Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday storm

I have been ,yes with coffee and two lap cats, up for the last two hours. The wind and rain are pelting the house. We are sharing with Inkling. Sorry honey, I should be sharing my Strawberry Jam!Maybe HD will stop at our place the next time he is going by....Anyway the weather is frightful, lightening, sleet,hail, driving rain and thunder. I worry about the other places that are being slammed...Those that usually do not have the crazy weather going on you and all yours are well and safe. Checked in with Liz to find out how she faired...The house next door had a tree come down and PUD came out removed and repaired in record time (within 24 hours). 1 to 2 feet of snow will be coming down on the pass hubby drives over just TODAY. Snow will arrive here on Tuesday. Hubby has doctors appointment here on the 19th and I am hoping the pass is drivable that day.

Farm fairy news, the washer has been leaking since the sewage flood, the smell is still there and the basement is being packed up in the huge box in the driveway. The rest is sent out to be cleaned or destroyed. So 13 days later we are just getting to the point of being able to dismantle/remove all that will have to be rebuilt. The original cabs in the canning kitchen have to be removed and replaced. My dilemma is I love those old fashion original painted squeaky things....The replaced ones will never look like French country cabs! Anyway I'm looking for the way to satisfy the repair/look.. I have had to find room upstairs for things that really should not be put out in the unheated box...A challenge to be sure. Hubbies saddle sits in the middle of a bedroom as of now.

In other news, Thomas is still feeling under the weather and at least is getting water and a bit of food. He took his meds well again last night. I heard a cat and found Charlie ( wild cat) locked in the basement...I'm pleased that I was offered to be placed in a hotel but was able to opt to stay. I would think it impossible to take care of the babies from off site. Anyway I will be okay and handle to following months pretty well. I have too thought this might be a blessing on getting rid of the yellow paint that I have not liked at all...Okay kids I have tons of research to do. A small load of dishes and change the sheets....And maybe get some of the quiche I made yesterday....Okay stay warm stay well and have a fun Sunday... I am going to catch up on everyones blog while I drink my coffee and wait for daylight. Tootles!


Anonymous said...

Burrrr - I know you are staying war with fur babies. I've got baby Ceri in my lap right now - toasty.

Anonymous said...

You poor PNW people... you're all gonna need to be wrung out by the time this stops!! Stay warm and dry!! You are definitely a better person than I am, I'd have lost my mind by now with all that you've got goin' on in your life!! I'm prayin' for ya!!