Saturday, April 01, 2006

Can You Hear Me Now?

Well it is Saturday

This is one of hubbies favorite photos of two of his girls!
I woke this morning at 5:45 am. Yes, I do have one cup of coffee in me. It is cruising towards heavy rain....Yet, the weatherman is stating there will be sun later today..Winds too....
Okay the reason hubby is not home is because he stopped in Cashmere to visit Steve and his family...Steve would make a great wife, ( I am always on the lookout to find him a nice girl he can settle down with) always kind and boy this man can COOK like no other man. I love his roasted sweet red, yellow and green peppers!! Yummo! This man is so great always busy and keeps a grounded eye on his kids....He is the perfect family man...They ( his 3 kids) are all adults but he IS THE DAD!!!! Steve is very funny (I MEAN REALLY FUNNY!) and rather talented in many ways. Music ( he knows boat loads about all kinds of music) His daughter is very talented in this area...Creative...He has made wonderful clocks, porthole windows and swell burl free form boxes.....I'll photograph the one he sent for me....He is always the perfect host...If one visits there they will need for nothing!!! I always joke to hubby that he should stop to visit his other wife.....If I have to share hubby I would choose Steve!!! It is clear that I adore Steve!!!! Hubby always has a good time and is able to catch up with Steves lastest adventures...I envy the times that hubby goes there..I love going too, although I do not have the chance too near as often as John ( hubby ) does.. I do check his blog daily to catch up on him and to get a good laugh!!!

I know it is funny how my hubby manages to keep people that can cook around him...Jose is another one of his friends that can cook....Todd too....Each specialize in either Italian, Mexican or Pacific Northwest Seafood.....And then he has me....Mixed venue of foods...Poor hubby has asked for me not to cook so well as he can not stop taking a second and third helpings.
Anyway hubby stayed in Cashmere last night and will have breakfast and then be on his way home...

Friday, March 31, 2006


flower chicken

flour chicken

Guess what?

Halleyville will be getting a guest....Well not really, hubby called last night and asked if I would like him to come home for a week? "Huh? What are you kidding me, I'd love it."

I asked what week and he said the coming one..He said he wanted to help me and get things caught up on the ranch. A working visit is better than no visit at all. The kittens are from Zena ( the one that is gone now) She would have the cutest kittens....

Anyway then I started to panic, I feel like I did not get enough done around here since he was home last. So I will make it up by feeding him ALL of his favorite foods that he has not had, like mustard chicken and Cajun shrimp.

I am going to be cleaning like a freak today....

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Green acres is the life for me

There are people who just do not get it...I'm speaking of the ranch/farm thing.... I have decided one gets it or does not...Some of those who do get it would love to live like this others think you are insanely crazy...Who would ever do that much work and for what? When everything you could ever need you can go to the store and get or pay the folks at the local gym $24.00 per month to sweat that hard....So I sat there defending why I choose THIS LIFE..... Here is the short list.

The green acres song should be sung prior to reading this as that is the tune that is rolling around this chickie head of mine...

1) Farm animals are almost always your personal source of entertainment ( no movie theater)
2) Fresh eggs ARE THE BEST.......Who needs to go shopping for them?
3) Morning chores are always outside....( fresh air to wake you up )
4) When it is the FULL farm clean up day you will not need to go to the gym.
5) All the yard waste and kitchen scrapes go to the compost....
6) Chickens not only give you eggs they also eat all the flies...( no more fly strips are electric zappers)
7) People slow down to look at the farm animals ( less speeding )
8) Animals are more grateful for your company than most people.
9) Frogs are a good thing to have ( serenades you to sleep)
10) Hubby is happier when wife is happy.....Wife is happy to live on a ranch.

Buluga & Temera

Thought you all would like to put a face with this ranch fairy...And her gal pal pup....I believe I have lost her too hubby but since he is gone so much she has resorted to letting me be in love with her....

These Boots are made for......

I had to share the boots that my hubby gave me for Christmas...It has been too wet to EVEN think about wearing them...So I wore them to dinner the other night as it was dry....They are comfy....not my Double H slipper cumfy but pretty close... Not only that but SEVERAL people at Jimmy Z had to stop and let me know " those are FAB!" I do love paisly!!!!


Finally the random fleeting moments of sun! I found the daffies in bloom and several had double peds....Im a fan of flowers that are rare not your everyday ones, so I rarely have the urge to photo them...But I just could not resist. It was not twenty minutes after this photo that the rain showers started...naturally.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Last nights dinner

All right sometimes I'm so tired at the end of the day I do not eat right (I do eat cherrios when I'm that tired) well for two nights in a row I have eaten rather well. Monday I met up with Jude and her Grandbaby D...We went to Jimmy'z ( one of two places worth eating in Stanwood) and had dinner....Garlic Fetta for her and Garlic Prawns for me (with about a quarter cup of garlic) It was so good and since Hubby was not going to be home for several days I asked them to double the garlic...YUMMO....Well there was far too much of it to eat at once and I took half home.....So last night I had the rest....Mind you this photo is what was left over... ( huge plate) I could not finish it so I will have the rest for lunch....

I awake at 5 am ( late for me ) and found two babes snuggled up......

