Saturday, April 22, 2006

Pool Party!

Alpaca Pool Party!!!!!
What ? No Apples?

Bye Bye Bunny...................

Friday, April 21, 2006

They Went That A Way

Well hello kids!!!! We have been ranch busy around here and I fell into a none stop getter done mode. We have fenced yet another pasture, cleared out an area in the barn and finished the basement hideaway as well as ALL the packed up sheets a total of 34 loads of STUFF!!! I have too scrubbed wood floors on hands and knees....I too have been getting things ready for hubby to come home as he has taken off another week to sheet rock a room downstairs. All this plus working and falling asleep at 8PM and not awake before 5am. A rare treat for me....Have been working with Jezzy and his fear factor of the stall in the barn somedays 4 times for 30 minutes at a time. I also managed to unpack 8 boxes of STUFF.....yiks the barn sale may last a week or more at this rate.....And yesterday I set u an ALPACA POOL about 8feet across....It took Frankie blue eyes for me to trim my back before he leaped into was sunny enough for several days before it started to rain again! I suppose this is why I had a few moments to update you all.....Oh and the cute bunny photo is no longer a living farm find...I could not figure out why Slinky kept going across the street until the other day when I was leaving.....The horrid squeaking noise warned me that someone was in danger.....The baby bunny was in the mouth of the evil Slinky....I gave chase realizing that the sweet little guy was held by the back end and was NOT dead...He dropped it and I tried to corner the bunny behind the statue of The Virgin Mary...Well he ran that a way and the other evil cat took chase, I chase Thomas away and he detours to the bunny and takes stray cat and bunny towards the barn..... I race as fast as possible ( a few too many pounds on my sorry hind end slowed me down ) and the two cats and bunny disappeared under the barn ......Slinky upon my return glares at me, the look clearly says " you took my yummy goodie away and the YOU LET Thomas have it! " I feel guilt only for the poor bunny!!!!! Photos to follow...

Sunday, April 16, 2006


It is amazing that the rain never seems to stop...Hubby and I have had the nephew and his girlfriend over for the weekend ( spring break )...Both great kids ( 17 years old ). Friday we rented tons of movies and loads of junk food and settled down to avoid working out in the rain...A must considering the heavy downpour...Yesterday we got up yearly and started the work that was not down the day before. Nephews girlfriend and I cleaned out cars then cleaned out unused stall that will be Jezzy's new digs. The guys pounded in the T-Post and the girls ran hot wire and capped all the t-post. Hard work then off to feed store for barn dry after the guys hauled over some drain rock. We all worked very hard, the rain returned and we continued on our jobs...We managed to finish up....Well on it's way to dinner time. Pizza was a logical choice. We have some more work to do, the kids leave at 3pm today....It has been a real pleasure having them around....Lots of hard work and tons of laughter....