Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I only wanted you dedicated to Buluga


They say memories are golden
well maybe that is true.
I never wanted memories,
I only wanted you.

A million times I needed you,
a million times I cried.
If love alone could have saved you
you never would have died.

In life I loved you dearly,
In death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place
no one could ever fill.

If tears could build a stairway
and heartache make a lane,
I'd walk the path to heaven
and bring you back again.

Our family chain is broken,
and nothing seems the same.
But as God calls us one by one,
the chain will link again.

Author unknown








This is a note from Ang again.

It is with heavy heart, and grief that I must write that Temera and John's Beloved Baby Buluga (affectionally known here as Boo) has passed away this morning.

While Temera was preparing for the homecoming of her wonderful, hardworking hubby, John, and putting things in order, Buluga went quietly to her room that she shared with John, crawled up onto her bed next to his and went to sleep. Not to wake up again. She knew her daddy was coming home to take care of her mommy and that was what she was holding out for.

Boo was saved by Temera from a puppy mill that was brought up on several charges many years ago. Through the years there have been severe complications with Boo but whatever the cost Temera always came up with funds, doctors, or other health alternatives to help Buluga adjust and function as other dogs would. Temera gave her a wonderful quality of life that I truely beleive she would have never received without Temera. Boo for all purposes is Temera's child.

Boo was shy and timid towards men but affectionately warmed INSTANTLY to John and Temera knew she had the right man if her Beloved Buluga's approval had been met. When John came home from work, or in from working on the farm, he would lay on the floor next to her and the two would cuddle, snuggle and spoon each other while Temera looked on lovingly or prepared their meals. Boo greeted everyone with a swish of her tail and and a gentle nudge. And if you didn't acknowledge her, she would be the beautiful soul that she was and do things for you to notice her.

Her favorite meals included chicken hearts, beef heart, McDonald's plain cheeseburger's and double cheeseburger's, chicken livers, and recently chicken liver with bacon. Always prepared (with exception of Mickey D's) by Temera with love and affection.

Boo loved to be outside rolling in the grass and her favorite time was when the wind was blowing.

Buluga was the protector of the ranch here. She let Temera know when something was astir with the horses, alpacas, and chickens. She mothered Thomas and Slinky and they have looked out for her. Learning to open and close doors for each other has been a new trick learned within the last 6 months. Many atimes Temera and John would catch the cats snuggling with Boo as she affectionately looked over them, as if they were her babies.

I can tell you from personal knowledge that there were days I would get a call from Temera telling me that Buluga was on an eating strike, and I would come in tow with Mc Donalds plain cheese burgers and feed her by hand or fork, whatever her heart desired. We did it for her to keep her strength. She would give me a gentle nudge, and a wag of her tail to let me know I did good. She had soft chocolate brown eyes that melt your heart.

Temera and John are in shock and disbelief. They knew that she wasn't feeling up to par but because she's Boo she always pulls through.

We know that Buluga is in Heaven, overseeing Temera and John, and now their biggest cheerleader on the otherside of the veil. She no longer suffers the aches and pains that this life here brought to her. But Temera and John will need time to grieve and work through this process.

Please keep John and Temera in your prayers as you lay your head down on the pillow tonight. Please keep them in your prayers tomorrow as you bow your head to give thanks.

Knock, knock

is he there?


That is just what this farm fairy needs today...All is lost.... TIME!!!! I want to request that if anyone has found or recovered the 6 plus hours I lost yesterday to return it to Halleyville as soon as possible. I will be found under the tornado mess located just inside the back door. Recovery is impossible I think!! All right I tried to post earlier without to much luck...Luck? HUH! I will I am sure collapse and hubby when he returns today sometime will find his goonbalina asleep with her bunny ears on if not crooked fast to sleep on the sofa with two cats purring on her!!!!So there it is kids..Life as it is...Keep my hubby in your thoughts as he will be coming over Snoqualmie pass to get home and it is a little traitorous right now and with the busiest travel day of the year only adds to the long and snowy drive...Be well , count your Blessings. I would also like to say hi to Mr. Bondo, hope you are well and know that we will miss you tomorrow at dinner....

Detour Ahead

I was unable to sleep!!! I tossed and turned it was impossible to find just the right spot...Left / right/ back yadda yadda....The rain then decided to come down only reminding me my great hubby was going to be coming home. He will be driving across the pass and if it is raining here in the winter it usually means it will be snowing on Snoqualmie pass. In less then 24 hours he will be home and with yesterdays derailment on my plan and so much to do I feel for the first time the pressure....So this post will be shorter than the usual. I am almost ready for dinner but the house is a disaster by hubbies standards ( Inkling has one of these) and I for one knock myself silly trying to be Ang and Martha!!! I find myself ORGANIZING things.....My mum when she sees what I did will say "who are you and what have you done with my farm fairy?" okay hope you all have a good day free of pressure and relax a bit, yea right! Rocky is singing, coffee needs a refill and I'm off......Be well ,count your Blessings and have a great day......