I love seeing Buluga and Thomas sleeping together it is rather sweet to see...We had lost Uzi ( 27 toes bangle cat ) several years ago Bulugas first love bug kitty and then last year we lost Zena ( momma kitty & mother hen ) Zena loved Buluga more that possible for a cat. Zena would, when Buluga would not eat go out and kill mice and bring them to Buluga...As if she was feeding one of her kittens...We miss both a great deal...Both lost by tragedy....Uzi being shot by kid next door and Zena to coyotes...But as you can see Thomas has taken up to watching and taking care of Buluga....

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Mr. Ed Lives here

Well I was happily vacuuming when out of the corner of my eye I spied Jezzy ( Mr. Ed ) Watching the television outside of the window his nose against the window..I ran for camera and was lucky to get this photo...

Monday, March 27, 2006

Drinking & Driving = Death

Please show this to your teenagers!!!!
This was no accident----A drunk teenager and one car = death.......This HAPPENED on OUR street...Just over a mile from our ranch...It is now known he was traveling over 130 MPH while drinking ................................................

This is just one of the news paper articles

Fatal crash shocks friends

A Stanwood High School senior is dead after driving into a mobile home.

By Melissa Slager and Diana HefleyHerald Writers

STANWOOD - A trail of destruction marks the path.
Muddy tire tracks cut a swath through a pasture to a metal fence post, bent nearly to the ground.
Kevin Nortz / The Herald
Debris remains scattered Tuesday at the site of Monday's fatal crash in Stanwood.The fence did little to slow down a Lexus that plowed through the front part of a disassembled mobile home Monday night, shearing off part of it.
Debris piled up everywhere, and the man who called 911 Monday night said he couldn't even see the car at first beneath the rubble. All he could hear was a muffled yell.
Justin Stump, 17, a senior at Stanwood High School, died at the scene. His passenger and best friend, also 17, was taken to Providence Everett Medical Center.
"It's a miracle he only had minor injuries," Snohomish County Sheriff's Office spokesman Rich Niebusch said of the passenger.
No one else was hurt in the crash in the 26700 block of 64th Avenue NW.
Detectives are investigating whether speed or alcohol played a role.
"This is just a real tragedy," Niebusch said.
Friends of Stump couldn't concentrate on their schoolwork Tuesday and came to the site of the crash instead.
"You've kind of got to see it for yourself," said Caley Woodworth, 18, a senior who had known Stump since grade school.
She and six other friends recalled Stump as a gregarious showoff whose smile was infectious. He would constantly flip his head to get his long hair out of his eyes. Girls found him cute.

"He made everybody happy. You'd be sad, and he'd come up to you and say, 'Waddup?' And you have to laugh," said Sarah Chase, 15, a sophomore.
Senior Trynton Vargas, 18, held back tears. "I still can't believe it," he said.
Stump attended Skagit Valley Community College part-time through Running Start, which allows teens to earn high school and college credit at the same time. He wrestled for Stanwood his first three years of high school.
Counselors were on hand Tuesday in the high school library to help students struggling with his death.
An impromptu memorial was set up at the school late on the night of the crash. Most of the graffiti - "rest in peace," "never forgotten" - spray-painted on the sidewalks was washed away by morning. But a cross and sign with words of remembrance remained propped up against a wall.
Friends said Stump had dropped off other friends after seeing a movie in Marysville and was on his way home when the crash occurred.
The car struck the mobile home so hard that it was pushed into an adjacent recreational vehicle, damaging much of the interior.
Steve, who did not give his last name, said he normally lives in the RV. The property owner is gone, so that night he was staying in the house, whose windows shook from the force of the crash.
He took one look and called 911.
"I was just glad I wasn't sitting on my couch," he said.
Now he's trying to repair busted water lines and keep teenagers off the property to avoid any more injuries among the rubble, he said.
Reporter Melissa

Sunday, March 26, 2006


I do not like shopping I had to talk myself into it....I can be a miser when it comes to spending money but my taste screams millon dollar baby...I can walk into anyplace and without knowing the price go and want the most expensive of anything... My salvation it that there is a ROSS Store in Mt. Vernon and I can find something suitable on a regular basis...Hence this huge mirror I found today.... It is just perfect!!!! and the price would be at least $250.00 at a store in Seattle or most other places....the price was less than $60.00!!!! Yahoo for my hubby... He will love thois mirror and the size is right...BIG!!!!

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The Ranch Line Up

Prom & Playboy
Hubby, Buluga dog , papo, Charlie Brown, Buster and Little Guy
Moses , Huskey, Little guy,Charlie Brown & Papo
Jazmine & Lucky Lucy
A photo list of the Halleyville ranch line up.....
  1. one Hubby ( John)
  2. one wife ( Temera)
  3. one dog (Buluga)
  4. one sheep ( Lucky Lucy)
  5. 2 cats ( Thomas & Slinky)
  6. 2 Pygmy Goats ( Jazmine & Shadow)
  7. 3 Chickens ( Thomasina, Angelina & Chrissy )
  8. 3 Horses ( Jezzy, Playboy & Prom)
  9. 7 Alpacas ( Papo, Charlie Brown, Buster Brown, Huskey, Frankie Blue Eyes, Little Guy & Moses)
  10. 14 Koi

For a grand total of 35!!!!

Plus a stray cat who has taken up sleeping on the feed!!!