Friday, December 08, 2006


I woke the rooster at a few minutes after 3 am and now he is proceeding to wake the world...I was waiting for coffee at the kitchen window , he opened one eye shut it again a few moments later he let it rip , louder than ever. He is just getting to the large big boy stage and holy moly is he ever getting louder has decided that if I am up, regardless of the hour, so shall he ....

Anyway this is week two of little or no sleep. And I for one am just about as tired as could be. I am to the end of any reserves I ever had. I am about to even give up any caffeine at this point. This from the coffee freak herself!

Anyway on another note, hubby is rooming with a young man who has a three year old.....Now, hubby & I do not have kids (although I am a goof & a pretty good Auntie and he a very good Uncle) but day to day we have animals...Some might say they are all the same...Anyhow hubby babysat last night while M had a date....His son B is three years old and entertains my hubby...Well now there was some conversation about our ranch and B wanted to see ALL the ANIMALS! I told hubby the blog address that he could show B all....Hubby said he did not want to do that but so I sent a pic on the phone of one of the horses. I'm not sure but wouldn't little B now insist on looking at the blog photos, huranging my poor hubby until he showed the blog full of pics?

Well plenty to do today and I for one have to get something more done then I got done yesterday....blah blah blah....same story for just about everyone I know...

Have a wonderful day...Be safe and stay warm.

I hope Bee got all her info....if there is anything else just ask!!!


Farm Wife said...

We're trying to stay warm...maybe baking cookies will help.

Hubby should bring B to the ranch to see all the critters up close! Wouldn't he just love that?


I would!!!I would!!!I'd put on my bunny ears and then we could go chase those silly boys all over the pasture!!!

lauren said...

fun, fun fun! how long til hubby is home again?

i love the pics of the animals.

i hope you get some sleep soon! we were up right along with you, 5 am our time is 3 your time and baby bear was fussing with a fever.


Hope she is feeling better very soon.