few blogs....I shall learn to put them on the side bar...Wish me luck with that.

Jonas and Slinky are a few inches apart from each other and Jonas is eating his goodies off a lunch plate as he likes being out of his cage more than in it these days. (Bruno said he would always run back in it as it was the only safe place he could be) So it is nice to watch him race around coffee table up the pillow ladder and down the back of sofa over and down my head and fly off the edge and around again.It is truly too cute.

I had a terrible time sleeping last night and was up at 1 am getting something in my tummy when Rocky decided if the Farm Fairy was up the rest of the universe needed to be up as well. So he started at I fell asleep to him carring on.

It is not snowing this morning and the sky is the normal winter grey....This is not healthy you know all this drizzle and grey....

Okay I am grateful that I am here that I am able to provide for everyone here.

I had not found the chicken eggs in the last few days...I figured it was cuz the three high bales had been down to one high...thus no privacy...Shy girls. Anyway I had fed while the fever raged, filled the water and saw the gate to one of the pastures was wide open...the pasture that has the army tent that I put up last year for the alpacas...anyway I walked over there while waiting for a 100 gallons to fill and was going to close the gate...I saw a red feed bucket in the tent and went to retrieve it and when I turned around there under the manger was a huge clutch of eggs. Awh huh now I am rethinking the whole chicken coop idea...they seem happy there. So I will make a poles for them lower the roll up door and let them stay there....I think free range is better for everyone anyway...Who but this farm fairy gets eggs while the snow flurries fly? And boy they will be happy about the water and feed in the tent.

Okay you all have a great day and hope you are all well....hugsxoxoxo