Wednesday, July 25, 2007


or something like it. Well the hard at work, none stop over the edge craziness has found a fleeting moment of peace....well sort of.

I have been up since 4:30, called Bruno to make sure he did not over sleep two days in a row. And found the coffee pot in the right location (this is good) Rocky started in first thing and the baby kittens assisted me on the pile of paperwork that frankly has piled up to a mound the size of Mt.Rainer. I have looked at it, stared at it, made fun of it and now an dealing with it. There is just so much going on. The carport being turned into a garage, the new wiring of lights and the entire house, two kittens attached to me at each step , the only remaining bathroom about to be gutted as well as the new water pipes, lines and drains....and the cabinets that are in production and the list of deliveries, estimates, changes and who can blame me if I can not sleep.

We had a visitor two nights ago and frankly it was wonderful after my shock at the sight of him in our driveway. It was about 11 pm when I got to bed, tossing and turning lots of racket from the chickens then the horses and lastly the alpacas. The cats started to howl and hiss, then the crashing noises of the chickens trying to escape what i figured was just the coyotes (we hear and see them often)I returned back to bed and tried to go some shut eyeIt is well past 1:30 am now ...After another crash in the carport I got out of bed, turned on the porch light and was fixing on going out to see what the racket was all about ( for several nights now)when I saw him!!!! Three feet from about a hundred pounds of animal feed ( #50 cat food & #50 rabbit food) was a cougar...lean and low...My mind did not or would not adjust and there I was just standing there..all stupid..a few moments later I slammed the door as hard as I could and he turned and was gone in a few seconds. Needless to say I did not find sleep easily and by 6am faded back to dream land and was awaken by my Bruno...we spoke and I faded again back to sleep for 20 minutes, waking at a dream about the cougar. I had thought I had seen things and realized I had not. Two of the hens still where on top of the garden shed when I awoke) I remember telling Bruno we had a burglar and that is all I could remember of our call. My humor being what it is was in reference to "cat burglar" anyway I do want to see him again...but...well the safely of the babies first.

I finally was able to speak to a few people who too have seen him ( good, I'm not seeing things) but bad that I reacted the way I did...nothing shocks me (usually) but really this took me by surprise. I wish we had one of those animal camaras!

Oh and did I mention for the first time in Halleyville history we have fleas? Which caused me to bomb the entire house, we retuned after dark and Ranch Giggler and I sat on the deck watching for our new cat....what we would have done if he showed up was beyond me...

Okay off to the pile of life that awaits...hope you are all well.