Monday, June 18, 2007

monday madness.....

What will happen today...
2 baby kittens to vet for eye infections
bank deposits + debit card for nephew
transfer title and get tabs and plates
get paperwork and plates to Jeff(nephew)
proof of insurance cards
get airline ticket
get estimate for shower doors
finish window install
call insurance agent about plumbing
call electrician
call plumber
get water pan for holding tank (being made)
e-mail part two of claim for gate

feed all others including self .....shower and attempt to do dishes and clean up the 14 hour debris from Bruno...anything else? Is this even possible without a mac daddy dose of caffeine?


Loving Annie said...

Did you say list of things to accomplish in one week ??? I hope so ! There are 96 hours in every one fo your days, Farm Fairy !

Adorable picture, btw. --

Anonymous said...

Gate claim? What happened to the gate? Hope the babies are alright.I'm finally home unpacked and attempting to relax as my brood has gone off in separate parts of the house.