Thursday, June 21, 2007

two dead chickens

yet no hands are frozen from washing them the best I could...oh yeah the two dead chicken story..I knew Thelma was a goner and had steamed most of the night over it but when I woke and feed everyone I notice Rocky caring on and no Luise...I found her after searching some thirty minutes...she was dead and now I had unrestrained anger I called painter demanded he come and fired him on the spot!PERIOD! Furthermore to add insult to it all he wanted to speak to MY HUSBAND!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Never mind Bruno told me he wanted him fired LAST I handed Brunos cell number and gave it to my head I was screaming " Good luck with that"

So now my two best layers are dead and I had to haul Luise out from the brush..I am now soaked...have no water nor a dryer and so I tossed off the wet and got into the dried but dirty clothes. Meanwhile there is Rocky roaming the four corners wailing away for his harem....and now I have no eggs as brood hen is tending her chick's and the bantie no longer lays and Aida is the only eggs I'll have to offer Bruno...His truck is on the way and all is going far .

Okay I need to brush teeth and fall into a coma and pray that when I wake all shall be finished...and a bowl of LIFE for dinner...

hope you are all well and that the universe is being kind and gentle to you all.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

And I'm finally home...

Water was turned off( cut all the old pipes) and I was not told of such prior and so I had no water other then the horses and so I worked all day and filled kitten water from my 10 gallons in the car port (stock 1gls) so anyway I worked feed all tonight only to find that one of the hens had been attacked by a dog...yes I know which one...and will deal with it first thing tomorrow morning. I do not think she will make it..and my best layer too boot. First off I am peeved....more pissed off. I pride myself on making sure each animal on our ranch is safe...well cared for and above all NEVER IN DANGER...We just do not put up with that.....EVER! So I am facing a huge conflict as I am emotional when it comes to our animals regardless of there purpose....It will all be handled tomorrow.

I had my butt kicked today. all the chaos ( peace has left the farm fairy ) and I have to get it back to normal soon or I shall bust...PERIOD!

I am still without water and went to mom and dads to more water for coffee and brushing teeth...stopped too to get some food that would not require me to wash...anyway I finally home and the naughty Savannah is running around after being incarcerated in her clean cage with fresh chew box...

Bruno called and he was so whipped he said he would read for a few minutes and he will fall fast sleep. Anyway we spoke of orders and such...tubs, faucet and such...

As for the deck stair chaos we have deck minus three deck boards and minus all three stair cases that will at some point come to and from varied points.

so here it is no water, studs , ( no hubby is not home) flexible pipe down stairs and large lenghts of galvanized in the driveway, toilet in driveway as well...daddy came by and hauled the smash old gutters to the dump ( saving my sorry butt) and there your farm fairy is after having to call the window folks back again to clean their mess and finish up filling the gaping holes that they missed.

okay Ben and Jerry's is calling my name....good night wonderful friends...xoxoxo

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

And she has babies.....

Thonasinia started being broodie here awhile ago and at noon she saw her first 2 Jeff and another worker saw several more there are just 18 eggs she has left...a crushed one after Charlie ( momma wild kitty) attacked her and one that just was smashed a few days ago..I tried to candle them but only saw through half the others being far too thick..The remaining windows got in and one that was not working repaired. Although the slob left a mess and may have destroyed one of the heaters. Baby kitty named one eyed Captain Jack may or may not loss the sight in his left eye...amazing hubby has said we will keep him..sister Ang will take the other orange kitten and the we will have the tabby one to find a home for.Jonas and Savannah have fresh scrubbed cages and the gutters are off and the painter is to return tomorrow( with any luck) Just got in from Home Depot and picked up all the plumbing to get the old cast out and the new flex pipe in. Also made a screaming deal on a wonderful granite and wood vanity...

I am wiped out ...Bruno is wiped out too working past 7pm this very night. I got all feed, meds down two kittens and then in the eyes of both as well..There are old gutters across the drive and will have to remove them tomorrow( meaning dump or salvage yard....And tomorrow I will see how many chicks we ended up with...I put up chicken wire as Charlie has her kittens less then 3 feet from them..doors and wire and the corner plus a heat lap...chick feeder and waterier..went to feed store and got it all set up before 3pm..The orange kitty with infection I named Buckshot as he follows me and wants to ride my shirt...I think he will be a pocket kitty if he keeps it up as he just cruises away from momma (fearless as well) and she cries and begs him not to follow this farm fairy....soon to be known as the crazy cat lady of Stanwood if we can not get that Charlie caught and fixed.

Well the deck chaos may or may not be resolved..It is only resolved when it is finished, right? Bruno was told that his truck is a dream to drive and that all is well with her. Ed will head West tomorrow after spending the night with his sister..Linda is missing him a great deal right now. The flight was long and he will be home come Saturday night sometime...

Okay I have a list to get made ...Normally I do not make lists but with all that is going on here it mandatory...

The Western Front

Well now I got everything done on my list yesterday and will go back to vet this morning. Jeff did not go but Ed his step dad....Bruno & I are glad, he is older and is calm and VERY CAREFUL and understands he is driving Brunos dream machine across country.He should be close to getting in her and on his way. Ed too has not seen one of his sisters in over 10 years...He will stop and visit with her on his way West.We got the ticket to Philly just 8 hours before his flight.

The gate claim is from the lumber company plowing and denting our 16 foot main gate...Making it open out and not able to open in....This would cause any visitor to stop on the road and get plowed by the next crazy teenage driver .... It was hit so hard that two of the solar lights did not work and so the lumber company paid for replacement and the labor and lights.

the plumber as well as my nephew will begin water pipes and the window guys who put two nails into the windows on Friday will finish the installation that they did not finish as they do not work overtime...(huh?) you remove old ones and do not finish????Until the following week????? Whatever....I am too tired to even try to put logic to that or anything else.

Okay kids it is past 7 and I have to feed, shower, get wild momma away from two kittens pack them up and get to Arlington in an hour...

Hope you are all wonderful and that the weather is good...I have two days of fair weather, just long enough to get the lawn mowed and the second coat of stain on the deck rails...

Monday, June 18, 2007

monday madness.....

What will happen today...
2 baby kittens to vet for eye infections
bank deposits + debit card for nephew
transfer title and get tabs and plates
get paperwork and plates to Jeff(nephew)
proof of insurance cards
get airline ticket
get estimate for shower doors
finish window install
call insurance agent about plumbing
call electrician
call plumber
get water pan for holding tank (being made)
e-mail part two of claim for gate

feed all others including self .....shower and attempt to do dishes and clean up the 14 hour debris from Bruno...anything else? Is this even possible without a mac daddy dose of caffeine?

Sunday, June 17, 2007


we are flying out our nephew to pick up truck.....yicks...he wants to to to lacross from philly if any of you can put him up for the night half way between let me know...he's a great kid ...I just want him safe or give me the name of a good safe town for him to stop at...philly to lacross is 16 hours route is unimportant...bruno came home for a minute night suprise update you all in a few hours...we are flying him out Monday or tuesday.....xo