Friday, February 10, 2006


Well it seems today as bitter as it is will be homecoming for 3 alpacas, 2 goats and one husband....Yes my honey is coming home for a day and we will be cramming in our wedding anniversary which is on Valentines Day a few days early as well as trying to get some things done around here. The cold is almost unbearable but beautiful as well...I watched the International Space Station this morning, comet like tail and it was visible for almost 4 minutes...An amazing sight to be had again tomorrow at 5:30AM...Well it is light and I have tons of work to get done....Happy tails to you today.....

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bitter Cold

I have just come from feeding all the babies. It is bitter cold the round pen is covered with the frozen moisture that hung in the air last night. The huge pussy weeping pussy willow tree is aglow with the silver on silver pink. The poor horses are not dealing well with the construction of a house behind us and are on full alert, refusing to eat their breakfast. Thomas, Slinky and Buluga are snuggled in...I am sure the cats think that the rodents are frozen still and would not make fun for thrill killing. The fireplace seems to call them all into a pile on Buluga's bed. I thought I would share a photo of the farm on a frosty day. Even the Alpacas appear to resent the return of the bitter cold...As only yesterday all creatures great and small bathed in the wonderful sunshine, something we have seen only for fleeting moments over the last 3 months

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sea Horse

But I forgot my towel. Can I have yours?


You thought you were having a tough time at work, need I say more: click it to make it big!

Well if you are going to be a Target

On my way to school my mind and I had a long talk with God. ( I am not politically correct, it is MERRY CHRISTMAS and so on!) I refuse to edit this in anyway. Period. Anyway the conversation went rather well and I was pleased not to feel guilty for being so cynical. I use to but since this has gone on for ever and people do not change, at least for the most part it is what it is. I have come to the conclusion that the world at large is my personal 24 hour cable show. I thank God for providing me with an unending comedy show. If anyone out there will do something stupid I can assure you they will do it in front of me. How I became the WITNESS I shall never know. How I imagine that it all happened...Saint Peter and Saint Francis are up late watching the full moon and God askes them " hey boys what are you doing?" Peter responded with "we are watching that girl down there" pointing to me " what is she doing?" Oh we think she is bored out of her mind...God in his wisdom thinks for a few moments and says "well now we can't have that, she has been too serious, lets give her some entertainment" And so the comedy show begins..In fact to this point it has not stopped. If someone is going to be stupid and they always are I alone will seek it out and expose them with out thinking one solid minute about it...I have on a regular basis exposed and ridiculed myself usually worst than I would a stranger..It is as if I have given myself the duty watch and I will keep a keen eye. Trying to hide is futile...Don't bother I have the stupid radar gun surgically implanted forward and back. Now then being out in the country further gives it the twist that I can enjoy even more than when I was in the city realize that at times it is like baiting a wild beast buy inviting people here. I do not invite them to torture or anything else. I do not go out of my way to expose folks and then fall to the ground rolling with laughter, it just happens like that more often than not. I believe I will be forgiven in the end or at least I hope so...I am not the only one to see this over time...How else do you explain the daily news papers and the reality shows...So you see I am just a fearless soul that will be honest and blunt enough to expose this hence, the target theory. And might I add a very slow moving target, why else would it be so easy to report? I no longer try to save people from themselves. Mainly because the battle of it only turns into the "I'll show you" which often results in someone harming themselves further. I do have a little compassion...Although usually reserved for those that have hoof's, tails, and wings...Animals too do funny and stupid things and I will expose and find it humorous but really folks, people are more likely to be far funnier and dumber..I would think if I had more time I would find even more. These people are not my personal victims so much as volunteers. I imagine that I wrote the first comedy in another life or that I sent the first telegram making the world at large laugh at themselves. Could it be that it may never stop? I should think that is why I can not or will not act my age, hence why my mom still says to me to grow up....Well not really but I suspect that she is thinking it....I do really have a heart the size of Texas and will allow others to see it even if it is after the fact. Have a good day, the Halleyville Ranch and Funny Farm will be getting started now........


Now last night I knew I had no more half n half...So my friend in LA and I spoke of the yet unopened whipping cream that was in the fridge, ear marked for a dish my husband loves. Anyway she informed me that I did not have to go into town for the half n half that the heavy whipping cream would be a treat like dessert...So I made coffee and set the timer rather pleased that I would not be the evil snot that I turn into without my sweet creamed coffee. I awake and have my beloved coffee and to my utter horror we are out of the raw sugar...Dear Lord, no. tell me that there is a back up bag just like the Coffey bags...No such luck. I resort to brown sugar...Oh yum oh. The cookies are a must for my continued sugar rush. That evil Liz just had to bring the Mexican wedding cookies yesterday. I thought that I might put them in freezer and give them to John. That idea lasted just past 6:45 am..Sorry honey they just didn't make it that far...

