Monday, November 20, 2006

Good Morning

Good Morning Monday! Well I awoke to the phone ringing after requesting that hubby phone me just in case I slept in by some chance according to my body dragging was a possibility... I having to go into town for a length of time and needing to get all the morning chores done in record time and then trying to navigate the traffic to Edmonds......I do not do traffic well and I am not prepared to deal with people at this hour. I can have a case of cranky panties given the chance. I do have the java fix in the works but that would only keep me from plotting the demise of those who insist on being a thorn in this farm fairy's side. I am looking forward to lunch with some friends who I do not see near enough. Doc B and therapist V are fun and it is good to catch up on their families and life. We will meet at our fav Japanese restaurant in Mukilteo. ( this place is as close to the places I would go to while living on Japan )

Anyway I will stop by Trader Joes and get some goodies and then return stuff to a hardware store. Then try to get home by dark. It is cold with a wet misty type rain. The record for the most rain fall in any given month is now less than an inch away. Poor Inkling is I'm sure never going to get use to this.
So keep her in your prayers and I know Henry David is taking wonderful care of her.

Buluga refused to eat the liver she normally loves...I being annoyed as it takes all I have not to vomit while cooking the nasty stuff.....Her vet was called again and we made plans to get her some blood test by the middle of the week. She is walking a bit better and is still on drugs and resting. It being so cold and wet is not good for old lady cripples up dogs...

Ang is up and running and is on the mend pretty well. The holidays are looming on us all and she will be very busy. The down pours do not help her either.

Hubby is getting rain at his location and the set back at the damn has put extra pressure on them all.

Horses, Alpacas and the chickens are all soaked....The horses have decided that rolling in mud is a good thing...I have yet to figure out what would make them do that. I did take a look around still trying to locate the cluch of eggs..No luck. Even if Rocky had them stashed it would be impossible for the chicks to live as it is far to cold out there. I am hoping that we can get a coop made soon.

Okay you all have a good day... You'll have to look in OTHER PLACES for the next clue......

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Inkling said...

Good morning! Thanks for the note on my blog. It's always such a treat to "talk" with you. =) As for what you can do....just pray. I don't think there's anything else we can do but wait, pray, and make sure I'm eating and sleeping properly. You are so sweet and caring, and your words were just like a hug this morning.

As for your post....there is a Trader Joe's in Washington?!!!! I can't wait to tell Henry David! We love that place, and I was sure missing it. We are hoping to get this insurance thing worked out in the next few months so I can cross the goofy border. Once we do, you can bet I'm heading to Trader Joe's to buy some chocolate covered espresso beans, among other things. Even if it takes all day to drive there.....

Have a good day, and try not to go too crazy with the traffic in the city. Being a hermit in the boonies definitely has its perks. =)