Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Western Front

Well now I got everything done on my list yesterday and will go back to vet this morning. Jeff did not go but Ed his step dad....Bruno & I are glad, he is older and is calm and VERY CAREFUL and understands he is driving Brunos dream machine across country.He should be close to getting in her and on his way. Ed too has not seen one of his sisters in over 10 years...He will stop and visit with her on his way West.We got the ticket to Philly just 8 hours before his flight.

The gate claim is from the lumber company plowing and denting our 16 foot main gate...Making it open out and not able to open in....This would cause any visitor to stop on the road and get plowed by the next crazy teenage driver .... It was hit so hard that two of the solar lights did not work and so the lumber company paid for replacement and the labor and lights.

the plumber as well as my nephew will begin water pipes and the window guys who put two nails into the windows on Friday will finish the installation that they did not finish as they do not work overtime...(huh?) you remove old ones and do not finish????Until the following week????? Whatever....I am too tired to even try to put logic to that or anything else.

Okay kids it is past 7 and I have to feed, shower, get wild momma away from two kittens pack them up and get to Arlington in an hour...

Hope you are all wonderful and that the weather is good...I have two days of fair weather, just long enough to get the lawn mowed and the second coat of stain on the deck rails...

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Loving Annie said...

Happy Tuesday to you Farm Fairy !

If everyone had your work ethic and energy, we'd have no unemployment in the country !