5:30 AM

Well today should prove or test my ability to control my opinions. Our class will be visiting several farms in the area. I tend to judge things, well more so about animals and the conditions they live in...I don't care to judge people, they do and are what they are. But when it comes to living conditions of animals I can become the supreme court judge. It started when I was rather young and wanting to save all the animals that I decided should be in a better environment. Now the reason I have come to hesitate this one class. If someone is giving away or needing a new home for ANY animal I will be the one that lights up with delight knowing I am the only person remaining on the planet earth that can rescue the poor, the infirm, the disabled and the abused and neglected. I am certain that if my husband knew this prior to marring me he may have thought about it twice. I gave him plenty of clues and warnings. Not that he really took them seriously. Okay back to the Noah arc theory. I know that all animals are potently future residences at the Halleyville Ranch..I can see my parents reading this and rolling with laughter. Just ask my mom about the beloved rat that I had to have. He would sleep with me and the delight and obsession began. Now then the farm tours are just like a huge Temera happy land waiting to spy in on the next place that another family member may come from. The bad part, I can not control my mouth. There are things that have come out that in a moments time I wish I had kept to myself. My husband so far has been rather good humored about it. At what point he will not be so charmed by this is unknown. He is a wonderful husband and each time he agrees to my begging and persistence, only endears him more to me. Anyway no matter the fan I somehow find something that just does not sit well with me. Okay pray that I do not come home with yet another animal at least not until John will not be home for several weeks. If I slide a new name in on our conversations he gets use to the new antics and it is if they have always been here. SCORE! New baby and I had to not beg too bad.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

99 Miles Per Hour in Polka Dot Boots

I am one mile an hour short of keeping up with my brain... Jezzy required some extra care today and all week I have barely kept up with my own life... I'm feeling much like a race car driver...Only I have no control and appear to be in the back seat without much say as to were I'm going. I certainly have no clue from hence I came nor the true destination. I find it a bit like sky diving....A little, healthy fear and the knowledge that the descent will be fun and the view worth keeping my eyes wide open...Leave it me to love the journey as well as the destination even if I can not drive. And the cool wild polka dot rubber boots just had to come here to replace my husbands hand me down boots.. Let the polka dot journey never end...

Things I have lost, misplaced or given up

In 40+ years the list is forever getting longer but by God my life has been fun and amazing despite it all.

1) car keys, no clue what one would do with them, as some keys have no purpose and I just kept them
2) money, who knows what the total might be at this point
3) I've lost my way more than I care to think about
4) Lost the dog once, scared out of my mind, found her a mile away visiting horses
5) misplaced the car in several parking lots, once the car had been stolen. Usually I just lost it
6) my sense of direction, on going. My husband rolls with laughter about this all the time
7) Several items of clothing, jackets, hats, bathing suit and towel as well as a pair of boots..
8) coffee mugs, someplace in the world some old lady has the entire collection
9) lost the youthful elasticity of my skin, gained freckles and wrinkles
10) lost my ego, replaced it with all the work that I pay attention too instead
11) misplaced or lost hours of time, unsure how that happens so often
12) given up asking for help as it usually is just john and myself, we always getter done
13) I have given up waiting for things, I just go get them now
14) I have given up my idea that I can control things, I can't even control my own body parts
15) lost one light bulb that come in a two packs...Were they end up who knows
16) misplaced or lost lancome bag full of make up and other things while on a trip to Peru
17) gift certificates, several what I do with them I do not know, filed away for safe keeping?
18) Lost my need to have sports car and speed with the top down, car has sat for over a year now
19) lost pie and pie plate while it cooled on table outside, raccoons, possum or boy next door?
20) misplaces personal address books, yes, three times
21) lost cell phone in the field, searched, called it still gone
22) Lost my patience with stupid people, given up thinking they will ever change or I'll ever change
23) Lost my vanity, I have grey hair, wrinkles and a few too many pounds
24) Misplaced photo album, what is someone going to do with it?
25) Given up being sympathetic when most people do not recognize that is what it is
26) Lost recipes for my favorite chocolate crinkle cookies, this is tragic I've tried others, not the same
27) Given up trying to stay awake on New Years Eve, I just can't make it that long
28) Given up explaining why I like getting up at 4 am, peaceful to watch pink sky unfold like a painting
29) Lost weight, given up trying to loose it again, it is what it is
30) Lost my way, found it again and now I chase it to keep up......

