Saturday, January 06, 2007

Good Morning All

Well the wind rolled all the stuff all over, one of the horse shelters took a hit...I'll have it fixed when day light hits. Anyway Thomas spent the night under the electric blanket curled up on my chest. I am worried he is REALLY sick and he has not moved from the bed. I too see him hardly moving. Okay I know we went to the vet, he took the meds like a fearless soldier...But still he looks so bad.

So I have spent the morning looking for new digs for hubby...He will be working 12 hours a day 7 days aweek, thus the hour drive each way will not work out. And the fact that his roomie has kids is not working out too much chaos.. Hubby has paperwork after the work day leaves him in no mood to have his peace disturbed. So the hunt is on. I had looked at several places for sale that would be the same price/cost as rent. One even had a barn...A few acres. Maybe a horse with him would give him some sort of peace. Pray I find a way to help him increase his time, lower his commute and find just the right thing/place you know...

I'm worried about my Inkling as the weather has been a challenge for us out here...Hoping that the damp cold that seems to get under your skin here takes it easy on her. Ang and I are both suffering and we are for the most part use to it.

Today I will not be invaded by workers or such, altogether I was kicked out of the house for some huge thing to remove the bugs/ mold/mildew or whatever it was/is...It is used in hospitals after contamination. Took bunny to mom and dads, went to ju's place ate split pea stew and then drank tea and ate cookies and then ate again at mom and dads...Fabulous fish homemade tartar sauce, cream corn corn bread and potatoes...Yummy oh yummy

Arrived home as the storm broke out over my head well past dark....Opened the back door and was knocked over by the smell..I was warned and it was bad. I opened up the doors and they all slammed shut...So I took a rubber band twisted it in a drawer pull and then wrapped the other end around the outside knob...tada it stayed open put the chair on the other door and left to go feed...It was pouring and I was soaked in a few minutes...The wind blew hard and the house got so cold. I waited 10 minutes before I got the bunny in. I left all the windows and doors opened for an hour or so and snuggled under several blankets refusing to turn on the heat. All is better this morning.

Well I hope you all have a great day and that the world is kind and gentle to you this day and the days that follow...Be well my friends, stay warm and say prayers for Jen and Chris who lost their baby girl this week. Check out Ang's blog if you have not as of yet... And maybe if you have an extra moment a little one for to you all


Anonymous said...

What stamina - wet, cold, smelly, windows open, sick kitty, damaged horse shed!

Anonymous said...

Prayers for you all to be well, to be warm, to be safe...