Friday, June 30, 2006

The Amazing Sky

5:30 AM

Well last night a dog kept me wide awake....I had made BAD coffee to boot.

Now for yesterdays photos.
I finished the last 9 flats of strawberries...
I can not bare to body said it was plenty & the counter is full of wonderful jars of jam....
I will go to post office to send a pack to our friend in Cashmere and a very special girl in LA....

The total feed count came to just under 80 bales that I went to the fields to get...between the delivered feed and the stuff I went and got we have just over 100 bales. Enough for awhile.....You see if we run out and we have to go to a feed store the bales run at $14.00 plus for one bale.....or if we go get it is just $4.00 a bale....too many times this last year we ended up with expensive feed that well frankly was just down right after a friend told us about Ken Danielson and his almost 400 acres we knew we would be able to round up some better feed...I did manage to hit one of the pots full of flowers and made it explode.....poor plant, poor pot.....all part of the cost of see I rented a trailer and could not manage to back it up correctly....such is life

The garden shed also finally got the windows in.....hubby has been hard at work 10 hour days plus the hour each way I took it upon myself to install and frame in the four windows, sealed and painted them all befor hubby got would be impossible to stop me if it was already done....

Last night after I posted I saw this rainbow, mind you we had no rain, several minutes after I took a photo or too it started to rain....I ran for the cover and struggled with the tarp , hubby got out of bed and saved me and we got it covered....he muttering under his breath about it raining in JUNE.... I stayed up long enough to watch the light show and enjoy the colours in the sky....

We also got to eat the first harvest of spinach...yummo!

This mornings breakfast will be toast and jam.......the bread is just to hold the jam......have a wonderful day....I willbe mowing this afternoon after i knock out several more necklaces as they will be going to market on to follow....

Thursday, June 29, 2006

The end

9 flats = 78 jars of jam Posted by Picasa






26 jars of Jam + 45 bales of feed

Yesterday started at 5am and finally stopped at 9pm after getting the ranch fed...

Yesterday I spent making Strawberry Jam as well as bucking 45 bales out of the field and onto trailer and then to the house....all on my own the fact is that I am dog tired aand wish only for days of sleep on end.This I know is not going to happen I have 6 more flats of Strawberries to do this morning, deliver rented trailer and work on the taxes.....gee I wonder if it is possible to pray for an extra "me"..........The things I could get done....

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Zombie house

Not only does my amazing hubby go to work ( 60 Hours aweek ) PIG! he also has a dutiful wife who awakes at 4am to make breakfast & lunch.....I do not go back to sleep (wishfull thinking) and then there is the stuff about life , farm house duties and ranch repairs as well as having a fresh made from scratch meal on the table......okay so far this week I installed four garden shed windows as well as framed them in and painted the trim...That happened ALL on was house work and such then tomorrow despite the heat I will put up 48 jars of fresh strawberry jam......Hubbies favorite..He once tried to put a fork through a ranch workers hand when said worker boy went for JOHNS I'lljust make more then he can eat...I also caught him consumming an entire jar ( fridge open , spoon in & out a jar...)When I woke the next morning empty jar...the apricot jam lasted no longer....I am so tired I took the laptop to bed to blog you all...Good night from Zombie land.

Monday, June 26, 2006

When husband is at Home

Well as you might have guest the hubby is home and there is little time for blogging...So sorry... Hubby isan overtime pig and a we rarely stop if ever. We had the trim up yesterday in heat that the Pacific Northewest rarely we DID Stop when no one could move very fast. Tempers where short heat was high and we called it a day... The garden shed is coming along not near as fast as hubby would have it would be done in 5 days given his choice. But working 60 hours aweek has slowed any farm up grades to a snails pace. had friends stop by on Sat for a short visit while hubby feel fast to sleep.....He IS SO TIRED... and I can not help but feel sad that we have not won the lottery so he could stay home with his beloved horses..... I wish he would slow down. I love this man he is my hero....I wish I could beg him just to stop for a day......Well it is 5:45 am and I am going to paint the garden shed befor the heat hits the 90's........Have a great day......