Saturday, December 09, 2006

Flip sighting

I saw Flip-Flop the baby wild kitten..He froze in mid run like I would not see him...Funny I also discovered he was a barn cat in every way. Which is fine. Hubby said we have to catch him (right!) and tame him up, good luck with that. Momma cat is still hanging around and looks fine. A bit thin, but fine. Flip on the other hand is huge. Well if the house is going to get cleaned before hubby arrives I have to bid you all a very good day.

Husband News

Well I had planned on just sleeping or at least trying. So last night I have this call from hubby...He said that the crane still was not ready and he was told he could work on another crew and give his men the weekend off...My husband is a very smart guy,seeing his moment he said "what if I don't want to work? What if I wanta go see my wife?" And tada he is coming home. He will be here this afternoon and will leave after our Sunday lunch/mocha date...I know it is only 24 hours and we will spent it lolligagging, I hope. But lets face it even if I have to race around making everything just so....Just to see him is a treat that I am looking forward too. He was home for Thanksgiving and well it just was not a whole lot of fun as Buluga had died a few hours before he was able to get home...Anyway I'll spend the morning doing some farm chores and then pick up the house...He has photos and I will post them as soon as I can...Sometime on Sunday.

Hope you are all well. And keep your prayers for Inkling as her family is leaving today. I know she will be sad about it.

Friday, December 08, 2006

and more

Rocky the rooster when we brought him home ( not so little now)

The cats

For the kids...


I woke the rooster at a few minutes after 3 am and now he is proceeding to wake the world...I was waiting for coffee at the kitchen window , he opened one eye shut it again a few moments later he let it rip , louder than ever. He is just getting to the large big boy stage and holy moly is he ever getting louder has decided that if I am up, regardless of the hour, so shall he ....

Anyway this is week two of little or no sleep. And I for one am just about as tired as could be. I am to the end of any reserves I ever had. I am about to even give up any caffeine at this point. This from the coffee freak herself!

Anyway on another note, hubby is rooming with a young man who has a three year old.....Now, hubby & I do not have kids (although I am a goof & a pretty good Auntie and he a very good Uncle) but day to day we have animals...Some might say they are all the same...Anyhow hubby babysat last night while M had a date....His son B is three years old and entertains my hubby...Well now there was some conversation about our ranch and B wanted to see ALL the ANIMALS! I told hubby the blog address that he could show B all....Hubby said he did not want to do that but so I sent a pic on the phone of one of the horses. I'm not sure but wouldn't little B now insist on looking at the blog photos, huranging my poor hubby until he showed the blog full of pics?

Well plenty to do today and I for one have to get something more done then I got done yesterday....blah blah blah....same story for just about everyone I know...

Have a wonderful day...Be safe and stay warm.

I hope Bee got all her info....if there is anything else just ask!!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

3 Am again!

Well here it is three AM and I am up again. I am making coffee and will try to figure out what to do next to stay asleep for longer than 5 hours of the priceless stuff. At this point I know all the tricks and now I just need some sleep. Oh well at least I can get some laundry done and not wake anyone up.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bee's ?

This is where the alpacas eat. They have fresh water outside and then they will go and play and eat the blaclberry bushes....

Alpacas Eat....

Grain & Graze on grass, blackberries and they love apples and carrots!

soul's of....


Foggy morning moon

Moose kisses

This photo is my proof to show hubby why it would be ok for me to have a pet moose...I think that when we move in the spring , we should get one of these to go with the buffalo I'm giving him for his birthday. Please vote for if we should get a moose!!!


My love affair started ont night when a group had their huge telescopes out in a field in the middle of the night...Hence why my hubby & folks gave me a telescope that would allow me to squeal again while seeing the rings of Saturn.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Halleyville's Moon Tonight

Frozen Fish

I had reserved posting yet more tragic death...Okay so as some of you know we had snow, lotsa snow...We too had below freezing weather as low as -5 below...And no power for some four days and then off and on for another two.

Well we have been here just over a year. And our big plan was to install the koi pond last spring ( we never got to that ). So Anyway when we sold our house in Camano Island we took a dozen and half koi with us.Some of them 17 inches and the best of the colors. I had spent 8 hours in the pouring rain in chest waders with a net and two buckets..Having the famous Koi Rodeo. The new owners had been kind enough to let me get them over the course of several days...We had the thousand gallon stock tank delivered and spent half a grand on new pumps and filter system that we located in the barn so the heron , possums,raccoons and eagles from eating them as the tank was not deep enough to keep most of the predators out.

Okay fast forward to the Sunday after Thanksgiving it started snowing, we lost power and the blue stock tank turned into a giant frozen hockey puck. I did not think much of it, as they, the koi, hibernate during the winter. Nor did I think of the possibility that the bottom of the tank would freeze as well as the sides. Never mind the five inch thick frozen disk. I had tried to smack it with a hammer and was not able to put even a crack in it by the second day of below freezing. The open end of the barn has wind going through it like one of the canyons in Eastern Washington. Adding to the wind chill factor. The power being out, no moving water just added to the flash freezing of the whole thing including the entire school of koi. When I was able to see thru the water realized all had been lost...The pump could not pump since the 125 gallon filter tank was frozen solid with nothing to do but wait for warmer weather. As of yesterday we still had frozen crusty snow of the pastures. So when I had gone down to the barn and I was able to plug in the pump and finally able to pump water through the filter and back into the tank all I notice was every last fish on their sides...So this morning I will go find the 3 inch tube to drain the tank...But what do I do with the frozen fish???? I have thought maybe I will put then in the yard and wait for the red tail hawks and the eagle to dive down and get them...Giving me an opportunity to take some photos of them in action...