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Plan VS Reality

Now all of you must know buy now that we live a risky life and you too if you have read more then 6 posts of this here blog know that if shall happen it will happen to me....This by the way is why in the face of just about anything I've learned pretty well to roll with the punches....Today was no exception!
Now I must fess up that if you know me in the real world and knew me a mere 5 years ago that I have "calmed down" and that what my reaction would be to just about anything that did not go my way was less than lady like and would put fear into just about any Marine Corp Drill Instructor...
I now just sorta say "well it is something but not enough to drive me insane" and certainly not enough to ever hurt anyone with one of my tongue lashings...Which frankly I am not proud that I ever even acted like that.....

Anyway about today.....I had fed the hungry mouths in the pouring rain... Made the morning two calls one to Angie to confirm our clues of the day and one to Liz to get the low down on her place and make sure she did not loose any trees in the wind..All seems to be well with the world and I get myself together enough to dash the rig to the mechanic... I am still in my barn clothes, camo pants, rain coat, Polk a dot rubber boots and my cow hat...So off I go a short 2 miles away...The mechanics wife will give me a ride back and I will make it to Costco before 10 AM...This was the plan...I know who waits this long to go shopping for Thanksgiving? Well, me I like things fresh, very fresh....It use to drive my mum crazy that some thing was JUST NOT FRESH...So I being me headed for the task at hand. Little did I know that in less than 3 minutes it would all change.. I get in the rig, wallet and cell phone in hand and start the beast up....Open the gate,close the gate and turn onto the street....Right, left IM HEADING TOWARDS THE HAIR PIN TURN and whammy ...NOTHING! NO BREAKS! NO STEERING! NO LIGHTS!!!!! ALL IS DEAD !!! The only thing I see is the huge tree that in in the corner and I CAN NOT CONTROL THE SUV! I try breaking slow at first realizing I have nothing I take my hands of the wheel and close my eyes. At the same time I hear my voice saying "God , take the wheel" and for some reason the rig makes the turn and heads down hill WHERE IT STOPPED!!!! I tried several times to get it into park ...Finally it is in park just like that... I get out rattled and throw up..... I am normally very fearless ( this is a fault not a trait...Hubby worries I will get hurt because of it)

I Stumble to the fence and then go back to the passengers side and get my phone....Looking franticly for the mechanics phone member...Nothing I call who else? Yep, ANG to the rescue..She has the number I call him and Then I call AAA...The wait will be long and it is raining...I can not for safety reasons remain in the car...No flashers, no lights and stalled in the center of the road on a curve on a hill....That is no place to wait believe me..

Anyway I look up and see the sign on the side of a barn saying "Pigs For Peace sanctuary" Our town is small very small and if you have evey been in the feed store more then once you'll either know about the place or meet the nice lady who runs it.... Anyway AAA says they will call 5 minutes before they get there..I figure since I'm here I might as well say hello to Judy and give her a hand.....All farms need a hand her place is no exception I figure there is a reason I still have my crazy rubber boots on...I tell her "my rig is going to be towed in awhile so in the mean time why don't I give you a hand?" She looks at me a bit shocked and I said "what?" She says how can you be so nice when it is raining and your cars broke? Well getting mad won't do me a lick of good and sitting there freezing is no way to live and you always need a hand...So here I am...THERE IS ALWAYS A REASON for where ever you are....

So there I was scooping pig poo at the pigs for peace sanctuary......And waiting for my call....It was long enough to clean like a Hoover the main area of the place by the time the call came in..It took several minutes to locate me as the corner has two names...Go figure..There I stood with my cow hat in the rain...pathetically wet and very cold......
A few minutes later we delivered the rig and I was back home. I can only imagine what is wrong and how long it might take...

Now it is well past noon and I have to now go to Costco on one of their busiest days!!! Dear Lord what was I thinking??? And did I mention my hubby is coming home tomorrow? Okay I spend the better part of 3 hours in Costco and let people be people!!! I arrive home to the saddest news.....

OUR UPS package has NOT been delivered.......NO!!!!!!!!!!
This is the VERY WORST PART OF MY DAY!!!!!!!
We had plans ANG & I !!!!!! NO...NO.............NO...THIS IS NOT PART OF THE PLAN!!!!!
Okay so my request is that every soul that reads this says prayers that this most wonderful person get this most wonderful thing...PLEASE!!!! I beg you all.....If anyone needs a package like this it is this one person!!!

Okay I am safe at home all is feed and I am ready to call it a night.....Despite the house looking like a tornado.....I'm grateful I was able to lend a hand....Lend an ear and then let a special person know they have two swell sisters looking out for them....

P.S. That is a hint in itself to the contents of this package.....

