Saturday, March 18, 2006

Rain and Hubby

To say that my husband hates the rain would only be a little close to the truth. The fact is I suspect that he did not come home several weeks as he could not take the rain....I have to agree with him at this point I can think of little else but moving back home and enjoying the freedom that I would have to be outside and getting things done that otherwise I only attempt to do here. When it is nice here on the coast it is wonderful, it rarely is and I for one have had enough.

So hubby arrived late last night and is still sleeping as I blog...All is well and I am at last enjoying my second cup of coffee. It is raining like mad and I sit here praying that it stops before he wakes up. He will be aganoid and tends to stomp & brood around about the weather. Makes his visits a little difficult on me.

Buluga is better with her beloved daddy home, I am happy about this but I know that come Sunday she will stomp, pout and brood about his departure...Antics I am learning to ignore hey they ( hubby & dog ) do the same thing one about one irk and the other about another...

Hubby did not bring friend , as wise choice considering the rain. We will have steaks at dinner and do as little as possible outside.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Finally Friday 2

Hubby is coming home. I have no idea how we got so lucky to get three weekends in a row to visit!!!!! Yahoo for us! well the ranch has been poured on for the whole week and then there is the deadly raid to kill the carpenter ants...They are one of the things that gross me out....I found the trail of death the one the guy said not to clean up for a few days.....they are taking the poison to the mother ant so leave it be......

I have not had time to do much of anything...I had planned so very much. To face my hubby knowing I got so little done. I would have to have at least three more days. I did get the beloved Del Fox New York Steaks that we love so much. Having guest for supper on Saturday!! How many is uncertain, I had hoped to see the amazing Bondo & Schnieder tri pawed dog. I would love to see them both.

Slinky just had to take a nap in the sun, we have had so little of it that he could not help it!!!

Buluga dog watches T.V.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

oh baby!

My friend's granddaughter meets Charlie Brown!!!! Posted by Picasa


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SUMO !!! Alpaca style


TWO BOYS, Need you know more?

They can go on like this for some time.....

Well it is early morning and I have fed everyone...I starting to install the solar lights and it starts to rain and finish as fast as possible. I give up any further plans of being outside until it stops. I am inside and hear this scream outside I traipse out in the rain to find the boys in a full sumo fight. I went for camera hoping that they would still be fighting when I returned...Bonus they are. And what do you know they are now sleeping peacefully next to one another a mere two hours later......

The visit

Well it has been a few days.....Sometimes life just goes far faster than one can keep up with .... This would be my week...Hubby stayed an extra day to have a Monday to do things he could not on the weekend. A very nice treat for me, but tossed my week into a tizzy. Trying to adjust all the following days. Poor Buluga, dog's princess would not eat the very moment he left again. I HAD to go to McD's for her plain cheeseburger....She did take a few bites but spent most of the time eyeing me as if I MADE HIM LEAVE HER AGAIN!!!! Yet here it is Thursday already and I have nothing to show for it but a depressed dog and the dead ants that are dying all over as last week I woke up to the vial creatures overtaking the kitchen....What a huge dilemma when this coffee freak has not had her coffee.....So the pest folks arrived Monday spoke to John and said that I would have to leave for 4 or 5 hours as well all get the animals out. So I lost two days in a matter a few minutes...Which means that all will be piled up in a nice mess that will take me at least a few weeks to recover if I try to add two hours each day ahead from the 16 hours that I lost.... Are you guys keeping up with this? I did manage to get several things done like cleaning off the chicken scratch that the little birds spread around...And toss the wet dead mice that the cats like to kill but now refuse to eat...Only the yummy head and organs....The rest they leave for me...Just what they think I want with them I do not know. Then they will sit very proud and look at me as if I might give them the atta boys!!! Well I am running late and will have to add two hours to the backlog..... This backlog of time has sealed the fate of the blogger updates that I feel guilty about for abandoning my post as the informer of life as I know it....I beg forgiveness from all....As you can see Miss Buluga has a habit of this pouting each and everytime her hero leaves to go off to work.....The others do this but not as bad.....To them FOOD fixes everything.