Saturday, December 08, 2007

December Already?

And a year has nearly come and gone. We had really hoped to have been to done with the house.The series of chaos and detours and misadventures have kept your farm fairy very busy. Even the fleeting calls to Ang is a I live for.

Bruno too has his hands full at the dam and the date to be home is now long gone and we shall see if he makes it back by May....a full 5 months longer than expected.

The need for a vacation is more than one could even think possible....Brunos passport arrived yesterday.....and I long for just the chance to go...go anyplace....the ranch has it's caretakers and they are trusted friends to boot...Ah now just the hope that Bruno does take the time off as he thinks, hopes and promises.....the problems are the dangled carrots that are floating at him....The next dream job or is it that adrenaline junkie I have chosen?

Your Farm Fairy here is tired the wrist is not better....and I wear the brace randomly...wash hands forget to put it back on, removed while asleep and so forth. And lets face facts is it really possible to think I have 20 minutes four times a day to ice the darn thing? Ya right!

Daizy has taken charge and thinks it is her given right to herd and torture the alpacas. We are working on that. I need at least two more of me. Daizy is now the owner of the watch and she is really very good at it if someone is within 50 feet of any of the fence lines she will let it be known...period.

The baby chickens are growing fast. The one of four that Daizy managed not to kill on the first set of babies is a rooster who is just learning to crow. There are three baby black and white roosters.....all the roosters will need knew homes we have 6 new hens and my egg count should rise. I miss my huge haul of them ....the city gal who pays me $4 per dozen is suffering as well. If it was possible to convince Bruno to let me have a dozen hens I would. Trying to convince him to exchange the roosters for a few hens did not work.

I was hoping to post pics but the back splash in the kitchen is not done yet....but as soon as it is done you shall see the new upstairs kitchen....All work has stopped downstairs til Bruno returns.

Flooding here? Nope! frozen this morning but the last weeks rain avoided Halleyville...What a blessing. The news breaks my heart for those who have lost so much and so many who lost it all. A few farms lost everything.....important farms-organic ones that will not recover as easily as others will.

Okay I am late feeding as well as getting that second cup....sorry it has been so long since my postings I am truly overwhelmed with what needs to get done. I hope to catch up with you all soon....

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Water has cometh....

yes dear friends water and more water. The animals are all fine and very wet...but well feed. I am dealing with all the issues that have arisen. Will up date you all soon. Much love to you all.

Monday, December 03, 2007

I had hoped to have more news or at least better....but He as a plan for me and I am at the mercy of water.....And more water issues have arisen yet again. Anyway I am alive, tired and frankly needing a vacation.