Saturday, January 13, 2007

So cold

Well it is a few minutes past 6 am and it is so cold near 15 degrees. The sky is clear and the hens and rooster are already off the roost and following me to the horses as I had a bucket of sweet grain. Hubby is getting burned out working so many days. I suppose it is not helping that each day I ask him " do you want the bad news or the bad news?" Which he longer entertained by, even yesterday when no one was here the thermostat decided not to work any longer. The good news is I was able to solder the wires back into place and get it to work again.

Last night I dreamed of laying wood floors downstairs all in record time by myself while the guys took a three day weekend... And if you know me at all, it is something I would do. I too dreamed that the contractor took hubby hunting while I was up to no good.

Anyway I have tons to do today and think that the ice will keep me from some of it. But there are things I can do like watching the washer for over an hour to see when it leaks a problem that started when I washed the first load after the sewage thing happened on Christmas.

Well have a great day and be warm and stay outta trouble.

Still up

So now that I am caught up on all of you I am able to finally think about sleeping, maybe. I noticed that somehow when changing over to the new blogger that we ( ang & I ) both did not notice that FARMWIFE was NOT on the blogs I love list. I shall beg forgiveness...Please I do love your blog...All right I am just going to bed knowing I am forgiven. Good night sweeties...

Friday, January 12, 2007

17 degrees

It is very cold all are snuggled in and down. I just came in from giving the horses a little more feed to keep them warm through the night, although how anything keeps warm at 17 degrees I do not know. It is to go down to 13. The poor folks of the PNW are not even close to use to this and I think most folks are in a struggle to keep smart and warm. I did go to the store for some supplies while the roads were less dangerous. And tomorrow we are to have more snow over the inch of ice that seems ever place you walk or look. I had to pull with all I had to get the muck cart into the round pen and who knows what noise I heard far of in the distance. The Olsen farm across the street have had lambs as I could hear them when I went to feed the alpacas this afternoon. All was quiet here today as the dryers will run till Monday. Well I am wide awake and know it will be a challenge to get any sleep, but I do have tea on the brew to help me try. Hope you are all well and that everyone is staying warm. Sleep well my friends. Yes, all the animals are ours in the photo trail....Hubby at work ( the guy on the left) and of course my girl Buluga which is still all unreal to me. Good night kids. Hugs to you all...

I am one of a kind

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Who knew this Friday I would find the first glimpse of peace from the sewage chaos. Okay so there are huge air movers down stairs and they are loud and eat electricity but the people are gone for the moment. I am looking for a people free day, just to bank and that is it. I have been over loaded with far too many bodies near me. My world being flipped around and away from my other duties... So I need Farm Fairy normal, I know that it is not others normal but I do like my world much better.

Thomas is allergic to the ferrets as well. He will finish his antibiotics tomorrow. When the vet called he said it sounded as if he might be allergic to something, was there anything new? yep, a pair of ferrets...So his labored breathing and sneezing and coughing will end as soon as the ferrets are out or the cat is out.

Jonas is finally getting his bunny funny out of him and getting used to the gig here. He is allowed out of his cage while I'm in the living room and can watch him if the cats are in too. If the cats are out I just leave the cage door open and all the doors closed giving him free run. He has of now used his litter box only for the past three days. He was not box trained when he arrived, but is doing great learning it. I made a ramp outta pillows and he hauls out the door onto pillows and then onto the arm of the sofa and then the back down the other arm and across the seats all making the perfect bunny race track. His little limp is getting better as he is no longer hung from him back legs. And last night for the first time came to me laid down on my chest and fell asleep. So we are making progress in the snuggling area too.

The weather is harsh right now is taking it's toll on the outside animals, The banti (hen) came inside sat in front of the fireplace and watched tv for over an hour with out any accidents. Thomas was at one side she at the other. Go figure only here.huh?

