Tuesday, December 26, 2006

This the season!

You would think that the world was all right and that the perfect season was upon us.

So the real Christmas morning excitement started at 4 am or so the coffee was poured with the greatest of care. My true love was a flutter and excited about the bunny hidden away from the sweet wife it is said. And so there was I awaiting the call to open the door when ordered...There was such a sight hubby with a huge cage and a bunny surprised by light. Here my true love was the first thing said the second was "oh honey we have a problem" I cold already smell the retching smell... Oh dear Lord no !!! Sewage was waifting throughout out the air...Cursing away , we flew down in a fright , holy moly what a sight. I am gagging he as well, welcome to the Christmas morning Halleyville! Cursed was the plan to lolligage and all the shop vac was my new pal! There I was my true love and I trying to clean the mess about all with out throwing up. I might add that we both did...The coffee no longer on the list.. We vaced and mopped to no avail it was coming through the walls and floor...Oh my and out the door. The frazzled morning the smell of a not so yummy Christmas...Oh and did you know that there is no one about at that hour to help you out. So we thought that we had no plans on this mostly cold Christmas Day...The insurance said to do what we could but you'll not see us this day, we area sorry to say. And so I made breakfast on the fly...For my true love and I...I then too tried my best to keep the stench out our nest....No water to us, no shower as well...Oh dear it is now Christmas hell. We calmly laughed at it all. Merry Christmas one and all.


Anonymous said...

Only you would find the humor in all of this. While I would be wretching and crying in the abiss. I don't envy you but I do want you to know I love you too. Hope it turns out, and you get that smell out.

love you

Anonymous said...

Poor Ranch Fairy! Never again will I cry because my washer has leaked clean water across my kitchen floor! At least you had an extra pair of hands to help, but what a lousy vacation surprise for Hubby!

Anonymous said...

oh, dear. you really seem to be handling it well. i guess that's all you can do.

i will not complain about baby bear's messes on the floor any more!