Tuesday, January 02, 2007


The wind is blowing, hubby is back to work and all the coffee is mine, mine! I spent all of yesterday cleaning the train wreck that was amassed during hubbies visit....Well we can't call it a visit maybe an emergency repair and clean up. The folks from Service Master came and said all had to be removed, the stereo's, the base molding , carpet, ect. A shame since it was all done in May o 2005!!!New carpets, new paint and baseboards and all. Anyway we will have a grand time making the stuff disappear. There is a lot of stuff. This house is some 1000 square feet smaller... So ever nook and crany is filled....

So much has had to be tossed. Things that while I was in Japan will never be able to be replaced know it is just stuff!

Bunny is fine, Thomas has made it a mission to try and be a good boy...Little hope he will not try to kill Jonas, so we never let the two out together without me holding one or the other. Slinky is getting use to him and lays on the back of the sofa and peers into the bunny cage. I moved the livingroom around to make him a member of the house...He has a view of the television as well as the chair and sofa. I told hubby Iwas going to litter box train him...It is suppose to be easy. We'll see!

More storms and wind as well as water...Flood watches again here and winter storm advisory with hubby. All with the repair work here should prove a challenge.

I'm sorry I have not been on but the smell and the endless amount of things to get done are overwhelming. And now I'm here alone and will not have hubby here for the help.

I'm tired of the news of hangings and death....So I've banned the television if it has news...Music channel or hgtv....I do not live in a world that has to hear/see the news daily in fact it was a few days before I new that a president had died. Anyway I'm going to have to unhook the puter to haul it upstairs. I'm hoping that I have it up and running by nightfall. We'll see. Anyway it is time for me to get the dishes done, fold cloths and get the basics in order. I may not have water at some point and need to prepare for no washer or dryer.

I hope the New Year is right with you all...


Anonymous said...

Good to see you back. I cannot imagine what you've been dealing with. I have a bad gag reflex, and just imagining what you're going through incites sympathy gags. So glad your hubby was able to stay and help with the mess for a few days.

We're watching PBS here... Sesame Street, to be exact. No cable in this house, although that may change this year.

Take care and stay warm up there!

Anonymous said...

You poor, poor thing!! I'm with Lauren about the gagging thing!! My mom feels for you too!! I'm thinkin' about ya, and prayin' that your able to keep your cool so you can get done what needs to be done!!

Anonymous said...

As you said it is just STUFF! But we get so attached! As long as fur babies are safe and sound, you'll have that comfort.