Thursday, July 05, 2007

i can say hi too

wanna know why i said that for my title? well me and farm pixie were in the kitchen and major cutie walked in and i said ohla. then farm pixie said is that all u can say and i laughed and said no i can say hi too. then major cutie had laughed and then left. today we were with the alpackas and had the best water fight. major cutie was sittin on the side lines as us girlies screamed and attacked each other. farm pixie got soaked from head to toe. she had a white tank top and it was funny. this seemed to draw major cutie's attention and he smiled at her. they r soooo cute. we have had many fun farm fights here on the farm and all of which involves water,manore, and dirt. farm pixie had chucked horse poop at my head and i went to put poop down her shirt and pants but major cutie was watchin and she was beggin 4 me not to so i was nice and didnt. i got so close though. i found mercy on my part 4 her. major cutie is soooooooooooo cute! i think he should be with farm pixie though. today farm pixie and i had been playin with the lime and i put it down my shirt and i jumped up and down. then it got stuck and it fell and it looked like i had layed an egg from the back. then farm pixie stole it and did the same. right now i am sittin on my butt and laughin at farm pixie cuz she is sooooo blonde! she is so wierd! but i luv her though.... i think.

i work so hard. we start at 5 and it is so tirein. i luv gettin up and laughin at the fact that we jump every time farm farie gets us up. if we have tails like cats they puff up. well i gotta go cuz im laughin sooooo hard.


ranch giggler

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