Wednesday, November 22, 2006


This is a note from Ang again.

It is with heavy heart, and grief that I must write that Temera and John's Beloved Baby Buluga (affectionally known here as Boo) has passed away this morning.

While Temera was preparing for the homecoming of her wonderful, hardworking hubby, John, and putting things in order, Buluga went quietly to her room that she shared with John, crawled up onto her bed next to his and went to sleep. Not to wake up again. She knew her daddy was coming home to take care of her mommy and that was what she was holding out for.

Boo was saved by Temera from a puppy mill that was brought up on several charges many years ago. Through the years there have been severe complications with Boo but whatever the cost Temera always came up with funds, doctors, or other health alternatives to help Buluga adjust and function as other dogs would. Temera gave her a wonderful quality of life that I truely beleive she would have never received without Temera. Boo for all purposes is Temera's child.

Boo was shy and timid towards men but affectionately warmed INSTANTLY to John and Temera knew she had the right man if her Beloved Buluga's approval had been met. When John came home from work, or in from working on the farm, he would lay on the floor next to her and the two would cuddle, snuggle and spoon each other while Temera looked on lovingly or prepared their meals. Boo greeted everyone with a swish of her tail and and a gentle nudge. And if you didn't acknowledge her, she would be the beautiful soul that she was and do things for you to notice her.

Her favorite meals included chicken hearts, beef heart, McDonald's plain cheeseburger's and double cheeseburger's, chicken livers, and recently chicken liver with bacon. Always prepared (with exception of Mickey D's) by Temera with love and affection.

Boo loved to be outside rolling in the grass and her favorite time was when the wind was blowing.

Buluga was the protector of the ranch here. She let Temera know when something was astir with the horses, alpacas, and chickens. She mothered Thomas and Slinky and they have looked out for her. Learning to open and close doors for each other has been a new trick learned within the last 6 months. Many atimes Temera and John would catch the cats snuggling with Boo as she affectionately looked over them, as if they were her babies.

I can tell you from personal knowledge that there were days I would get a call from Temera telling me that Buluga was on an eating strike, and I would come in tow with Mc Donalds plain cheese burgers and feed her by hand or fork, whatever her heart desired. We did it for her to keep her strength. She would give me a gentle nudge, and a wag of her tail to let me know I did good. She had soft chocolate brown eyes that melt your heart.

Temera and John are in shock and disbelief. They knew that she wasn't feeling up to par but because she's Boo she always pulls through.

We know that Buluga is in Heaven, overseeing Temera and John, and now their biggest cheerleader on the otherside of the veil. She no longer suffers the aches and pains that this life here brought to her. But Temera and John will need time to grieve and work through this process.

Please keep John and Temera in your prayers as you lay your head down on the pillow tonight. Please keep them in your prayers tomorrow as you bow your head to give thanks.


Inkling said...

Oh Temera, my heart just aches for you in your loss. How I wish I were there to give you a hug and offer kleenex and a shoulder. After seeing pictures, I knew she had to be a special dog, for her eyes looked too loveable and devoted to mean anything else. When you wrote about her not eating her favorite meal, I was so afraid this might happen, but was holding out hope that she'd get better.

Please know that I'm praying and thinking of you a ton! I'll email you later on. oodles of love and virtual hugs until then.....Sara

Anonymous said...

Oh Temera how I feel for your hearts right now!! I was just showing Beluga's picture to my family and marveling over her blackness! I'm at my parent's house and Sara called me here to tell me. I actually was getting on your blog as I took the phone from my mom and saw it before Sara said anything. I've actually been reading you for awhile now even though I'm new to having my own blog...I feel like I know you and know how you love your animals. I am so sorry!! Know that I'm praying for you guys and feeling your hurt with you! love, Grace