I have not heard from Ang or how things went...Hope they went well.
There was over 500 accidents caused by ice and snow in just the last 24 hours..
Okay kids, it is time to get some things going around here, hope you are all doing well.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Free Will

Okay so I have been thinking for awhile about Grace's post the other day. I did not comment but I do have to post not so much as an address more a view. Tiny as it might be in the world at large. Anyway forgive me if I should offend anyone ( not my intent) and with love and openness to you all. I have no judgements, I gave them up for peace. I have strong ideas about who I am but not of others, lets face it I can hardly get to the end of the day dealing with myself about me let alone spare a moment on haranguing another soul which does not live with in this Farm Fairy.

Anyway here is is:

Would it be possible that God in His wisdom has us struggle over these things so that we can choose to follow like good little lambs? What without such struggles in our own faith that we can not come to truly honor Him? That what we choose at the end of the day is really our prayers being heard? Are prayers really not confessions that we are saying " I have no control and I do not know what to do? Could you lead me as I am lost?" Isn't it also that we do not hear very well? And we stumble onto a path, every now and again that leads us to less than good behavior? Our defiance could be a matter of pure laziness...Is it not easier to take the road that cause us less faith...

Well it is something to think about....

Now about me....I can hope that I am better every day not for any reason other than I choose...Not because of God, faith rules or anything else. But because I could not live with myself. My body may not have choices. Who I am , the soul that surrounds me is a gift and I should hope that it will serve as a vessel regardless of what it may be called to do.

I love you all, I wish for you all, I pray and have faith in each and everyone of you, not because I have to but because I want to. Be well, be comforted in what you beleive, even if it might be a bit faint sometimes.

Winter Location

Rocky's Union Rules

Well now that the test is complete...

The snow started in full swing around 3pm...Rocky and the girls hung out near the feed dish in the carport... All the workers were leaving trying to beat the chaos that always ensues with the slightest of snow.

Well there is no doubt who the hen boss is he started with his serinade, all calling his flock to him. Rocky then took his gaggle of girls to the small flight of steps to the kitchen door and forced each hen up to the hand rail. Then he made Aida go to the downspout roost directly above them, he then being rather satisfied took up his place and called for all to settle in for a long winters night.

It seems that Rocky's union rules state that hens do not have to go past the snow line and to their normal roost in the horse shelters. It also states that they do not have to leave the carport while it is snowing, making a mess which the farm fairy ( according to the union by laws) has to clean daily in order not to track in the gooh...It is also stated in the laws that they may upon the permission of the union boss make shelter for some 5 hours at a time behind the stack of Timothy. Rocky then spends the remainder of the day keeping his girls safe from predators although several cats are welcome if they behave. The eggs were warm when I finally got around to getting them. I did manage to get some bacon fat to them for some extra warmth.
Who knew that he would be taking the whole thing so serious....Rocky is always carring on all hours of the day and night but last night all was good and peaceful all the way to 4am!

Have a good and warm day. Watch the traffic. And say prayers for Ang while driving and dealing with the chaos of the office she is dealing with on her dads behalf. Watch to drive okay sweetie....

It seems that both Thomas and I are allergic to the ferrets... I have had to use the inhaler so many times and all the meds are gone. I am figuring out what will happen and ask that you pray for the right outcome.

New Blogger Blues

Well lets see if I can post someting with new blogger...I have tried 12 times now with exploding frustration...and failed, now most of you know Im computer challenged and I think it is all my fault, we'll see...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Yes you read right it is beginning to snow and s snowing all over. A little lighter here then by Ang or north.

Well I unlike Inkling had the nicest call with our auto insurance. I was a little surprised by the bill, called and spoke to Craig, who is in the Colorado office...We spoke and he said he'd get back to me in 10 minutes...( do not roll your eyes just yet ) And to my delight in 7 minutes flat he had called back spoke of the bill tweaked a few things and managed to get it a wee bit better. Why would I even tell this story? We he was so nice, we spoke of weather and storms, how in Colorado near him cattle had to be dropped food, how another storm was coming his way Thursday...Nice guy!!!I had no frustrations and we said farewell. He was my #7 in the make 10 people laugh yesterday. So I want to say "hi" to Craig and his son Nick..Hope you all stay warm in Colorado, it was good to talk to you.

Now for the Halleyville update:

Thomas: still sick, taking meds like a trooper.
Deconstruction: coming along slowly added power outages for this delay.