Be well be safe and stay dry. Good Night Y'all!

the final hint

I'm totally visual .From great distances.

Knock Knock

Whose There? UPS my dear!!!!Now you can blow kisses through the air !!!!!!

Rain and Rooster

Rocky has spent the last twenty minutes crowing...His job..But since I have not opened the door to say good morning yet he has sat on the top step and singing his heart out. I figure I am three sips from my second cup of coffee and will open the kitchen door to let him see that yes in deed I am up.... At which time he usually stops his serenade, to the relief of the neighbors.

IT IS RAINING NOT AGAIN BUT STILL...It is funny but I remember blogging the same news a year ago..Today it seems as if it is wetter then last year!

Then there is the jobs that have to be done regardless of the down pour...Like feeding and clearing the driveway of puddles of water and leaves...The wind has picked up and it will be a challenge to avoid the flying branches.

Okay now then Inkling was up late and was still feeling bad..Poor dear. The damp can not be good for her. I can only pray that she feels better soon...Her friend Grace is now a blogger and is off to a good start....Her first post is a nice peek into her life. You can bet this farm fairy will be reading her.

Hubby called and I was asleep...Not for long as both phones peeping woke me...I was fighting off a migrain and forced myself awake to call him back....A 1 minute call as he was driving in fog with less than 40 feet visibility....He already has a pretty dangerous job ...So I said you gotta go, be careful and hung up.

Bondo has some pretty wonderful photos of my dream house although cleaning it would involve far more than I could do...He at least has stopped the torture of letting me know how nice it is there...

Ang is putting together a clue, I hope...Stay tuned....

I will be off dropping off the 4-runner again then off to Costco for the Thanksgiving fixings...The choices this year are Prime Rib, Ham or Turkey.....Hubby requested ham....So ham it is. A good Virginia ham ! ( is there really anything better?) There is no point in getting any other as you'll be sorry... Fresh sweet potatoes and yams with my secret coating ....Hubby loves it and fails to stop eating it until he is in pain.... Warm rolls dripping with butter.... And whatever else I manage to come up with....Christmas will be Prime Rib!!! My mother gave me the secret to roasting it and my hubby can not eat it often enough. Once I made it for him there was never going to be a place to eat it other than right here at home...Hence our best dinner out is at home. Lucky for us that is my preference anyway... The local store here in town always has the prime rib on sale at a bargain price of $4.99 per pound !!! ( unheard of these days) a far cry from the $13.99 that it normally is.....

My lucky hubby has the best food no matter what , one of my promises I made him prior to getting married...I have made a few meals that frankly made him give me a funny look...That said " Who are you? What have you done with my wife? "....

Be well stay warm and dry!!!! And remember to search for the next clue!!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

La drive

Today I saw SUN, real how do you do sun........A swath of Blue came with it too.....
The drive South to Edmonds was better then the drive back North.....As the return involved a down pour ( how is that new at this point?) Anyway I saw the most wonderful thing.....A small flock of snow geese making their way North towards the blue skies ...All heading towards Canada.....Fair winds blowing now and then but the rain returned... I too saw a huge rainbow over Stanwood the grey clouds made it pop......

Ang and I plotted over the phone on our next clue! Who would figure out ALL the hints? Who ? Who? Who?And our happy girlie giggles on what this would all mean to someone we both try to look after the best that we can considering......

The photo of Buluga wearing my new cow hat is so Inkling will laugh!!!! As she is still sick and needs to laugh after her rough day.....Hope you feel better very soon.......
I realized far too late that I should NEVER EVER wear white as it gets so grimy here on the farm...Thankful we are so far awy from people that I doubt that anyone will see it on me.

I can assure you that there are several hints in this small little post.....

Good Morning

Good Morning Monday! Well I awoke to the phone ringing after requesting that hubby phone me just in case I slept in by some chance according to my body dragging was a possibility... I having to go into town for a length of time and needing to get all the morning chores done in record time and then trying to navigate the traffic to Edmonds......I do not do traffic well and I am not prepared to deal with people at this hour. I can have a case of cranky panties given the chance. I do have the java fix in the works but that would only keep me from plotting the demise of those who insist on being a thorn in this farm fairy's side. I am looking forward to lunch with some friends who I do not see near enough. Doc B and therapist V are fun and it is good to catch up on their families and life. We will meet at our fav Japanese restaurant in Mukilteo. ( this place is as close to the places I would go to while living on Japan )

Anyway I will stop by Trader Joes and get some goodies and then return stuff to a hardware store. Then try to get home by dark. It is cold with a wet misty type rain. The record for the most rain fall in any given month is now less than an inch away. Poor Inkling is I'm sure never going to get use to this.
So keep her in your prayers and I know Henry David is taking wonderful care of her.

