Friday, January 05, 2007

If I had a choice

I'm not sure this is how I would go about this, I mean the remodel...But it is what it is and I am doing it. There is a huge moving/storage container that sits in the driveway as well as blocking my view of the horses but the good part it blocks the view of the new house behind us. It has been raining, snowing, lightning and the wind has returned. All while Thomas has a had a cold or upper respitory infection which has not gone and now I will take him to the vet walk in clinic in Smokey Point. I too will be kicked out of the house while the clean up team puts something in or on the house that will require all living creatures to go. So I will pack up cats and bunny and leave for whatever required time asked of me. It is cold very cold and the news is asking folks to be careful. The Pacific Northwest is not known for drivers that are able and use to driving in anything but rain. Ice and snow is not common here and those that have not taken up skiing are challenged with the frozen terra firma and do not have a clue on sleet, snow or ice how to walk on it let a loan drive on itty passes are to receive three feet of snow as well. More trees to fall too.

Okay I too have to decide what to do about colors, styles as well as location of things. I had the cleaning crew bring up hubbies saddle which now is in the bedroom rest is is the huge box.

Anyway I know I have not had much time to update you as well as I had hoped...Twice the work, workers and all. There have been more people in this house then ever before. Anyway hope you all are well and have a perfect day. Smile and pray when you think of your farm fairy running around in her funny cow hat and rubber boots and kisses to you all...


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for PODS so you don't have to load everything and haul it to a storage facility!

Anonymous said...

You are, of course, in our prayers today and all during the time it takes to get your sweet little place back the way you want it. I'll also be praying for your safety in this nutty weather, and for your animals who will be slightly bewildered that their normal routine has changed.

Thank you for keeping us posted when you can. Take care of yourself in the midst of all of this. Oh, and I'm sure you look adorable in your cow boots.