Saturday, December 09, 2006

Flip sighting

I saw Flip-Flop the baby wild kitten..He froze in mid run like I would not see him...Funny I also discovered he was a barn cat in every way. Which is fine. Hubby said we have to catch him (right!) and tame him up, good luck with that. Momma cat is still hanging around and looks fine. A bit thin, but fine. Flip on the other hand is huge. Well if the house is going to get cleaned before hubby arrives I have to bid you all a very good day.

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lauren said...

so glad you get to see him! reading your posts brings back memories of the 7 weeks my hubby was away last fall, just after baby bear was born. he did make it home at least every other weekend, but it was still hard having him 9 hours away.

enjoy your time together! i really hope you start getting some sleep somehow, though i can see why it's hard for you.