Monday, February 06, 2006

When City Girls Visit

Okay now, I am pretty reasonable....Well most of the time. Just do not ask my husband. Okay now, I invite some friends over for a visit all is planned..Directions...Check...Cell phone just in case...Check. Alright the funny part and I mean FUNNY....They are both wearing high heel shoes... I did reinforce to both that WE HAVE A FARM/RANCH HERE!!! Do city chicks get what this means? Am I not clear that the horses run loose and that the driveway every now and again has evidence of such? One of them asked what all the cowboy boots and rubber boots are for that live on the steps that lead down from the kitchen door?? HUH???? Cowboy boots may be the new in of fashion but honey here they all have alpaca pooh, horse shit and usually wet guts from the fresh barn kills that the cats leave ( Proving they are STILL doing a very good job) even if it is just now thrill killing...Fashionable, I think not....I am sure if you wear any of those boots that the MACY'S girls will curl their noses...Oh if you could see the faces of two tiny, sweet and very stunned chickies...Good God where do they think eggs come from? Or Compost...


How am I to live long enough to convince my husband to let me have it...MAYBE if I beg long enough........Maybe if one is out in the pasture he will not notice it.

What Temera Dreams About

If John would only let me have......I'd ask for no more.....Well we all know that is BULL..............

the guy across the street

the cute guy who lives across the street
The Bull I'd ask for if John would only say yes.

Seeing Stars

Well I had to spend a few minutes outside in the dark with Buluga when I looked up and saw STARS!!!! It may seem like nothing for anyone who lives anywhere but here. But stars out means no clouds and that means MAYBE no rain. I can only hope. After work I plan on getting the rest of the barbed wire up as well as the hotwire. I can only hope to finally finish. The three alpacas that are in Mount Vernon are coming home on Friday afternoon. And all seems as if I will at this point be ready. Never mind that the house has not gotten the attention that it does when it is really pouring buckets...Animal care will always come first....I also have to try and get a small shelter together for the pygmy goats....And clean out the area that they will be located in...I am not ALLOWED to bring them into the house...John's statement to me went like this...
"I do not care if they are house broken, absolutely no goats in the house." I know that if I even tried he would find out and that would be the end of it..... At least I haven't asked him to let me have a bull.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Cost of Barbed Wire

Well yesterday started early and ended late well past 2am. At any rate the fence guy, Mike came to finish the Alpaca fencing.The wind warnings did not stop the work and all was going along rather well...I on my own laying the barbed wire along the edge of the fence to keep the coyotes from digging under the fencing and killing the very delicate Alpacas. The roll is very heavy and one would think it a two person job, well now I being the very stubborn girl that I am decided to do this task on my own, knowing full well it might and will take twice as long as it would otherwise. I know the battle has just begun, within about 20 feet I had blood coming from the freshly severed middle finger, the only place on my gloves with a hole. Now I have picked blackberries for many years and suffered the pain, but whole cow the pain of a clean deep cut from a barb is like no other. I keep going not bothering to stop, I keep bleeding and wiping off the blood on my shirt. By the time I make the first 200 feet I am hot, tired and a bloody mess. I am rewarded with yet the task of nailing the wire to the fence post....I am pleased knowing the evil coyotes will have their paws bloodied in the same manner that my hands are..I sink into the muck and now have water gushing into my boots...This is new as my boots the day before were water proof, I suspect that the barbs have riddled the rubber full of holes. Okay blood , holes, wet feet and wind BUT no rain. hah! I pull the rig on the corner and put the comealong to full use, tight is right and I start to get the barbs locked into place. A huge truck pulls up and two men ask if I need help, I smile, sweat poring down my face and say no, I'm fine thank you. Several hours later they will come by to check on my progress. I have to laugh as it appears that they do not or can not believe I am out there in the first place.I continue down the driveway with the wire and I am now forced to stop as darkness is upon me.... Mike has been kind enough to leave a small tool that hooks to the wire and to the comalong and tighens wonderfully well..Maybe too well as I have had to loosen the wire along the driveway in order for to fit right. At least the roll is now light enough to pick up and I will not give myself a hernia. I finally feed in the dark and make it into the house. After removing my boots the two pairs of socks are very soaked and my feed appear as if I was in the bath too long...I could only wish as at least I would be warm if that was the case. Anyway I try to warm up and finally I get into the shower still I can not get warm enough....Never mind the stinging of my battle wounds or the black berries stickers that have entangled my hair as well as the small thorns that I have acquired throughout the day...I will spend the next hour trying to get them out. I pour antiseptic over the open still bleeding wounds and yelp..... All seems well until this morning when my deepest cut is red and angry as well as pulsating with agony....The cost of barbed wire. I am half way done and look forward to completing the rest come Monday when it is suppose to be not raining. At least the hot wire will not be a challenge, my favorite part of the fencing process..... As I entertain my mind with all the ways I imagine the hot wiring doing in something or someone in... At least we are kind enough to put warning signs informing all those city folks that this is an electric fence, yellow with zapping symbols, this warning is placed every 30 feet or so....Yet in never fails that someone will not beleive it or they will try to see if the tales about hot wire might be true...I wonder if MYTH BUSTERS have tested these tales.