I am up at four being awakened by the snow geese as they flew over in the early morning. I have appointments all day and tons of things to do since I was unable to leave before Sunday...And yesterday I spent the better part of the day searching for a car. We have decided to trade in the 4runner and Miata for a Forester..An easy task if one lived in the Midwest..But here it is another story altogether. What would be $10,000. In the Midwest goes for $15,000. Here...Same goes for 4x4 diesels. I found ten in the Midwest to every one here. Hubby and I thought it might be a good idea to find one out there have me fly out and drive back..It being winter was an idea that went right out the window.

Okay so with that all reported I am doing better as far as Buluga being gone...My sister decided to ask if we would like to take care of her dog while she is gone...Just where are you going? What? Iraq!It seems she has decided to give up her Costco truck driving job for a truck driving job there. No one in the family is surprised at this..Don't ask! My hubby had looked into working out there, why he did not go I never asked him. I figured that there just wasn't any dam's that he could get his risk rush in...But I did think there might be other risks that would get his blood pressure up!!!

She leaves the first week of January and will be gone a year. It seems my folks have a rotation of kids who must leave the United States at one point or another. Since 1981 my folks have had kids traipsing and living around the world. I think that the most time they have had all kids here was a few years ago. Ronnie has not been home a year and now Randi is leaving. The folks are use to this as I lived near Oakland during the big quake, Ronnie lived in jersey on 911 and was at the train station in Spain during the bombings there. Curtis lived in Thailand as well as South America after leaving Canada. And the oldest has lived in Alaska for the better part of 25 years. My folks never run out of vacation locations...They met my brother and myself while I lived in Japan and then they went to Thailand with him and then to China before returning home again....My dad never made it to Hawaii while I was there but my mum did, she missing him the whole time.

Well that is it for now..Hope you are all well...And to those of you in the Midwest please stay warm..The news tells me you have our gift of winter in your midst. You guys have it far worse then we did...Be well, be safe and have a wonderful day.

Monday, December 04, 2006

A Prayer

Now I know most of you at least the ones that leave me a hint you are there will understand my request...

As some of you know I do some art work.....

I look at a few artist sites that I respect and admire...

One site is ....

If you would be so kind, Joannas story these days have changed a bit and I for one am humbled by her attitude....

How you can help?

Peek at her blog and just say a little prayer...

Be well my friends......

Sunday, December 03, 2006

This mornings photos

the moon @ 3am


By George it is three am... Yes I am making coffee and no it did not start at three I had to manually push buttons that said I had been crowed by one Slinky and held down by that moose Thomas. I was doing my best trying to force myself back to sleep. Clearly I had no such luck so my friends the coffee and computer won over my logic and here I sit the house so very quiet and the fog and clouds covering the moon I? Well lets put it this way..I'm wondering about Inkling and her families flight to Seattle and the drive over the boarder. If one and all is feeling fine and relieved to finally see their beloved redhead after 6 months thinking that the girls i.e. Farm Wife and Grace will get to see her, maybe in the summer? And then their is Ang..How many coats of paint? Will she really have time to do it all by mid week?

Yes the clouds are amazing right now over the moon swirls of pale blue mixed with the deep grey clouds. Funny that it will get darker yet and I have the two windows ( east and west ) both open to watch while the east gets darker than the west and then it will reverse itself a short time later..That is why the blue hue of the snow was so amazing.

I had ordered some little snow boots and a cap from sierra Trading post yesterday..A sweet little pair on clearance that I would NEVER order at the full price of over a $100. Fully lined and waterproof with lambs wool....Sounds cozy and right now I still do not have the rubber dalmation boots...What in the world could be taking so long? And the hat? Well you know that I am a goof ball, right? So it is one of those that have the ear flappy things ...It will crack my hubby up for sure....But I will keep these very little farm fairy ears warm... And right now if the past two weeks is any indicator what so ever I will be needing it more than my funny cow hat...I tried to find those ear muffs from when I was a kid without any luck..If I have to go further then the farm and feed I just don't bother.

Anyway hope you all got sleep last night and that the day will be fun and wonderful for Inkling and her family...Funny I woke Rocky (rooster) up before he woke me...He just kinda looked at me through the kitchen window. I suspect that he has decided this to be his location..A great view and advantage for a rooster to have at least 8 feet up off the ground , were he can survey his kingdom and his brood of hens...Aida is always at his side, even up on the rainspout..No wonder all the kids think of our place as Halleyville (like Whoville) and your Goonbalina farm fairy host. We have yet to have a visitor under 18 who does not refer to this place as theirs and the friends they made and the animals they got to talk to..Hubby knows that given half the chance this farm fairy would have a full zoo...Poor hubby what will he do?