Buluga refused to eat the liver she normally loves...I being annoyed as it takes all I have not to vomit while cooking the nasty stuff.....Her vet was called again and we made plans to get her some blood test by the middle of the week. She is walking a bit better and is still on drugs and resting. It being so cold and wet is not good for old lady cripples up dogs...

Ang is up and running and is on the mend pretty well. The holidays are looming on us all and she will be very busy. The down pours do not help her either.

Hubby is getting rain at his location and the set back at the damn has put extra pressure on them all.

Horses, Alpacas and the chickens are all soaked....The horses have decided that rolling in mud is a good thing...I have yet to figure out what would make them do that. I did take a look around still trying to locate the cluch of eggs..No luck. Even if Rocky had them stashed it would be impossible for the chicks to live as it is far to cold out there. I am hoping that we can get a coop made soon.

Okay you all have a good day... You'll have to look in OTHER PLACES for the next clue......

Sunday, November 19, 2006

What two Heads do!!!!!

Well now there is a surprise in the works and I'm not at liberty to say what it might be but it is hoped that it will change many lives...That someone will know that the faith of me and my gal pal Ang agree in the theory of paying if forward and we are putting our little nose into this system....To bring hearts closer to those who are not so close...We both know that this will make an impact to so many....Not in need but in deed....So we are hoping all of our friends and family are watching carefully along the next few days while we open our surprise one hint at a time ...The first hint is the copy of greeting card...Saying " hi " and "celebrate" those are your hints.....This will not be as easy as the toilet paper one was......

Curtis Steiner's Latest Works

Kaleidoscopic GardenCurtis Steiner, Seattle-based calligrapher, hand-made greeting card maker and jewelry designer is the talent behind Kaleidoscopic Garden, this gorgeous collection of greeting cards. Steiner blends digitally manipulated vintage botanical photographs with his exquistely embossed calligraphy for dramatic results. Dark-colored backgrounds and vibrant mono- and duo-chromatic foregrounds bring visual impact and contrast. Featured flora and fauna themes of the Northwest include foxglove, lily of the valley, lilac, winter berries, holly and many more. Kaleidoscopic Garden cards are greeted simply on the front and come with white catalog style envelopes. Card size 4.5" x 6.25". Envelope size 4.75" x 6.5".


It is early Sunday morning and I found myself waking up on the sofa 45 minutes ago...This was not my plan, I was going to just watch a few more minutes of a movie and then go to bed. I had it all planned out....Talk to hubby, check...Turn off ALL phones, check.....Turn down bed and open window and turn off heat....Check... Get cats in and brush teeth, check... And then whammmm sound to sleep on sofa....I had my face smashed on the back of sofa and dreaming about the rabbit...How he would have fun here and that I could train him. I then dreamed of moving into this really old house on a huge farm in the south someplace...It had a zoo that thrilled me to no end.....Clearly it was the night of dreams thanks to Saint Francis....

Anyway Buluga has had a bout with her legs and I put everything on the back burners and took care of her instead of doing anything else. She appears to be stiff this morning and has not gotten off her bed. We know that there are really good days and then days like yesterday. I know that we have done all the right things but it still kills me that she might have even the smallest of pains.

Alrighty now winter is calling and fall is pushing her hardest to get there as soon as possible. I dream of snowy romantic nights not the dreary grey that has settled in with no notion of going anyplace else. The leaves have piled themselves into various corners thanks to the wind and I will collect them at the first rain free moment. I also have a few chores that I am reserving for later.

It is still dark and I can hear Rocky outside starting his morning ritual of starting off in the far distance and getting closer with each crow. Many a times I have called hubby back in the morning just to let him hear how Rocky's voice is changing from little man rooster to grown young man .... He is SO huge and it is hard to remember him as the little cutie that sat on the kids the day we got them. Anyway he will crow at the back porch door if there is no food in the cat dish...Yes these darn chickens LOVE cat food..... Now if I could only find those darn eggs..This is the problem with letting them run loose all over the place. Rocky and Aida are back to roosing on the small lilac branch..

I would love to go back to bed but it is not in the cards as Rocky will not stop until he sees me and will go around to the back by my open window and demand my absolute attention..At least I am not at the demand of something far larger.....Which if hubby would let me I'd have two of every known animal that I could dream of....

Well there is much to do today and I will be trying to work around here without disturbing the Buluga....She will remain of puppy drugs for the next few days...The news is screaming rain and more wind. I too am hoping Inking will be feeling better soon...Ang is feeling a bit better.

I'd like to also say thank you to several people for donating some items for the auction...Ang donated two genealogy searches, her gram a handmade runner and Judith donated two wills. A couple of dinners at two restaurants.

I hope you all have a good day.....And please say hey every now and again. I know there are so many folks reading this and I love letting you all know about the adventures here at Halleyville.
I'd like to hear where you are from and what you like about our blog...Keep reading , keep safe and enjoy the blog....