Farm Fairy Sleep: Nada

Hubby: running late and only one apartment available near him, 1 available the rest 18 are for section 8 / public assistance...So you know it would not be quiet nor the safest place. ( not a judgment on my part as much as an observation. ) We were hoping for the place the PUD owns for his relocation, he is on the list and still wanting to be 5 minutes from the dam.

Ferrets: settling in getting use to the lay out of the land and finding all the blankets tucked under the doors a thrilling challenge to try to get under to explore even further. I have given them a box of puzzle pieces that they roll around in and play with.

Construction: Noah is coming sometime today and we will go over the plans and ideas as well as a time line. I have taken it upon myself to create a blue print. ( yah, not a control freak in sight huh? ) I have photos of what it should look like when we finish.

Rooster & hens: Rocky woke me at 4:30 am with a full salute to "wake oh wake my farm fairy sweet" This is the title I give his first song of the day. It still makes me giggle. Who new a little rooster would turn my early growl into giggles all before coffee? My hens ( hubby has been banned to claim them ) are laying 6 eggs a day! So that means two of the hens are handing out two each and the other two one each. How cool is that?

Power outages: two so far, no telling what today will do.

Well kids that is it for the 6 am report. Hope you all stay warm and that the snow is pretty and nothing more.
Keep Craig and his Colorado in your prayers that the snow that comes will be short lived. And a the cattle will be saved. Be well, be safe and laugh.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


You wouldn't even believe it if I told you why in the world I'm up at this hour. Let's just say if I do get to sleep I may not wake till after noon. Anyway I hope you all have a good day and the world is kind and good to you.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Tagged by Nomas

When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? I don't think I looked, too busy. Should I go look now?

How much cash do you have on you? $5.00

WhatÂ’s a word that rhymes with DOOR? Snore!

Do you label yourself?Yupp, Farm fairy

Bright or Dark Room? Dark

Why is there always a missing question? You had a question?

What does your watch look like? Don't have one, your lucky there is a clock that works here letta alone it might be right!

What were you doing at midnight last night? Turning on the electric blanket, turning off the heat and opening the window wide open.

Where is your nearest 7-11? How would I even know? Does the feed store count?

WhatÂ’s a word that you say a lotCoffeeee.

Who told you he/she loved you last? Hubby, 12 minutes ago.

Last furry thing you touched? Ferrets & cats on my lap now!

How many rolls of film do you need developed? What is film? None!

Favorite age you have been so far? 43 / now

Your worst enemy? Anger

What is your current desktop picture? Buluga

What was the last thing you said to someone? "I'm going to eat Cracker Jacks for dinner, bye"

The last song you listened to? If You're Going Through Hell by Rodney Adkins

What time of day were you born? Just past noon June 1

What do you do when vending machines steal your money? Thank God I don't need that!

Do you consider yourself kind? Yes but I am more compassionate then kind.

WhatÂ’s your life motto? "Get on your big girl panties and grow up!

Name three things you have on you at all times. Laughter, lighter and rubberband.

Can you change the oil on a car? Hell no, it's 19.00 and twenty three minutes to get it done on the run while shopping at Haggens.

When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper and mailed it? A week ago, sympathy card and note.

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Hobbs & Socks

Well Smoked dropped off my charges: Socks and Hobbs. We spent the last hour settling down...Thomas is keeping a sharp eye on brother and sister. Yes they are ferrets, yes they are litter box trained and so curious. Are they the cutest. Just don't ask Ang what she thinks....Her kids already are in love with them....of course!! It is now considered the Halleyville Ranch and Zoo....haha

Whats coming

Monday Invasion

Again with the stream of people who will be cleaning, packing and removing items to unknown locations to be treated , cleaned, repaired or out right tossed. I am a house mouse farm fairy and a visitor every now and again is fine...But I love my space, peace and quiet. I love the noise of farm life and not the chaos of people...And usually it is one person at a time. So my life lesson today is to learn to enjoy these folks and the dilemma that they are ousting from our house.

