Friday, December 29, 2006

The all mighty cleaning

As you can imagine the results of the downstairs apartment filled with sewage has kept your farm fairy very busy. The trash bags are being filled I looked like a bandit with my cloth filled clove, vanilla and cinnamon wrapped over my nose and mouth, The smell was still there and the gagging too. Hubby has been a charm bleaching everything in sight that he could. And taking out walls that were filled with the water. Hubby is reconsidering what he stayed home to do for his wife. The phones ring outta control between the plumbing guys septic guys and contractors as well as the poor preggers insurance adjuster. She was swell about the staying to take photos despite the wreching smell that frankly she should not have made it threw. Very nice gal...Always available to listen, advise and all. I find it pretty funny that hubby is doing better than her or I with the stench. So we are now in the place where we had not planned. Hubby and I had been planning a remodel for downstairs for some time now. We had planned on swappin laundryroom with the tiny bathroom and putting the kitchen downstairs in a upgraded way....Well I have to go back to it and try to get the piles of stuff out of the way of the feed delivery...Yes 2 tons coming in. Hope you are all well and that you are recovering from the chaos and looking forward to the New year kids be well stay safe and dry..I have just enough time to read your blogs...Sorry for the delay...Miss you all...Will update date you all soon.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


The little guy is settling in...Hubby explained to me that the bunny was an act a mercy...A three year old spent the majority of the day in bunny torture...So hubby KNEW that would never happen here. Altogether Thomas is certain I am torturing him....Anyway my hero hubby saved Jonas and now we have him all settling in...Clean cage ( not sure when the last time that happened ) treats and play toys...Bored bunnies get into trouble you know! Oh and by the way I nearly fainted when hubby said we "HAVE TO GET HIM A LITTLE FRIEND" Who are you? What have you done to my husband? You can see why I am a little floored right? So here is a cute close up...He is full grown and is so small...So cute with his smashed nose and all..

It's a good thing we do not have

smellaphone or computer generated smells as the stench broke into the air....A violent way to awake I assure you all...The guys are to be back in the morning if I survive this night. Oh God the ugly smell straight from hell. Poor hubby! He is taking the time off to stay here and deal with it. Thankfully!! I'm not sure I could take this on my own right now. What a shitty way to get him here !!!He-he.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

This the season!

You would think that the world was all right and that the perfect season was upon us.

So the real Christmas morning excitement started at 4 am or so the coffee was poured with the greatest of care. My true love was a flutter and excited about the bunny hidden away from the sweet wife it is said. And so there was I awaiting the call to open the door when ordered...There was such a sight hubby with a huge cage and a bunny surprised by light. Here my true love was the first thing said the second was "oh honey we have a problem" I cold already smell the retching smell... Oh dear Lord no !!! Sewage was waifting throughout out the air...Cursing away , we flew down in a fright , holy moly what a sight. I am gagging he as well, welcome to the Christmas morning Halleyville! Cursed was the plan to lolligage and all the shop vac was my new pal! There I was my true love and I trying to clean the mess about all with out throwing up. I might add that we both did...The coffee no longer on the list.. We vaced and mopped to no avail it was coming through the walls and floor...Oh my and out the door. The frazzled morning the smell of a not so yummy Christmas...Oh and did you know that there is no one about at that hour to help you out. So we thought that we had no plans on this mostly cold Christmas Day...The insurance said to do what we could but you'll not see us this day, we area sorry to say. And so I made breakfast on the fly...For my true love and I...I then too tried my best to keep the stench out our nest....No water to us, no shower as well...Oh dear it is now Christmas hell. We calmly laughed at it all. Merry Christmas one and all.

Resistance is Futile

Monday, December 25, 2006


Even when we agreed about no gifts...Hubby brought this...I have named him Jonus!!!

Marry Christmas ya all.....

Sunday, December 24, 2006

What happened?

Five seconds after cooling on the rack....Loads of butter and wham!! Half of one loaf is gone....Sorry Bondo!!:( Yes this is hand made from beginning to end. No electric stuff here folks!

Christmas Eve

Ang and family made and brought this out to our house...Two people (hubby & I ) will be the size a texas!!!!Evil chocolate fairy!!!