Saturday, April 08, 2006

Farm Finds

Well we have had a lot of work in just a few days...I mean real hard work... We got the truck running finally only to get it stuck in the pasture both front tires sank into to wet ground to the front axel...Thank God for Jay who got us out...Pictures to follow.. Snow white moth, the cats have yet to find....Found robin egg in the black dirt of the newly seeded pasture...... Plus God playing painter in the sky...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Alarm Again

At this very moment the damn cell phone alarm clock is going off and he is sleeping through it. I am tempted to take the thing and shove it in the car...If for no other reason than to prove my point...I think hubby will not care if the vote is swayed my way nor the fact that this man DESERVES to sleep in.... I made creme brulee for him last night at his request and by the time I had finished putting it on counter to cool ( 7 minutes total) I was able to hear the snoring of this man.... Most farm fairies are able to tell the difference in snoring....i.e. One being dog tired and the other just normal sleep....This was the dog tired type... I figure if I ask him for one of these little guys he'll say he is so tired and when he is THAT tired he says yes to alot!!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

7:25 Am Update #2 Please VOTE!

PLEASE VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sure I will go to hell for this but I am stubburn and anything to win my argument not to put alarm on for at least one day...I beleive that I will prove my case in the court of Halleyville......Please vote alarm or no alarm ( just for 1 of the 5 days off hubby has taken ) The whole house is tired!!!! As you can see I am able to hurang and take photos with the flash and HE IS SO TIRED that it does not wake him!!!!

7 AM update

The cell phone alarm ( hubby's true love) has gone off every 5 minutes since 6:30 AM...This is a photo I took 1 minute ago...Yes that is the heap holding my hubby hostage....Everyone and everything knows he NEEDS the sleep but him....I have the urge to sneak in there and grab that awful thing.....I could take it to the barn and he could spend hours looking for it....I could win this!

Reality Check #98

The way we planned yesterday.... 1st feed all livestock...Feed cats and chickens...Make hot oatmeal eat and start outside work.....
Reality.....Feed, shuffled through breakfast, picked up sh*#@, planned out new pasture, picked up rotting feed leftover argued where to put the sh*@ for composting...Found where Banties where laying eggs (a least evidence of them) This happened to be in Playboys feed bucket and he ( playboy) eat or broke them..Rented huge tiller to till up old horse stable area that was now mud packed and mounding hills that HAD to be knocked down...After renting smaller till that failed the seemingly impossible job....Hubby cursing under breath about he crappy piece of equipment....The rain started in earnest and I was ordered to feed store for pasture blend grass seed...Tried to call hubby to ask is we should by the 25# bag or what...Mr perfectionist did not have is phone on him and I came back with the wrong stuff....Which ensued a long debate on to seed or not to seed and return to get the other seed that we are going to use anyway. I might add that it is RAINING again..I would think to know better and send him but in reality I think he like poking the farm fairy to see what she does...And he always get some sort of reaction....We finally go do the nightly feeding thing and then talk about if we should seed for the second time in just 45 minutes...I vote for supper... He finally agrees and we feed ourselves and Buluga who has gone on her own eating strike.... We have planned three days in a row to play scrabble...We have long warring games..Almost always three hours or longer...Hubby is watching something about gaiters in Florida and is within thirty minutes snoring like a locomotive....I am not but a few moments away myself....We wake up near midnight and shuffle to bed....Hubby wants to read and I HAVE to play games to bug him ( just a little) with one of those little lights you put on your key chain.....I just could not help myself....He was being a bed pig and we voted once again that we will HAVE to buy a king size bed if we are to stay in the same bed....I toss and he turns and at some point we sleep....( after wars about blankets, sheets , lights and the general argument about who has more room...) I failed to prove my case and settle for peace and snoring...I awake at 5:30 and find coffee is waiting for me... At least something is...My reality......No scrabble game ( which I had planned on winning) and few hours of sleep....Wish me luck on today's reality...

Monday, April 03, 2006

Monday - What?

Hubby is asleep and I hear the alarm go off ( I never use one ) and I wonder into bedroom to find hubby playing with his cell phone alarm....Good God what is the point of taking a week off if you have to put the alarm on? I receive the glare....:( I'm here to help you get caught up!!!) My reaction is " darling could you just forget that thing for a day ot two?" I'm sure he could but really folks the guy is a working pig.....Happy only when doing 99 MPH!!! Ah, and I had such dreams that I'd get a little extra rest while he was here, but the farm fairy does try to keep up with beloved ranch hubby.....