Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Sorry for being gone so long. I have been working a lot of hours, getting little sleep and have two new jobs....Which is taking a lot of time as one is some 20 miles away. Then add the ranch chores and me recovering from flu and the migraines. Oh and the arthritis that seems to have an evil plan this week.
Bruno is coming home Friday night and has taken Saturday off after working last Sunday and then not coming home the week before that because of the flu.Did I mention he was still sick and went back to the clinic to be told he had yet another problem? Bronchitis!
And so the house is a wreck as well as the yard (grass) only because it refuses to stop raining long enough to drag out the John Deere..And then after Flash planted some 200 evergreen seedlings along the property line managed to impale himself with a buried chunk of glass. ( no, we do not bury bottles or glass)of course the walk in clinic had just closed and we headed to the hospital...but the bleeding stopped long enough for us to see that it was just deep enough to worry and was not deep enough for stitches. So we stopped at Bartell drugs to visit Debbie at the pharmacy and she hooked us up with enough to solve the problem! Flashes girlfriend is a sweetie but is a girly - when she met up with us did not deal with it well...Only a farm fairy takes it in stride. Flash is fine and we are going to see how he is today, hopefully he will get to finish the bag of trees today. And I too have to plant the veggies in the next few days! oh man!
Jonas and the rest are all fine...The horses scared Flashes girl friend as they crowded her ( she had a bucket of Strategy) and they wanted it now! I showed her how to shove them away...And all was well at the end of the day. okay I have to go...Feed, Chiro and then to work...I stopped at Liz's for cookies, lunch and laundry...It has been snowing, raining, sleeting with sun scatters and today is the first full day of Spring! Be well and stay safe and you all xoxoxox