Sunday, December 03, 2006


By George it is three am... Yes I am making coffee and no it did not start at three I had to manually push buttons that said I had been crowed by one Slinky and held down by that moose Thomas. I was doing my best trying to force myself back to sleep. Clearly I had no such luck so my friends the coffee and computer won over my logic and here I sit the house so very quiet and the fog and clouds covering the moon I? Well lets put it this way..I'm wondering about Inkling and her families flight to Seattle and the drive over the boarder. If one and all is feeling fine and relieved to finally see their beloved redhead after 6 months thinking that the girls i.e. Farm Wife and Grace will get to see her, maybe in the summer? And then their is Ang..How many coats of paint? Will she really have time to do it all by mid week?

Yes the clouds are amazing right now over the moon swirls of pale blue mixed with the deep grey clouds. Funny that it will get darker yet and I have the two windows ( east and west ) both open to watch while the east gets darker than the west and then it will reverse itself a short time later..That is why the blue hue of the snow was so amazing.

I had ordered some little snow boots and a cap from sierra Trading post yesterday..A sweet little pair on clearance that I would NEVER order at the full price of over a $100. Fully lined and waterproof with lambs wool....Sounds cozy and right now I still do not have the rubber dalmation boots...What in the world could be taking so long? And the hat? Well you know that I am a goof ball, right? So it is one of those that have the ear flappy things ...It will crack my hubby up for sure....But I will keep these very little farm fairy ears warm... And right now if the past two weeks is any indicator what so ever I will be needing it more than my funny cow hat...I tried to find those ear muffs from when I was a kid without any luck..If I have to go further then the farm and feed I just don't bother.

Anyway hope you all got sleep last night and that the day will be fun and wonderful for Inkling and her family...Funny I woke Rocky (rooster) up before he woke me...He just kinda looked at me through the kitchen window. I suspect that he has decided this to be his location..A great view and advantage for a rooster to have at least 8 feet up off the ground , were he can survey his kingdom and his brood of hens...Aida is always at his side, even up on the rainspout..No wonder all the kids think of our place as Halleyville (like Whoville) and your Goonbalina farm fairy host. We have yet to have a visitor under 18 who does not refer to this place as theirs and the friends they made and the animals they got to talk to..Hubby knows that given half the chance this farm fairy would have a full zoo...Poor hubby what will he do?

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