My other challenge is to find the right food, litter and bedding for the bunny...So much ideas about what is right for one breed and then ALL the info related to bunnies on the internet...Ugh..

I also have to try to make room for some art studio area without overtaking the public space in the house upstairs...( dining room? ) Anyway I woke up late past 6:30 at the wing kept me awake past 1am...So now I'm in a rush to get it all started ...Did manage to get dishes, shopping and grain for the horses and a little treat for Jonas..

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Still in PJ's

Okay....Yes, that is right I am in my Pj's could not bring myself to get up shower and get dressed after I went out in the pissing rain to feed the horses and alpacas. Everyone is soaking wet even the chickens girls are troopers and have been laying eggs for me...(the should not be as it is winter and they have no coop. I have a corner in the carport with the feed stacked high where I put a couple of hen boxes in the back corner...Two days later I had EGGS!!!Yahoo....I think Thomasina is leaving me two a day the other three leaving one each... I've checked with chicken buddy's in the area with and without coops..A few but not daily have had an egg or two. Lucky girl me...I'm thinking crapes for breakfast, then shower and then go do some errands. Mean while Thomas has curled up on me and the laptop and called it good. I'm outta the wet cloths and into pj's cuz I can and NO ONE WILL BE HERE TODAY!!!! Yes I need to veg and today is it...Get the warm dry cloths out of dryer and put them away....Okay see you all soon and I did catch up to eveyone, I could not post to some of you...Oh by the way one of the management guys at hubbies work asked about the sewage chaos...With a statement " your wife is there handling that all on her own?" and my hubby states..." yep, she is a tough farm girl".... It is good to know that he thinks I am capable of it all...He also does not think that the "others wives " could be such a trooper...Well this farm fairy is starving and is off to the kitchen with her fresh eggs...

Okay vote

Now rarely do I ask you all to go check one of my buddies....but since our little farm foodie girl has been in the running for the top food spot I just could not resist as I have made several of her goodies....Racheal Ray should look out for this one hot on the heels of YUMMO FOOD!!!

Okay sweet Sunday to you all!!! and yes, I voted!

Sunday storm

I have been ,yes with coffee and two lap cats, up for the last two hours. The wind and rain are pelting the house. We are sharing with Inkling. Sorry honey, I should be sharing my Strawberry Jam!Maybe HD will stop at our place the next time he is going by....Anyway the weather is frightful, lightening, sleet,hail, driving rain and thunder. I worry about the other places that are being slammed...Those that usually do not have the crazy weather going on you and all yours are well and safe. Checked in with Liz to find out how she faired...The house next door had a tree come down and PUD came out removed and repaired in record time (within 24 hours). 1 to 2 feet of snow will be coming down on the pass hubby drives over just TODAY. Snow will arrive here on Tuesday. Hubby has doctors appointment here on the 19th and I am hoping the pass is drivable that day.

Farm fairy news, the washer has been leaking since the sewage flood, the smell is still there and the basement is being packed up in the huge box in the driveway. The rest is sent out to be cleaned or destroyed. So 13 days later we are just getting to the point of being able to dismantle/remove all that will have to be rebuilt. The original cabs in the canning kitchen have to be removed and replaced. My dilemma is I love those old fashion original painted squeaky things....The replaced ones will never look like French country cabs! Anyway I'm looking for the way to satisfy the repair/look.. I have had to find room upstairs for things that really should not be put out in the unheated box...A challenge to be sure. Hubbies saddle sits in the middle of a bedroom as of now.

In other news, Thomas is still feeling under the weather and at least is getting water and a bit of food. He took his meds well again last night. I heard a cat and found Charlie ( wild cat) locked in the basement...I'm pleased that I was offered to be placed in a hotel but was able to opt to stay. I would think it impossible to take care of the babies from off site. Anyway I will be okay and handle to following months pretty well. I have too thought this might be a blessing on getting rid of the yellow paint that I have not liked at all...Okay kids I have tons of research to do. A small load of dishes and change the sheets....And maybe get some of the quiche I made yesterday....Okay stay warm stay well and have a fun Sunday... I am going to catch up on everyones blog while I drink my coffee and wait for daylight. Tootles!