Thursday, August 31, 2006

This that and the other


Guest Blogger Ang here signing in for Temera and John via telephone.

Just to update you family and friends John, Steve, and have made it safely to Sacramento. The Bellaire made it back safely to Cashmere after 100 miles, for it protested that home was Cashmere, WA..not Sacramento Ca..despite Steve's wishes. John has checked in with Temera and all is well down south.

As you may or may not know Temera's computers have been down since Wednesday of last week. A new stronger wireless router was installed to help eliminate the dead spots in the house, and yesterday we were able to get the two laptops and desktop working on the wireless network. However the newest bug in this adventure is that Temera is unable to open some webpages, the blog being one them..Hence why I am doing the guestblog via her request. Yesterday after 9 hours on the computer and 4+ hours with our computer tech's to celebrate the fact we were finally able to get the laptops to get internet Temera called in an order at Jimmy Z's in Stanwood and Ben the Manager invited us to come down, he would hold open the restaurant for us. It was an honor and a privilege to meet Ben and the staff at Jimmy Z's. The environment was warm and friendly, staff was wonderful and courteous. We had the chicken cordon bleu pizza and macaroni and cheese. This guest blogger never tasted anything so good as I did that. It was heaven in my mouth.

(Angie) will be making another trip out to Halleyville Ranch this weekend to fix the MTU's in the Router and hopefully your host Temera and John will be able to access this blog and update you more. I can say that Temera is going through internet, blogger withdrawals. She misses ya'll.

Temera would like Farmwife, Inkling and Bondo to know she can't wait to access blogger again and read your blogs to catch up with your adventures and stories.

Here are updates she would like me to pass on:

Rocky (rooster) the newest male to the Halleyville Ranch has doubled in size since bringing him home almost two weeks ago. He is thriving. So is Ada (hen) that was purchased with Rocky. John has convinced lovingly his dear Farm Fairy that a chicken coop is the next order of business for the Halleyville Ranch. How, when and floorplans have not been discussed yet but the idea is out and Farm Fairy is becoming adjusted to it.

Rocky and Ada have learned now how to climb and roost in the top of the Lavender tree on the property. Temera and John are thrilled about this for they do not have to go out at dusk and put them up in the tree themselves..

Since John's departure yesterday afternoon, Temera has caught Rocky and Ada trying to come into the house twice. These birds are the tamest I have witnessed. They have come upto me even, and I have seen pictures of Temera's house guests from last week holding them.

Today Halleyville had the pleasure of hosting some daycare children from down the street for about forty five minutes. They were kind and gracious guests and brought 6 huge homemade chocolate chip cookies, 4 of which have been placed in the freezer for hubby to enjoy upon his return from Sacramento, and a beautiful purple flowered potted plant that looks like carnations but they aren't. She is looking for a permanent home for them. Temera entertained the children wearing her bunny ears and talking with them. I am told they played alpaca tag loved it.

All is well on the ranch and she misses you all. You can reach her via email, and hopefully knock on wood she'll be able to be on here before the weekend is out.

Hugs to all from Farm Fairy.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Your Missing What?

Alright now you will all be laughting shortly I am pretty sure.....I'm Missing the kids!!!!!!Yes I know all the mess all the groceries, not making the beds, leaving milk in glasses and finding it 5 days later....the chocolate pretzels.....poor Temera has no one but hubby and ranch to spoil..... and I have started calling ADA AND ROCKY by the kids names....Kevin called and I asked if he missed us too????? snivel........AND then it decides to start raining today...NO NO NO NO all wrong It is not even September and I have not HAD ENOUGH SUN......Help....