Friday, October 20, 2006

Barn Tales

It all started with good intentions as all plans do. And you know good and well that the well being of the ranch is always top priority, and the chickens are no exception. So with winter fast approaching and the rains starting the chicken NEED a covered place to roost at night. Now my honey had to leave for his job with three days notice not near enough time to build a chicken coop. So we decided we would put the chickens in one of the stalls in the barn. Just for the winter.... Had I any idea that the following days would involve a whirl wind of sorts I am pretty sure I would have just stuffed them into the garden shed and called it good...Taking the rath from hubby later. The problem with this idea would involve moving a great deal of tools and garden items that finally ended up in it.
Okay so the first two days of the chicken rodeo only ended up with me having frozen wet feet and the chilly air hitting my ears causing me to put my hat on ...Yet ending with me being stung on the forehead as the wintering wasp had decided that the hat was the perfect location to do the winter in. After arriving back home I again tried to corral the fearless feathered ones. After a great chase around the yard I decided to put a trail of feed into the side yard, enclosed with only a few trees for cover. I round up 4 of the 5 hens into said yard and locked the gate figuring that when it stopped raining I'd get them caught and tossed into the barn. Well the fact that once it starts raining it is not in all reality going to stop anytime soon. So several hours later, yes it is STILL RAINING, I go out in the down pour and get an empty feed bag. That I will snag a hen and then tote her to the barn...Easier said and planned then done. After ring around the trees and fence I get one....Chasing the next with bag in my hand and hen screeching as if I was going to hurt her. I end up taking my sole hen to the barn. Back to the next hen again she is acting as if she was in danger but in reality I was keeping her from the evils that lurk in the dark. Okay I am now really soaked and annoyed with it all...I get them into the barn all 4 with some effort and return with water and chicken scratch. Locking door and saying good night. Well come morning there is Aida on the porch with Rocky....How she got out I'll never know. But sure enough here she is....I am now forced to plan yet another route as they will not fall for the trick again.....I trail cat food into the kitchen and hope they fall for it....And then a bit more to the bathroom.. I finally get them in and slap the door shut thinking ah huh got you....I go out for the feed bag and return to the bathroom to find each chicken on the spigots...One on each and pecking at the mirror trying to escape the only way the know how. I am again the enemy and they are crashing things all over items falling into the toilet glass crashing into the sink..I get the hen and stuff her into the bag and now it is the roosters turn a chase ensues and I am loosing ..How I am not sure there is only 4 x 6 feet..... I finally get him but he refuses to have any part of this nonsense. His wings will not go in nor his feet..At last HE IS IN!! I march bag o' chicken to barn and seal the small hole to insure no more escapes happen. I fill feeder and water.. I say good night and return to the house to find feathers floating around as if snow has fallen. I retrieve the shop vac plug her in and begin to suck up the feathers that are EVERY WHERE... The fact that they are flying all around make me nuts...Stabbing the hose into the air trying to suck them in. The problem is that the opposing side of sucking tool has a blower opening, forcing the free feathers to swirl around my head wildly....Flying into open doors over shower curtain and the far corners as well as being the toilet...I shove vac out the door but am unable to put hose in as well as shutting the door the feathers now are floating out the open door into the hall where they land on carpet quill first making it impossible to get them out by normal vacuuming ...Thus I am now on my hands and knees with shop vac and trying in vain to remove them all....As of now I have yet to get them all... That evening while showering I find yet more sticking to my body, like glue.....YUKKO!
The cats are both happy to leap at their new floaty toys to my irritation...
I am sure that my efforts will be rewarded as they have no place to hid those eggs that I have yet to find....The one hen hold out is confused yet will NOT COME NEAR ME....I plan on going out in the dark and grabbing her to join the flock!!! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


The lower two photos are treasures sent to me from my friend in LA.....Thanks girly girl!!!! I love the tile my coffee cup sits on it each morning....The other photo was taken one foggy morning.Have recovered and destroyed bad thing in laptop.........will post as soon as thoughts are together...YES in the next 24 hours.....silly girl, fingers work better with chocolate and !!

Monday, October 16, 2006


my new bangs
dinner wish ( chocolate fix)

had grilled cheese instead!!!!

but the butterfinger lasted only til 10pm...

jello in fridge now!!!!

blogger troubles

will be live and up soon