Saturday, May 13, 2006

shab to slab

it seems that we have a real floor is hot today....concrete truck was here at 9am as planned....i went to get the vibrater for the 8 holes that hold the 4x4's up as well as the bull float... I returned by the first hole being poured from the cement truck....The hired hand we have turned it on and the next thing you know we have smoke........John is fit to be tied and the thing goes airborn some fourty feet into pasture.....I was on the phone befor it hit the ground and one was on the way in a few minutes after some oh so not lady like cussing......we did all the holes byhand rod and used the vibrater for the rest.....I will bet just about anyone that their 9x18 foot garden shed DOES NOT have a 5 yard slab of concrete for a garden shed floor.....anyway the day is finished and John is falling fast to sleep on the floor as I blog...... BUT BOY THAT FINISH IS GREAT!!!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Fire Wood Pile or Art?

Okay so my hubby could not save the wonderful old garden shed boards....The ones we had hoped to reuse to keep the character of the new better than ever shed.... But still charming....Rot and more rot from being built on the ground instead of a concrete foundation....He being a crazed pyro when given any chance at all was stopped by yours truly when he was told that there are people on craigslist looking for yes, you guessed it old barn and shed lumber.......I shot off several e-mails with HUBBIES CELL # ........The best part of the day was his face when some lady called & asked hubby when they could come pick it all up......John shook his head and handed the phone to me..........He is still shaking his head as within 1 hour of said call..... The fire wood was well on it's way with the creative lady and her not so enthusiastic hubby.....Who will be returning back here after work to load the rest off......Better there than the fire department coming out here to give a $200 or $300 fine....As there is no chance that hubby would pay $300 burn pile fee........... Those of you who know my hubby in real life will understand that it was no longer an option to have anything but a real foundation.....NEVER MIND IT IS A GARDEN SHED.........It is suppose to leak as well as a few peep hole in the lumber, wasp nest and good water flow through the shed.... But please do not ask hubby.......As he will say it needs to be tight is right and there needs to be shelves ....So this is why you'll not hear too much over his week off.......Sorry kids........Thanks Steve........ It will be cute as can be and charming.....But I'm tired and have to go to bed.....I was told we did not get enough done today so we are to be up and going by 7am tomorrow will be lucky if I make coffee tomorrow at this rate.....Night night kids.......

Mouse Hunt

Well it is late we are going to feed all before dark hits....Hubby request a bucket of grain for beloved Jezzy....I open up bag and out leaps a small mouse, now really folks this normally would not frighten me BUT I was tired and ready for bed....And the damn thing jumped at least a foot straight up out of the bag at me.....I squealed like a little kid ....Hubby comes to figure out that all the commotion is about and retrieves said rodent from bag.....He calls out to slinky and leads sick kitty to said treasure.....buluga sure enough has to join in on all the fun....I in my wisdom run for camera.....Well all is on the chase......And who do you think got the final delights? THOMAS!!!!! Who else would....Slinky up date........Yes he is ill, upper respitory infection ....Hubby would have shot him if he would have known the sick of the vet bill....It's to late now....The cat HAS to live...Hubby informed me that that was the most expensive cat he had owned....

Need I Say More

the testosterone/adrenaline crazed savage screaming in triumph over his fallen enemy!

once a shed now it's dead

This is steves fault.....John loves his burke bar
how it goes down
how it all started
where'd it go?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Who's Home?

As you might have gathered when hubby is home I am usally not as good about the blog....Why? well because we have a LIST!!!!! As most of you know this list grows in his head while he sleeps.....It is like evl voices that tell him things must get done.....period.......The short list? well it involves dismantelling one old garden shed with dirt floors....