Friday, July 06, 2007

Farm Fairies Report.......

Life is pretty wild here right now the Halleyville Ranch Boot Camp for Girls is not what I thought it would be... Better in some ways and harder than others...Learning to say no to two tired girls is harder than I thought...I am considered a hard ass, but if asked the girls they would not say that. This farm fairy has a way of making the worst jobs on the earth pretty the horse area can turn into a huge pooh fight in just a few seconds and whammmm the pooh is out and we are onto the nest thing. I am letting the girls sleep in a few minutes to write this because once they are up we are going and the day seems to be gone without a doubt. I miss you all tons and we are all fine. Here is a list of things we have gotten done. We go do laundry every three days and hang the clothes on the laundry line...nothing like the sheets fresh off of it....We have had guest for supper and the girls are learning to good hosts...

relocated compost pile
added 30 square feet to said pile
cleaned off area for green house
trimmed two acres of trees
hacked all the thistle down
cleaned koi pond
removed dead and dying trees and shrubs (10 so far)
removed rotting stump
cleaned out the window wells around house
gone to dump
ordered farm fairies Toyota Tundra fron Pa.
fixes two fences installed 10 solar lights on deck
installed mister system on large deck
moved 18 foot long decking
cleaned out garden shed

put a four foot fence line with hot wire across the back to keep horses from little kids from trampling the willows
cleaned deck off to prep for staining (front)

What we are doing today

cleaning out bunnie cages
staining deck
staining 50 4x4 fence post around the property
plant 10 trees
digging six post holes (concrete poured in holes) and putting up new fence and gate
going to send box off to Bruno

Now then we have lots to do this is true and summer is when most of it has to be done
To hear the girls talk you would know it is all in a days work...they WANT to spend the rest of the summer here and they realize that you just ( getter done ) if you get hurt you ( shake it off, no blood your not done) and ranch on up!!!!

They giggle most if not all day....we all have farmer tans despite the spf 70....and they will return home as productive smart thinking capable ranch hands...and yes they are truly to the mommies and daddies they are well fed and hard at work...we are all fine .....

they take care of:
3 horses
7 alpacas
6 cats
4 bunnies
7 chickens


well I have to go pound on the door and getter done...

Thursday, July 05, 2007

i can say hi too

wanna know why i said that for my title? well me and farm pixie were in the kitchen and major cutie walked in and i said ohla. then farm pixie said is that all u can say and i laughed and said no i can say hi too. then major cutie had laughed and then left. today we were with the alpackas and had the best water fight. major cutie was sittin on the side lines as us girlies screamed and attacked each other. farm pixie got soaked from head to toe. she had a white tank top and it was funny. this seemed to draw major cutie's attention and he smiled at her. they r soooo cute. we have had many fun farm fights here on the farm and all of which involves water,manore, and dirt. farm pixie had chucked horse poop at my head and i went to put poop down her shirt and pants but major cutie was watchin and she was beggin 4 me not to so i was nice and didnt. i got so close though. i found mercy on my part 4 her. major cutie is soooooooooooo cute! i think he should be with farm pixie though. today farm pixie and i had been playin with the lime and i put it down my shirt and i jumped up and down. then it got stuck and it fell and it looked like i had layed an egg from the back. then farm pixie stole it and did the same. right now i am sittin on my butt and laughin at farm pixie cuz she is sooooo blonde! she is so wierd! but i luv her though.... i think.

i work so hard. we start at 5 and it is so tirein. i luv gettin up and laughin at the fact that we jump every time farm farie gets us up. if we have tails like cats they puff up. well i gotta go cuz im laughin sooooo hard.


ranch giggler

a little taste of farm life

so far it is soooo much fun here. i have been able to learn many things like how to run from a tracter before it crushes me. funny huh? we get up at around 5 and farm fariy bangs on the door for us girls to get up. its a little startling at first but we start laughin sum times after word. i can move an 18 foot piece of wood and carry a 90 pound bail of feed out of the barn. even the guys were a little surprised at that. they thought i was week but ive toughened up since i got here. i luv hangin out here and i've even made a friend. she is so histarical! we have fun staring at the boyz and laughin when wee should be in bed. so far i have been good and farm fairy is treatin me like an adult. i feel so grown up. i am tired every day when we finish chores. its a good tired though. ive gotten a really bad sunburn but u dont hear me complainin all that much. i know that ill be fine and all i have to do is tough it out. i am havin the best time. i even got a 15 year old mexican dude givin me a high five. funny funny. well i also have another guy friend and he's ok to. us girls and my other friend went and had a water fight today and it was funny. sum how i ended up beein the only one wet. i was soaked head to toe. it was sooooo much fun. we also went to the pasture with the alpackas 2 days ago and the guy that was with us was so afraid that i thought he would pee his pants. funny.

im doin ok. u dont need to worry about me this much. im learnig how to take care of myself and others. i hope u guys have had fun and dont cry. as u can c its not that bad. i have had some great times and i had a few scew ups and i learned from that. i luv u all and miss u but will be home. luv ya!


farm pixie

4th of July

yes we worked until the ranch chores got done then we had fun ....first stop aunt Vickie and Uncle Mikes for a fund raiser then off to liz's and finally home for some feeding chores then fireworks....back to hard work you can tell all is fine and well and the girls appear to be happy..not that I would listen if they complained which they both have stopped doing for the moment anyway...haha

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Halleyville Ranch & Boot Camp for Girls......

Now it has been a whole but frankly I have two girls here and being nearly 14 and the other 11 for "living right " boot camp well we are busy...I'll be giving you a bigger picture over the next week...lest just say that life is harsh, fun and very full of lots of work......