Saturday, March 11, 2006

The visit

My hubby came home last night the drive over the pass was ( for him) just fine. I think he would have come home through a storm as he has been gone for over thirty days... He stopped at Shadygroves place for a short visit as well as trying to entice him to visit the ranch this weekend....But being a wise man he said he would like to visit when it was not so damp, grey and cold..I had to inform him that we have two months that fit into the plan, July and August..I would think tri-pawed dog would like to play with the Alpacas and the two goats....

I have had two cups of coffee and have the peace of the morning with the soft snoring of him still sound to sleep..Believe it or not I have missed that!!! We have several things to do but for the most part we will take it easy and I'm hoping to get him some extra sleep...This man is an overtime pig and he appears tired...So coming home for R & R seems to suit him just fine. I'm sure that when he wakes and sees my attempt at building the chicken coop he will have a good laugh and will fix it so it will last and work for the intended purpose. It is cold and clear the stars tell me that it should be pretty nice, cold but no rain...At least we hope. The Cherry blossoms tell me Spring is around the corner.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Well alright why is it that the snow has decided to reappear here? The passes are open on and off....I may get to see hubby or maybe not...Depending on the weekend pass reports. I'm freezing and nothing has worked to get warm...I tried chocolate to no avail. What else is there left to try? The animals look at me with that look that screams at me to please make it stop...

Traffic Control

I had to inform several friends that the streets had to close after the powerlines went down and started some fires along the main road and what would you know the power pole at our corner was one of twelve that went haywire...The winds started again and power has been flickering on and off.

The fire department and PUD had a long day...They had to shut down several streets and get the powerlines off the road and put out some fires.

We have wind at 40 mph and gusts up to 55 mph today with snow mixed with rain. I'm hoping not to loose power again today....

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Red & black

The sweet hen that made those yummy eggs! Eggs Florentine & quiche

Monday, March 06, 2006

eggs found

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Day of Chaos

Things to keep you awake, even if sleep is calling you...In my case screaming...phones are now off spoke with hubby, down loaded photos and will sleep soon....If I could sleep like Buluga & Thomas!!!

Here & There

Rock Island,Washington (there)
Our place facing west
Our main gate facing North
There driving towards East Wenatchee
Here facing East Apple trees and pussy willow

Rare blue sky this time of year...


well farmwife has tagged me and here it goes.....

4 Jobs I've had:

1) Picking Strawberries at age 13. Meeting bus at 4am
2) Old fashion meat shop. Cut & wrapped meats, including game meats at the age of 16.
3) Lineman, watermain installation at age 25 in Hawaii
4) Muffler & Tire shop: managed tire side of shop. ( Hawaii)

View from our Camano Island home

4 Places I've lived:

1) Makakilo, Hawaii
2) Zushi City, Japan
3) Conneticut
4) camano Island, Washington

4 Movies I could and do watch over and over again:

1) Cold Mountain
2) Dances with Wolves
3) Meet Joe Black
4) Under the Tuscan Sun

4 Foods I Love ( never trust a girlwho does not eat with gusto)

1) Shrimp, Lobster and Crab
2) Creme Brulee
3) Eggs Florentine
4) Any Steak from DEL FOX MEATS

4 Vacation spots I love:

1) Peru
2) Las Vegas ( the architecture eye candy of the U.S. )
3) Singapore
4) Yellowstone Park

4 Places I'd rather be right now

1) Wenatchee moving into a new ranch
2) Wrapped up in front of fire in hubbies arms
3) Rome going through every last church and seeing all the history!!!
4) Santerini

4 Shows I watch

1) Las Vegas
3) Desperate Housewives
4) Dr. G Medical examiner

4 Shows I want back:

1) Over There
2) Into the West
3) Wanted
4) National geographic

I have to add one

4 Guilty Pleasures

1) 550 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets
2) Creme Brulee with stout coffee
3) Half & Half on my cereal
4) Cream puffs from Costco

4 things I've got to do

1) Finish Office
2) Have huge G-Sale
3) Get ready to move (again)
4) Get rid of size 4 & 6 clothing ( I'll never fit into them again)

If I missed something I beg forgiveness